Tofu- 12 Amazing Health and Nutritional Benefits

Tofu is a vegan’s dream food. Most of the people believe in the myth that the only good source of protein is lean meat but all of us fail in counting the wonderful food constituent, tofu. The food holds very low fat content, large amount of proteins for a vegan, and almost negligible cholesterol level which makes it best for its consumption. Tofu commonly known by the name of bean curd that is prepared from the coagulation of soy milk, available in the form of soft white blocks resembling with that of cheese. Infact, there has always been a tofu vs paneer debate.

It is the excellent resource which is rich in iron, amino acids, calcium and all other important micro nutrients that are essential to be present in the diet. Tofu is the ingredient with the extra ordinary benefits that are helpful in maintaining the good health. Given below is the long list containing the nutritional and health benefits of this wonderful food item that cannot be ignored, don’t scroll down without reading the advantages of eating tofu:


Health and Nutritional Benefits of Tofu


1. Helpful in controlling the body weight

It is not as complicated as rocket science to manage the exact weight of the body. The eating pattern of daily life contributes to the formation of body cells and hence maintenance of the body weight. It is very certain that if the person is obese or overweight the reason behind is the unhealthy food. Eating tofu provides the breakthrough solutions and helps to maintain the perfect body weight.

2. Much effective in lowering the cholesterol level

Tofu is the best option for those who wants to reduce the considerable cholesterol level in the body. Moreover it has been proven to be beneficial in lowering the LDL cholesterol that is bad for the body functioning. Tofu in comparison to meats like beef is the much better option for lowering the echelon of saturated fatty acids. It is helpful in regulating the metabolism as it is a source of lecithin and linoleic acid which are good metabolism regulators. It additionally helps to disperse and eliminate the cholesterol deposits from the body.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

It is known among the foods which provide advantages to lower the risk of various cardiovascular diseases. The consumption of tofu at regular basis decreases the level of different saturated fatty acids in addition with the level of cholesterol. It has very low content of the sodium so quite good for those who suffer with the problem of hypertension.

4. Eases the various Menopause Symptoms

The compound like isoflavones are completely plant based which mimic the natural hormone i.e. estrogen, controlling the various reproductive processes. The isoflavone manages the various symptoms that occur in the women at the time of menopause. Tofu is the excellent source of such isoflavone compound that is helpful in stabilizing the level of estrogen in body and providing relief from the hot flashes. Calcium content present in it reduces the risk of bone loss that is very general at the time of menopause. Moreover it is very effective in controlling the autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally it serves for balancing the level of the estrogen at the pre-menopausal stage.

5. Anti-cancer Properties

It is a very good source of mineral selenium required for suitable functioning of the various antioxidants resulting in prevention of the colon cancer. It also controls and prevents the various other cancers like that of breast, prostate and lungs. Various researches show that the women who are consuming tofu are at a less risk of developing the breast cancer as compare to those who don’t consume it.

6. Prevents Osteoporosis

As earlier mentioned tofu is rich in calcium content that is required for maintaining the structure and functioning of the bones. Any fall in the calcium level in body can result in osteoporosis especially during the old age. Consuming tofu helps in keeping the bones strong by maintaining the level of calcium in body tissues.

7. Prevents Diabetes

The soy milk is helpful in controlling the insulin levels in the body hence prevents the person from diabetes. One who is suffering from the diabetes should be habitual of consuming tofu in the diet.

8. Treats Kidney Diseases

Tofu being a good source of phosphorus, sodium and various proteins, serves as a great food item for renal patients. It is helpful in preventing the chronic diseases relate to the kidney.

9. Prevents Anemia

Anemia can be treated by eating accurate amount of tofu which is good source of iron and helps in increasing the production of RBCs in the body.

10. Liver Damage

Tofu proven to be very beneficial in treating and preventing the various hepatic disorders and prevents the person from further damaging of the liver.

11. Brain Health

Proper functioning of the neurons can be promoted by the phospholipids and phospotidic acid. Tofu helps in the formation of both PA and PS.

12. Hair loss

Keratin in the hairs prevents the hair fall and tofu helps to replenish the level of keratin.

For the human being, who is strictly following the vegetarian or a vegan diet, the meatless tofu is the best option to have all the essential dietary constituents. It seems to be quite challenging to cook tofu. Here mentioned are important tips that can help the one in its easy cooking:

  • It is mandatory to press the white blocks of tofu to remove water content from it. For draining the excess of water, keep the block between the two paper towels, followed by placing the bowl on the top.
  • Second thing to keep essentially in mind is that the tofu gets easily disintegrated, so it is the moment before last minutes when to add it to your dish. Cut the blocks in the form of little chunks to add it in the dish.

Important dishes in which ingredient tofu can be used

  • Simple tofu green curry
  • Sticky and sweet tofu with the baby bok choy
  • Grilled tofu with soba salad
  • sandwiches containing seared tofu
  • Crispy buffalo tofu bites
  • Miso spinach with tofu

To eat is inevitability but to eat healthy and intelligently is the form of an art in itself. Giving the nourishment in right amounts and correct way to an individual is not less than performing the exercise that results in the safe and great health.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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