11 Incredible Health Benefits of Thyme Tea

Thyme, scientifically called Thymus Vulgaris is a garden herb. Since ancient times, thyme has been used for various culinary and medicinal uses. Thyme was associated with courage during medieval times. Medieval women gave sprigs of thyme to the knights when they went for fighting a battle. It is a popular herbal remedy for many ailments. Thyme tea has a pleasant taste. It is rich in minerals, phenols, flavonoids, and volatile oils. Therefore, there are incredible health benefits of thyme tea. Due to its antioxidant properties, drinking a cup of thyme tea regularly can be extremely beneficial for your health.

11 Health Benefits of Thyme Tea

If you want to add thyme to your regular diet, you should start having thyme tea. You can make the herbal tea by brewing leaves of the thyme plant. The incredible health benefits if thyme tea is due to its nutritional value. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that promote your health and prevents you from diseases. It is especially rich in Vitamin A and C. The thyme leaves are great sources of essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and selenium.

1. Protects you from bacterial infections

The essentials oil in thyme leaves has antibacterial properties. Having a cup of thyme tea can protect you from bacterial infections. It is particularly effective in protecting the body from invasion of E.coli that is responsible for causing diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

Thyme essential oil is a natural weapon against a sore throat. It can protect your body from 120 different bacterial strains that cause infections in the oral cavity, genitourinary tract, and respiratory tract. It is also effective against some antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. When you have a sore throat the next time, have a cup of thyme tea for relief. You can also gargle with cooled thyme tea to treat a sore throat.

2. Treats coughs and bronchitis

One of the best health benefits of thyme tea is that it can treat coughs and bronchitis. Thyme has been used for the treatment of both dry and wet cough since centuries. If you are suffering from a cough or bronchitis, having a cup of thyme tea twice every day will provide relief. The thyme essential oil is the best natural remedy for coughs.

The extract from thyme leaves has bronchodilatory and relaxant effects. In a study, patients suffering from a cough were given a combination of ivy and thyme leaves. It alleviated the symptoms of bronchitis. Patients got relief instantly from coughing. Thyme tea can help in clearing mucous from congested passageways and lungs.

3. Controls blood pressure

Thyme tea can lower your blood pressure naturally. Consuming thyme tea produces antihypertensive activity. This makes it a great choice for people with high blood pressure. Apart from lowering blood pressure, thyme tea can also lower your cholesterol levels.

The extract from thyme leaves can reduce the heart rate of people who have high blood pressure. It increases the good cholesterol (HDL) levels and lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. If you have high pressure, you should have a cup of thyme tea regularly.

4. Prevents food poisoning

One of the popular health benefits of thyme tea is that it can prevent food poisoning. Thyme tea can also decontaminate already contaminated foods. According to the latest research in Food Microbiology, the thyme essential oil could decontaminate lettuce that was inoculated with Shigella. It is an infectious microorganism that causes diarrhea and major intestinal damage.

Even at a low concentration, thyme oil works as a natural food preservative. It can protect you from resistant strains of Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, and Escherichia bacteria that cause food poisoning. If you have thyme tea regularly, you can prevent food-borne illnesses to a large extent.

5. Protects from chronic inflammation

Thyme tea contains an active compound called thymol that can manage inflammation. Thymol suppresses specific inflammatory pathways. This property of thyme tea is very beneficial against peritonitis. The peritoneum is the membrane covering your organs within the abdominal region. Peritonitis is the inflammation of the peritoneum.

The anti-inflammatory properties of thyme tea can protect you from chronic inflammation which is often the cause of cardiovascular diseases. Having thyme tea can relax the arteries and veins. It strengthens the hearts and promotes heart health. As thyme tea can protect you from inflammation, it helps in the normal functioning of the heart.

6. Boosts your mood

One of the incredible health benefits of thyme tea is that it can boost your mood. Thyme contains carvacrol that has mood-boosting effects. Carvacrol can increase both serotonin and dopamine levels in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of the brain. Serotonin and dopamine are the two neurotransmitters that play a key role in boosting your mood.

Carvacrol is a molecule that influences the activity of the brain through modulation of neurotransmitters. If you have thyme tea regularly, you will feel better throughout the day as it is beneficial for your mental health. It can help if you are suffering from insomnia, depression, and mood swings.

7. Fights cancer

Having thyme tea regularly can protect you from colon cancer and breast cancer. Thyme contains certain properties that can fight against cancer and tumors. Carvacrol present in thyme exhibits antitumor properties. Therefore, thyme tea is also known as a cancer-fighting drink.

According to the latest research, carvacrol can prevent colon cancer. It inhibits the migration and proliferation of colon cancer cell lines. It also helps in the treatment of colon cancer.

8. Relieves indigestion

Herbal healers recommend thyme tea for promoting good digestion. If you suffer a lot from gas, acidity, and bloating, you should start having thyme tea daily. The volatile oils present in thyme exhibit gas-reducing or carminative properties. The phenols present in thyme works as an antispasmodic. It helps in getting relief from intestinal cramping.

Eating oily and spicy foods can result in gas and bloating. If you had a heavy meal at lunch, a cup of thyme tea in the evening can facilitate proper digestion.

9. Boosts your immune system

One of the best health benefits of thyme tea is that it boosts your immune system. If you want to have strong immunity, you should have thyme tea every day. As it contains a lot of antioxidants, it can prevent you from various ailments and infections. The volatile oils present in thyme increases the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in the body.

Fatty acids preserve the structure of the brain, nervous system, and arteries. They play an important role in building the cell walls. As a result, having thyme tea will keep the cells of your body healthy. As it a great antioxidant, thyme tea can protect your body from free radical damage. It prevents premature aging and promotes the longevity of a person.

10. Promotes oral health

As thyme tea has antibacterial properties, it can promote your oral health. Thyme tea is one of the best remedies for foul breath. When bacteria increases in the mouth, it results in bad breath. Thyme tea can effectively fight against bacteria and bacterial infections.

Start having a cup of thyme tea in the morning every day if you have bad breath. Thyme is a popular ingredient in mouthwashes as it promotes oral health. It can effectively cure gingivitis and cavities.

11. Provides relief from pain

One of the incredible health benefits of thyme tea is that it can work as a pain reliever. Thyme tea can cure headaches and migraines effectively. The next time you suffer from a bad headache, have a cup of thyme tea to feel better. Do not allow a headache to settle in.

Thyme tea can also relieve muscle pain. It is a great analgesic. Women can have two to three cups of thyme tea for getting relief from menstrual cramps. It can ease menstrual spasms and PMS. Thyme tea stimulates the proper flow of blood to the uterus. As a result, it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Now that you know about the incredible health benefits of thyme tea, add it to your regular diet to stay healthy. You can make the herbal tea by using dried or fresh thyme leaves. Add two teaspoons of dried thyme leaves to one cup of boiling water. If you are using fresh thyme leaves, add three teaspoons of fresh thyme leaves. Simmer for 10-15 minutes before straining it.

If you cannot get thyme leaves, you can purchase thyme tea bags. Have two cups of the healing tea regularly for your overall well-being. You can add honey for flavor.

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