7 Simple Home Remedies for Face Psoriasis You Should Know

Home remedies for face psoriasis, for all their effectiveness and mild reactions, can be taken into account for a long term. The are preferable over medication which has side effects. Furthermore, some of the home remedies won’t only help you with the face psoriasis symptoms, and they can also help prevent it.

Home Remedies for Face Psoriasis

The following are the home-based remedies that are recommended for you if you have face psoriasis:

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory. The gels that use this particular plant as an ingredient are therefore especially helpful when face psoriasis is the condition to be dealt with. Furthermore, researches have also shown that Aloe Vera can reduce the redness as well as the scaling of the skin as well. Look for gels that contain 0.5% of Aloe Vera. Apply this gel three times a day, and the relief would come over time. You can continue to use it even after your psoriatic symptoms have been suppressed, for Aloe Vera is, in fact, a long-term solution.

2. Capsaicin:

This is the chemical responsible for making Chili to be hot. Gels and ointments that have this ingredient in them block the nerve endings. Consequently, it helps with the pain of psoriasis. Furthermore, according to the researchers from University Medical Center Freiburg, creams with Capsaicin as an ingredient can reduce all the symptoms that are associated with psoriasis, including pain, inflammation, redness and scaling. However, as for the long-term usage of this treatment, there is much more research that is yet to happen. Therefore, if you have face psoriasis, you can use this, but be careful, you need to use it as mildly as possible.

3. Epsom Salts:

Epsom Salts or dead sea salts are amazing anti-inflammatory agents. Take a handful of this Epsom Salts and put it inside your bathtub, or your bath bucket. Use it to take your next bath and consequent bathes. Over time, the symptoms of face psoriasis will start to curb down. If you want to make this treatment even more effective, use it in conjunction with a mild moisturiser. Epsom salts are generally good for your skin. Therefore, there is no harm in making the use of this remedy a long-term routine.

4. Oats:

Oats epitomise skin smoothers. They are considered to be nature’s best skin smoothening agents. However, this consideration is made by the side of individuals who have used it, not by the researchers. You can either make a paste out of oats and apply it directly to the skin, or you can mix a bit of oat in your bath and take a bath in that water. There are reports that it can reduce the itching and redness associated with face psoriasis.

5. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one spice which has more than small gastronomical applications. Researchers frequently study this condiment for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As per the review from International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology that was done in the year 2012, turmeric can alter TNF Cytokine expression. Many patients found it useful when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of psoriasis. As a home remedy, you can take turmeric either as a concentrated pill, as a condiment in your food, or you can apply it to the skin, all of them are considered to be safe. That being said, the FDA has said that 1.5 to 3 grams consumption of turmeric per day is safe. Nevertheless, the dosage can be subjective. Therefore, make sure to talk to a herbal medical practitioner as well.

6. Tea tree oil:

This oil is from the plants that are native to Australia. It is known, or far more likely, believed to have antiseptic properties. You can apply it directly on the face if you have psoriasis. However, there is no scientific evidence (yet) that suggest that tea tree oil is effective against psoriatic symptoms. Nevertheless, unless you are allergic to this particular oil, there is no harm in using this particular remedy.

7. Oregon Grape:

Known by the scientific communities as its scientific name, Mahonia Aquifolium, Oregon grape is an anti-microbial herb. Using creams that have 10% concentration of Oregon grape has been known to reduce inflammation and itchiness. Furthermore, it can be used to deal with both the mild and moderate variants of psoriasis. One thing to remember here is that the patient of face psoriasis should only use this remedy in a topical form. The reason for this is the herb is an alkaloid, and therefore, it can have some serious physiological effects on humans.

Preventing face psoriasis

Prevention is better always better than cure. However, this expression is only good if the root cause is known. In the case of face psoriasis, the root cause of the issue is not known. However, there are some trigger factors that you can watch out for:

  1. Stress: You need to find ways to be less stressful
  2. Skin injury: Protecting yourself from any injury should be a concern to you.
  3. Alcohol: Staying Inebriated can also be another trigger for the disease.
  4. Arthritic medications
  5. Infections

Avoiding these triggers is not that difficult of a task. All you have to do is lead a clean, pure and healthy life.

The home remedies of psoriasis of the face are concentrated towards making your skin stay healthy for a long term. While some of these treatments are scientifically proven, some are based on reports of usage. That being said,home-based remedies are based on experimentation at homes, and therefore, you should try them.

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