How To Stop Hiccups? Here Is The Hiccups Cure

Everyone has experienced hiccups at some point or the other. They typically last a few minutes but while they do it becomes tough to eat, talk, and walk normally. All we think of is how to stop hiccups. In some cases, they take a long time to stop and can be an indication of a more serious problem. A long bout of hiccups can lead to fatigue, depression, acid reflux, weight loss, and exhaustion. Recurring and long bouts of hiccups must be investigated.

How To Stop Hiccups? Here Is The Hiccups Cure

Several ways are developing over the centuries which are suggested to stop hiccups. They can be grouped as below:

Breathing techniques to cure hiccups

  1. Breathe in and hold for five counts then breathe out and hold for five counts. This practice can be repeated until you can determine if it is working or not.
  2. Holding ones breathe for as long as possible is known to help recover from a bad case hiccups.
  3. Compressing the diaphragm: Folding your feet, hugging your knees and a namaz-like pose compress the diaphragm and might help stop hiccups.
  4. Exhaling which pinching the nose and keeping the mouth tightly shut is known to help stop hiccups
  5. Lean your head back such that you can hold a coin placed on the forehead for a while. Hold this position until the hiccups are gone.
  6. Bend down from your waist and place a cup of water on the floor. Drink the water through a straw in this position. This will help get rid of the hiccups.

Pressure Point to stop hiccups

  1. Pulling the tongue stimulates muscles in the mouth and throat. Gently pull the tip of the tongue a few times to stop hiccups
  2. The region between the abdomen and lungs is called the diaphragm. Applying pressure on the diaphragm area might help as it will alter the spasm time of hiccups and reduce or stop it.
  3. As per acupuncture, the ancient Asian technique which provides relief, pressing on the palm with your thumb might help reduce hiccups.

Food and Drink intake to stop hiccups

  1. Drink a full glass of hot water without pause. This technique is equivalent to holding your breath.
  2. Drinking iced water might also stimulate the Vagus nerve which leads upto the diaphragm and may stop hiccups.
  3. Sucking on an ice cube for a few minutes, followed by swallowing it might help with hiccups.
  4. Sucking on lemon: this is known to help with motion sickness and might stimulate the nerves connecting to the diaphragm to stop hiccups.
  5. Having warm water with honey might help stop hiccups.
  6. Put a teaspoon of sugar on the tip of your tongue and wait for a few seconds before swallowing
  7. Having a spoon of chocolate drink mix (without mixing in milk) is known to stop hiccups as the powder takes some time to go through the food pipe, changing the air swallowing pattern
  8. Mix a spoon of honey with castor oil. Dip your finger in the mix and lick a few times. This ayurvedic home remedy is sure to help with the hiccups.
  9. Having a spoon or black pepper can result in a bout of violent coughing which might put an end to your hiccups.
  10. Cardamom powder can be mixed in some warm water and drunk and filtering. This is known to help cure hiccups.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar also treats hiccups.
  12. Caraway seeds have high antispasmodic properties. They provide relief for respiratory spasms, and hiccups.

Other common remedies to stop hiccups

  1. Scaring the person having hiccups: A sudden sound or scare might cause a complete reboot of the breathing and the swallowing process resulting in the stopping of hiccups.
  2. Distracting the brain. Doing a puzzle or playing a game of chess might distract you and your body from the ongoing hiccups and put a stop to it.
  3. The Double Straw method: Put one straw in a glass of water and the other one outside. Now out one end of both straws in your put and start drinking the water. This would mean that both water and air are entering your mouth in equal quantities. After a while, the hiccups disappear.
  4. Ask someone to clamp both ears shut and drink a glass of warm water rapidly. This will surely stop hiccups.
  5. Massaging the rectal regions or massaging the base of the neck is said to relax the nerves and reduce hiccups.

So now, to summarise, we come back to the question: is the hiccup contagious? The Answer: Only if a yawn is! But definitely we know now how to stop hiccups.

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