11 Proven Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is quite a popular fruit as it tastes delicious and has numerous health benefits. But how many of us know about the valuable health factor? I am sure, very few hands will rise to answer this questions. Here we are going to discuss the food value of this attractive fruit, which is not only delicious but also has proven health benefits.

What Is Pomegranate and what does it contain

Pomegranate belongs to the family Lylhraceae, and it sheds off it leaves annually. So we can call it the deciduous shrub. The scientific name is Punica Granatium and it grows fruits on maturity. Pomegranate is native to Northern India, and it has been cultivated widely in the Mediterranean region, sub-continent, Arizona, and California. Pomegranate grows on small shrubs like trees. The flowers are bright red, and the shrubs have a long life.

The shape of a mature Pomegranate is almost like a red apple with a flower like a stem. The outer skin is inedible and thick. Upon opening this thick surface, there are the juicy seed or arils arrayed in a series. The juicy Ruby like seeds contains iron, fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Potassium, antioxidants and foliate. The juice tastes sweet and rich in sugar and huge calories.

Popular Packaged products of Pomegranate:

Pomegranate arils are available in market in Ready to eat condition. Apart from this the extract of Pomegranate seeds as juice is also very popular. Moreover, pomegranate seeds are widely used in dried condition and in jam, jelly and candy.

Proven Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Being a delicious fruit, Pomegranate has always remained in the centre of attraction, and interestingly it has got several benefits for health. This incredible natural gift has got three times more antioxidants than green tea as it contains the adequate quantity of Punicalagin, which is an antioxidant found in the juice and peel. Besides this, it provides Punicic Acid, which is a source of fatty acid. Let me make you more surprised by stating the valuable health-related benefits of Pomegranate.

1) Pomegranate Keeps Heart Healthy

Pomegranate has the precise percentage of anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the root of many killer diseases like cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it regulates the blood flow and keeps the blood circulation system clean. The polyphenol content of pomegranate seed prevents the plague to form inside the Arteries. Some studies have revealed that pomegranate seed oil can decrease triglycerides level and regular intake of Pomegranate juice can control high blood pressure.

2) Improve Digestive System

Yes, no wonder that pomegranate juice boosts up your digestion power as it plays a vital role in secreting digestive enzymes. It is also excellent to control alkali and neutralize the acid.

3) Makes The Bones Stronger

Eith growing age, our bones tend to become weak, and Osteoporosis starts. Also, the joint and Arthritis pain is a common problem in old age. To reduce this pain, we need extra nutrition and protection. Pomegranate juice can help get rid of all the pain if we include it in our diet. This juice is very active to stop the function of Interleukin 1-B protein which is mainly responsible for bone decaying and malfunction of cartilage. The enzyme presents in pomegranate juice prevent the damage to the tissue and muscles.

4) Enhance Haemoglobin and Fight Anaemia

Iron is one of the major components of haemoglobin which is the protein module in Red blood cell and carries oxygen to body cells and tissues. Pomegranate seeds contain high level of Iron, which can meet up the Iron deficiencies and cure Anaemia. We get approximately half a milligram of Iron from one cup of pomegranate seed, or we can say one cup of pomegranate seed can meet up 3% of our daily need. Besides this, iron increases our Red blood cell count and aids in blood flow. The presence of Vitamin C in Pomegranate also enables our body to absorb Iron.

5) Fights Against Cancer

Pomegranate seed has a vast storage of anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties work actively to eradicate cancerous growth and stop malignant cells to spread in the surroundings. It prevents prostate acncer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer. The Punicic acid is the fundamental component that inhibits the spread of cancerous cell as it is anti-proliferative. Ellagitannin, which is one of the antioxidants found in Pomegranate reduces Aromatase, a key component to produce Estrogens in our body and spread cancerous cell.

6) Improve Skin, and Hair Health

Are you fed up with your dull looks? A cup of pomegranate juice can bring back your radiant look and also protect your skin. This red juice has Flavonoids and Polyphenol as vital antioxidants to act upon free radicals. They stop the free radicals production, which is molecules with high reaction on oxidation and cause damage to our skin and hair. The skin also experiences premature age signs and lost elasticity due to this. Pomegranate juice or seed oil has Vitamin C and other nutrients to improve collagen tissue formation, and thus it improves the skin texture. Due to this reason pomegranate juice or oil is widely used in cosmetics products related to skin and hair. The oil extracted from the seeds is good enough to massage on the scalp to eradicate dandruff and nourish the hair shaft.

7) Control Blood Sugar

Though pomegranate juice is sweet and it contains sugar just like other fruit juice, but still surprising enough that it controls sugar level in blood. The sugar in pomegranates mixes with antioxidants and Vitamins that reduce blood Cholesterol, glucose in blood and insulin resistnace. As a result, it increases the natural antioxidant level inside the body. In this way Pomegranate juice controls type 2 diabetes and other health problems like obesity and chances of heart disorders caused by High Blood sugar.

8) Give Nourishment during Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs more nutrition than in normal condition. A cup of Pomegranate juice can provide her with the essential nutrients like Iron, Vitamin C and K, Potassium, Fibre, and Folate so that the womb cell can develop healthy. Also, it reduces sleeping problems and muscles craps which are very regular symptoms during pregnancy.

9) Increase Immunity:

A healthy immunity system ensures healthy living. So to protect our body from all infection and killer diseases, we should increase the immunity system. The pomegranate juice works like a magic drink as it contains enough Vitamin c that keeps caught and cold away. The antioxidants act as a skin defender to keep away the pathogens in the air.

10) Improves Memory

The active polyphenol increases memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. The vitamins and other minerals we obtain from the juice can enhance the brain function, especially in old age. It reduces the deposition of Amyloid in the brain region, which is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

11) Dental Care

Plaque formation is the mother of any dental problem. Pomegranate juice works efficiently to stop plaque formation. Moreover, it contains Tannins and Ellagic acids which are potent antioxidants and work as astringents to strengthen the gums healthy.

Conclusion: So friends, after knowing so many health benefits you must include this Red magical fruit into your daily diet. So don’t hesitate as it’s the Pomegranate season. Consume this fruit in a moderate quantity to make your life more stress-free enjoy healthy living.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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