16 Easy Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

We all hate it when we get mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers or canker sores are painful sores in any part of the mouth. They can be present on our tongue, gums or inside your lips or cheeks. Eating, drinking, swallowing, even talking becomes difficult due to these small but painful sores. Normally, these are self-treatable and don’t need much of our concern. Yet, we can make the healing process faster by trying these easily available home remedies for mouth ulcers.

16 Easy Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers:

1. Basil and Fenugreek leaves

Basil is used in salads, pizzas, sauces, soups and makes them tastier. There are numerous recipes where basil can be used. Same with fenugreek. It is used in many types of curry recipes. Both of them have antimicrobial and healing properties. You can add more basil and fenugreek leaves in your diet. Soaking the leaves in water (warm water for basil) and use it like a mouth wash can soothe your sores.

2. Honey

This one’s probably a treat for the sweet toothed people out there. Honey is the tastiest remedy on this list. Honey is known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying it 2-3 times a day can greatly increase the healing of the wound as well as reduce the swelling and pain. It doesn’t let the mouth run dry and promotes new tissue growth.

3. Rock Sugar and Camphor

Mixing 8 parts ground rock sugar with 1 part camphor will give an effective mixture against mouth ulcers. Rock sugar is used in mouth fresheners for the reason that it is good for oral health. This combination has soothing effect and reduces swelling. This mixture also reduces irritation and can be taken with Tulsi leaves to enhance the effect.

4. Baking soda

There are two ways you can use this. 1) Take 1 teaspoon baking soda and half cup water and mix. Use this as a mouth wash. 2) Take equal parts of water and baking soda and make a paste. Apply this paste on the ulcers.

Baking soda also called sodium bicarbonate is alkaline or basic in nature. This neutralizes the acids in the mouth that can irritate the ulcer. It eases the pain in the sores as well.

5. Yogurt

Eating probiotics like yogurt can help in soothing pain. This is because probiotics have the good bacteria that can replenish the needed mouth flora. These bacteria can help treat the canker sores. They can also replenish the gut flora and improve oral health. You should add yogurt to your diet to help treat ulcers in mouth.

6. Salt Water

This is a natural disinfectant. The antimicrobial nature helps to treat ulcers faster. Water has soothing effect while salt has healing effect. The science behind this is the simple process of osmosis. The salt water will draw out water from surrounding tissues and thus heal the open wounds caused by ulcers.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in half cup of luke warm water. Use this to rinse your mouth.

7. Clove oil

You can rinse your mouth with clove oil. You can also take a cotton swab and dip it in clove oil (soaking about 4-5 drops in the swab) and apply it directly on the sores for 10 minutes. Clove oil has eugenol which treats oral problems very effectively. It has painkilling, healing and antiseptic properties. Even dentists use clove oil while treating their patients.

8. Coconut Milk and Oil

Coconut milk and oil have soothing effect on ulcers. They reduce swelling and pain in ulcers. Coconut milk is cool by nature. Gargling with Coconut milk and then rinsing with water can relieve the pain. This should be done 2-3 times a day.

Coconut oil oil has natural anti-swelling properties. Gargle with coconut oil and then wash your mouth with water. You can also apply some drops of coconut oil directly

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is the most well known antibacterial plant product. It also has healing properties. In Indian households, turmeric is a part of first aid for small wounds and injuries. Warm milk with turmeric is a good option. You might not like the bitter taste but applying turmeric directly on the canker sores can work wonders for their healing.

10. Cabbage juice

This option requires more work than other options. Take 100g of cabbage and shred it to small pieces. Take 300 ml of water and add the cabbage to it. Boil it till the water quantity reduces to half. Drink 2- 3 glasses of this everyday till the sores are healed. Cabbage juice is cool by nature and will give relief to the mouth.

11. Garlic

Garlic, like turmeric is widely used to treat infections because of its antibacterial activity. Garlic has allicin which has this property. Take a garlic clove and cut it in half and rub it very gently on the mouth ulcer for a minute or two. Rinse your mouth with clean water after 30 minutes. Repeat this till the sore is treated.

12. Alum

Take a crystal of alum and crush it to a fine powder. Take a cotton swab and dip it in water and then in fine powder. Apply the swab to the ulcer and keep it there for a few minutes. Rinse your mouth with clean water. Alum with its cooling property, healing property and antimicrobial activity is a great remedy.

13. Toothpaste

Take a Q-tip and dip it is toothpaste. Apply it on the ulcers and leave it for few minutes before rinsing. The antimicrobial property of toothpaste will help clear out the infection. Tooth paste might feel cool to normal tissues but it might burn or sting on the ulcerated regions. It will be helpful to apply aloe vera gel afterwards.

14. Aloe

Although aloe vera isn’t much help in order to control mouth ulcers, the therapeutic and anti inflammatory properties accelerates the healing and soothes the pain. It helps restore the GI tract and treats mouth ulcer induced by stress or IBS. Aloe vera consists of antioxidant- polyphenol that inhibits the bacterial as well as fungal growth. Moreover, it can be orally consumed and is deemed safe for health.

15. Tea and Tea Bags

Chamomile and Licorice teas can help you with your ulcers. Chamomile has chemicals that can speed up the healing process. It can also improve digestion. Licorice tea can also be an effective remedy. Drinking these teas can work wonders and help relieve from pain. If you don’t like drinking them you can put tea bags of these on your sores.

16. Sage

Sage is a delicious ingredient used in curries, soups, gravies and sauces. It can also be used to treat ulcers in mouth. You can mix a handful of fresh sage or 2 teaspoons of dried sage with a cup of water and boil it. Swish and rinse your mouth with this tea for 60 seconds. Sage can kill bacteria and viruses, and contains compounds that reduce inflammation.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

  • Quitting smoking: This causes temporary ulcers
  • Foods:  Citrus fruits and other foods high in acidity or spice can cause ulcers
  • Trauma or tissue damage: Harsh brushing, orthodontic braces, poor-fitting dentures, and other apparatus that may rub against the mouth and gums and cause damage.
  • Stress or anxiety: This is the common reason for ulcers in mouth.
  • Hormonal changes: In females ulcers may form during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause
  • Medications: Medicines like beta-blockers and pain killers may cause canker sores
  • Nutritional deficiencies: Vitamin B12 or iron deficiency may trigger ulcers to form.

Canker sores may be small but can create a lot of problems. Moreover, ulcers can be symptom or sign of a bigger problem. This is why you should not take them lightly and treat them as soon as possible. If the sores persist, see a doctor. Take care!

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