10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Soy Milk

We all know the benefits of milk to the human body but some people have lactose intolerance and soy milk, made from Soy Beans, can be an excellent supplement for them. The use of soy milk is increasing in these days because of its health factors as well as the demand among vegans as an animal milk substitute. The studies have proved how effectively this milk works in the human body and keeps one fit and fine. The following list of health benefits of soymilk will speak volumes about it.

Health Benefits of Soy Milk

1. Losing weight

The fiber contents of the soy

milk take an active part in helping you lose your weight and stubborn belly fats. You can take the low-fat milk to eliminate the obesity. This milk can lower the level of bad cholesterol as well. But the high protein content of this milk can keep your body fit and fine at the same time. So, taking this milk along with healthy and low-fat diet can give you a good result in controlling the body fat.

2. Healthy heart

Soy milk is proven as one of the best natural ingredients to lower the level of bad cholesterol and rise up the level of good cholesterol. This milk keeps the heart away from the risks by improving the level of the plasma lipid. The minerals and vitamins of the soy milk can also keep your body strong enough to prevent the heart problems.

3. Eliminates skin rashes

The researchers have proved that the soy

milk has the ability to deal with the hyper-pigmentation and skin rashes. It can also reduce the acne and boils on your skin. So, if you want a healthy skin then soy diet can be beneficial for you. it can leave a good impact on your appearance as well.

4. Strengthen bones

Soy milk is a good source of calcium that can keep your bones strong. This milk is able to keep your bones well structured. You can take it to keep your bones strong at the old age and away from the risk of fractures as well. So, take this beverage at a certain amount and keep your bones well.

5. Makes your hair healthy

You can take soy milk as it is full of essential minerals and vitamins that can take care of your hair follicles. The protein of this milk can help you to get good growing and manageable hair. This makes your hair smooth, strong and long at the same time. The frizzy and dull look of the hair can also be fixed by taking this soy milk on a regular basis.

6. Keeps fit after workout

If you are practicing a hard workout schedule to shape your body perfectly then add the soy milk to your diet. It can bring back the lost energy after workout. You will also be able to lose weight but get the proper protein by taking the soy milk on a regular basis. Especially, if you are vegan, you need to take proper amount of protein on a regular basis.

7. Keeps mood well

Vitamin B complex plays an important role in boosting up your mood and you can take the soy milk as a source of it. This milk is full of sufficient amount of vitamin B6 and B complex that can keep your mood well. Researchers have proved that it works as the best antidepressant for vegans. The mineral like magnesium helps to release the serotonin hormone which fights against depression.

8. Controls blood sugar

Another health benefit of soy milk is that it controls blood sugar level in a natural manner. This is not a remedy to lower the blood sugar level but it can keep you away from the risk of developing this condition. So, if you have a parental history then you can take a cup of soy milk on a regular basis to maintain the level of vitamin D and magnesium and lower the risk of diabetes type 2. This milk can also be taken by the diabetic patients who need to get a good amount of protein.

9. Prevents cancer

The antioxidants of the soy milk can reduce the risk of cancer especially among the men. You can reduce the risk of cancer for its isoflavone content which plays an active role. Apart from this content, you will also get sufficient amount of calcium from soy milk which reduces the risk of colorectal and intestinal cancers. Moreover, the antioxidants can fight against the effects of the free radicals on your body and keep you away from danger.

10. Good for digestive system

The fiber content and the antioxidants of the soy milk can give you a good result in keeping your digestive system well active. It can also flush out all the toxin elements from your body and keep the bowel system regular as well.

How to make soy milk?

There are many reliable companies that deal with the soy milk and you can buy from them and preserve it. But you can also make it at your home to get the best benefits. It takes only an hour at home.

Ingredients that you need

You need to take a half a cup of white soybeans, two to three cups of water for soaking, four cups of water for blending and Sugar to taste.

Process to follow

Take the soybeans and soak them in the water overnight. In the morning you need to drain the water and wash the soybeans well. Then remove the skin of the soybeans and add the soybeans in four cups of water to blend. Blend the soybeans in the water until it becomes smooth. Then use butter muslin or a nut milk bag to strain the blended soybeans and water mixture. You need to twist the cloth and at the top tightly and squeeze the milk of the soybeans. Then pour the milk in a pan which has a heavy bottom and heat it at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to heat it at least 20 minutes. Don’t forget to stir the milk frequently while heating it. Then let the milk cool down. After cooling it you can store it in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days.  This homemade soy milk can help you to get the best benefits at home in eliminating the above-mentioned diseases and staying fit and fine.

Tips to follow for buying soy milk

If you don’t have enough time to make the soy milk at your home then you can buy it from the market. But when you are going to buy it from the market you need to keep in mind that the soy milk should be good in quality. There are some tips that can help you to get the best quality soy milk.

  • You should check the reputation of the manufacturing company in the market before buying and consuming soy milk.
  • You should check the expiry and manufacturing date of the preserved milk before buying it. You should always keep in mind that the soy milk should be current and fresh. The fresh soy milk can leave a better impact on your body.
  • You should not preserve the soy milk for long days. You should keep it in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days maximum. So, don’t make it old.
  • You should also check the ingredients if any infused in it to make sure of its quality. The natural soy milk has a better impact.

The soy milk benefits are discussed elaborately to make you understand how to lead a better life. You can also make the yoghurt and other dishes with this dairy supplement. This milk can be taken on a regular basis. But if you find any discomfort or uneasiness after taking this milk then you should stop consuming it and discuss with a health professional. Though this milk is full of healthy nutrients but still you should be conscious about its certain dose and side-effects. The right amount of soy milk can keep you well but consuming it in excess amount can be harmful to you.

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