10 Proven Health Benefits of Makhana (Fox Nuts)

Makhana or Euryale Ferox was also known as the Gorgon nut or fox nut is grown for the beneficial starchy seeds. This fruit is grown in the stagnant waters. It has many benefits, which give it an edge over the other fruits. It is widely used in many medicines and can cure many diseases. Some of the diseases that can easily be cured with the help of this fruit are chronic diarrhoea, disorders in spleen, diabetes and other kidney problems. This article enhances your knowledge about the fox nuts benefits for your health. This fruit helps you maintain a healthy and a vigorous lifestyle. Before discussing health benefits of Makhana, let us know them more.

Where is Makhana Grown?

Euryale is a perennial plant that is found in Eastern Asia. The nut is grown in some areas of India, Manipur, Korea, Japan and some parts of eastern Russia. The fruit is found in water with purple flowers. The leaves of this plant are quite huge. The upper side of the leaves is green and the lower surface is purplish in color. The leaves have small prickles on them.

Origin Of Makhana

This fruit is being used by people for a long time. People usually use this fruit as snacks. But apart from this, It has many benefits that make it stand out. This fruit is used to treat many medical problems and is proven to be quite beneficial.

Fox nut is used in a variety of products. It is a munching snack. You can find it easily in the store next to your house. This fruit is something that is delicious and cost-efficient. It is really easy to prepare and healthy. It can be easily incorporated into your diet. You can have it raw or roasted. They are also used in gravy dishes and sweet dishes after being soaked overnight and there are various Indian recipes for Makhana (foxnuts). This fruit is also used by people wanting to lose weight.  A fruit a day keeps stress and other health problems away. Let’s look at other foxnuts benefits.

Health Benefits of Makhana (Fox Nuts

1) Takes care of your heart:

According to a recent survey, it has many anti-oxidant properties. The presence of glucosides enhances these properties. This is taken daily can decrease the heart diseases to a great extent. The other nuts are rich in saturated fats and their intake increase the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries. This leads to many cardiac problems. It is also quite beneficial for the myocardial ischemia. The seeds of this fruit have a low content of saturated fats. This is not harmful to the heart patients. This property is also found in olives and ashwagandha.

2) Inflammation is reduced:

This fruit has a component flavonoid present in them. These components are known to have anti-oxidant properties present in them. The anti-oxidant reactions further lead to the reduction of inflammation. Due to this, the chance of cardiovascular diseases is reduced to a great extent.

3) Proteins:

One of the prime benefits of Makhana is the percentage of protein that is present in the fruit; it is around 14.72%. Foods that are rich in protein are beneficial for the muscular tissues of your body. Proteins are the building factors of the muscles and are responsible for the wear and tear of the muscles. Proteins are also considered to be of major importance to the functional units of the body. The daily intake of fox nut ensures that the protein content of the body is well maintained.

4) Detoxification of spleen:

Makhana plays an important role in keeping your spleen clean. The spleen is the unit of our body which is responsible for cleaning the bloodstream clean by making it gets rid of the dead blood cells. Fox nut ensures that the spleen is functioning properly.

5) Infertility:

It is also known as a hydrant. The moisture in the body is kept locked by the use of fox nut. This property makes it useful to treat the infertility disorders in the humans. The secretions and the semen is more moisturized resulting in the enhancement of its quality and quantity.

6) Blood pressure regulation:

Makhana has an abundance of potassium and low sodium content. This enhances the people suffering from hypertension. Their blood pressure is regulated and well maintained. Sodium is responsible for the increase in the blood pressure while potassium is responsible for regulating it.

7) Diabetes:

The high amount of fiber and low fats makes Makhana quite beneficial for the diabetic patients. The fiber also helps people who are suffering from the gastric disorders. Low fats result in the less release of sugar in the bloodstream resulting in the regulation of diabetes.

8) Rich in Calcium:

The vegan Calcium rich fox nut is beneficial and advantageous for many people. calcium is very important for your bones and teeth. The lack of calcium results in the weakening of your bones and teeth. This further leads to the enhancement of the chances of fracture. The consumption of fox nut fulfils the need of calcium in your body. Hence, the chances of your bones getting injured are decreased. The fox nut is widely used by people suffering from osteoporosis and other joint disorders. It is one of the traditional and orthodox method of treating arthritis.

9) Kidneys:

The functioning of the kidneys depends on the pressure of the blood flowing through them. Kidneys work well when this pressure is constant or maintained well. The major property of the fox nut is that it keeps the blood pressure regulated. So, the pressure on the kidneys also stays maintained. This leads to the proper functioning of the kidneys. Fox nut relives all the stress on the kidneys. Fox nut is used by patients suffering from polyuria, incontinence and other kidney disorders.

10) Aphrodisiac:

Fox nuts helps in increasing the libido in both men and women. It is quite beneficial for the love health of the people and an important reason for eating Makhana.

Conclusion: The article above enhances your knowledge about the use of makhanas. This nut is being used for ages for its spectacular qualities and medicinal benefits as well.. It’s definitely a snack ideal of weight loss.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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