20 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil You Should Know

Everyone these days looks for natural remedies for their ailments. The existing stressful life ensures that people want a treatment which has the least side effects possible. Tea tree oil is slowly making its presence felt the world over as more and more people are awakening to its health benefits. Even before this publicity Tea tree oil has always been a favourite of the Bundjalung tribe from New South Wales who have been using it for their simplest health issues. Read on to know more about the nutritional aspects and health benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

20 Health Benefits Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is derived from the Australian plant Melaleuca Alternifolia. For the past 100 years, the oil has gained popularity as being an easy and safe medicine to kill germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses. Nearly 327 studies have been conducted so far to know of the medicinal properties of the oil, and they all have mentioned about its antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal qualities.

1. Removal of Herpes

As a disease Herpes can be extremely painful and difficult to deal with. Though there is no major treatment for the disease, it is believed that the application of Tea tree oil can help to a large extent. You need to apply a little bit of it on the affected area, and the pain would subside. If, however you use the oil as soon as you feel the pain you can even make sure that the disease does not spread enough.

2. Athlete’s foot

A fairly common disease Athlete’s foot gives you itchy, red, dry and cracked skin. Studies show that when people suffering from Athlete’s foot applied tea tree oil two times a day for four weeks, it showed a visible decrease in the severity.

3. Vaginal infection

Normally it takes a lot of courage for women to come forward if they are facing this problem. Just adding some tea tree oil to a tampon, inserting it and taking it out before 24 hours would reduce your ailment to a large extent.

4. Acne issues

Skin problems are something on which Tea tree oil has been known to be extremely effective. In fact, in a majority of skin care products, you would find Tea Tree oil as a regular ingredient. Hence not only acne other skin ailments like bruises, insect bites, scabies, diaper rash, and poison Ivy rash can be cured with its regular usage.

5. Gingivitis

Gum disease or Gingivitis can cause bad breath and general bad Oral health as such. Its application can reduce bloody and swollen gums provided it is used on a regular basis. However, consumption of Tea tree oil is toxic hence taking a medication having it as an ingredient would be a better option in this case.

6. Dandruff

In modern time’s pollution is a major reason for people facing dandruff and other hair woes. Research has shown that Tea Tree oil works against Malassezia dandruff causing yeast. Even shampoo with only 5% tea tree oil is known to reduce the impact of dandruff and even lice and reduce the itchiness in the scalp.

7. Killing ticks

Borelliabacteria-carrying ticks can infect you with the Lyme disease an ailment which can cause meningitis and heart problems in the long run. Tea tree oil when inhaled can kill these ticks and save your body from some major infection-causing

8. Stye treatment

Stye infects the eye and sometimes can be so grievous and painful that even opening the eye can be a big burden. However, mix one teaspoon of Tea tree oil and two tablespoons of water and keep it in the fridge for some time. Later apply the mixture thrice a day to your eyes to get immediate relief in the pain.

9. Root canal pain

It takes a sufficient amount of time for your root canal pain to go and Tea tree oil can aid in reducing the suffering. Again since consuming it is a bit dangerous it would be best to take a medication having the same as an ingredient.

10. Swollen lymph nodes

Known as Lymphadenitis the disease causes your lymph nodes to become soft and swollen. Inhale Tea tree oil either directly from the bottle or apply it on that area and within 24 hours the situation will show signs of subsiding.

11. Body Odour

Tired of a smelly you and can’t find any quick remedies to deal with it. Add three tablespoons of Shea butter and coconut oil, ¼ cup cornstarch and baking soda and 30 drops of Tea tree oil. Melt Shea butter and coconut oil and later add the rest of ingredients to the same. Allow it to harden and then use as a normal deodorant stick to get rid of body odour.

12. Ear infection

Try this home remedy to get relief in Ear pain and any other infection related to the same. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree oil with ¼ cup of Olive oil and pour a few drops of the same in your ear. Keep the head tilted for some time and allow the oil to seep inside. Also mixing Tea tree oil with coconut oil and applying it around the ear is going to be extremely useful.

13. Weight Loss

After green Tea, a few drops of Tea tree oil have been known to keep your weight loss program steady. In fact, it is a regular ingredient of detox bath teas which when consumed regularly can lead to a visible reduction in the flab on your body. However, you also have to keep your diet under control in order to get the desired results.

14. Stress and anxiety removal

Stress is as much a part of our lives as any other important ingredient of our life. Normally, it is difficult to get enough time for going to a spa and finding some time to relax. In such a scenario taking a bath with a few drops of Tea tree oil regularly relaxes and soothes your nerves and calms your senses as well. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in the tensions you are facing and a remarkable change in the anxiety levels as well.

15. Preventing antibiotic resistance

Researches published in Open Microbiology Journal visibly state that the use of Tea tree oil can stop your body from developing antibiotic resistance. This is extremely useful in today’s scenario when treatments of any kind are completed only with the use of Antibiotics. Any resistance to it means that the treatments can fail to cause grave danger to health.

16. A cough or sore throat reliever

In case anyone in the family is suffering from a cough then a simple trick would be quick enough to provide respite. Either inhale Tea Tree oil directly or mix 1-2 drops with half teaspoon coconut oil and rub on your back and neck. The results would be quite visible in some time.

17. Insect repellent

Insects are quite bothersome, and for some people, a bite can be pretty irksome. However, since bug repellents have a chemical in them, you can use Tea tree oil as a natural solution. Fill a spray bottle half with water and add 2-5 drops of Tea tree oil to it and spray it on your skin. In case you have already suffered bug bite then just put 2-3 drops of the oil to a cotton swab and apply on the affected area.

18. Laundry freshener

Sometimes the clothes we wash face a strange smell which refuses to go. In such a scenario add 5-10 drops of Tea tree oil to the laundry detergent. You can also mix water, vinegar, and Tea tree oil and use the solution to clean marks on clothes, rugs etc.

19. Hasten wound healing

Apart from reducing any infection caused in cuts and abrasions Tea tree oil has been known to quicken the wound healing process as well. By reducing inflammation and increasing the White blood cell activity, the oil can help in reducing the impact of even worst of the wounds.

20. Mould creation

In places where sunlight and heat are scarce, you often see the growth of mould on Fruits and Vegetables. Tea tree oil is known to have compounds that help reduce its coming. Just mix the oil with the water used to rinse your produce and dry it properly to ensure the same.


As mentioned above Tea Tree oil can be a miracle drug for many. Its innumerable benefits are a justification why the item is now an ingredient in almost all skin products and antiseptic creams. Apart from being a natural ingredient, oil is also a simple alternative to some very complicated problems. However, it also has its share of side effects and at times may not suit a person at all. In that case, it is usually better to test one or two drops on the skin to see if there is any harmful reaction to its use. Moreover ingesting the oil is not advisable and hence a lot of discretion before its use is advised.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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