Top 18 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea- A Universal Beverage:

Tea is a universally consumed beverage. It has gained its popularity since times immemorial. People all over the world are fond of different types of teas. However, tea has not received appreciation due to its popularity among consumers. The beverage also has various health benefits. The health benefits of tea are the reasons you must incorporate the same in your daily routine at least once.

18 Amazing Health Benefits of Tea:

1. Teas improve digestion:

Consuming decaffeinated teas like green tea and Fenugreek Seeds tea improve the digestive health of our body. These tea m and makes digestion easier. Fenugreek Seeds contain lots of fiber that enables quicker digestion of food.

2. Tea for Relieving Stomach Ache:

Peppermint Tea and Ginger tea are popular home remedies for treating an aching stomach. These teas cut down on flatulence in your body. They eliminate the excessive gas deposit and thus provide relief to an aching stomach.

3. Tea contains antioxidants:

One such tea famous for its high antioxidant content is green tea. Teas that contain antioxidants help in reversing skin aging signs. Antioxidants does various wonders for our body right from reducing weight to even combating cancer cells in our body and thus preventing cancer. It reduces the oxidative stress and prevents inflammation.

4. Tea has less caffeine than coffee:

While there are some potential health benefits to consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, drinking loads of it is hard on your heart and other organs. Tea is a more preferable beverage than coffee in case you want to skip the amount of caffeine.

5. Tea keeps your body Hydrated:

Herbal teas like lavendar tea, dandelion tea, pomegranate tea, etc are a way of adding more water to your body. Caffeinated teas often dehydrate our body. Herbal teas on the contrary enhances water retention.

6. Teas make you calm:

The tea you consume can be an effective remedy to cure stress and anxiety. One such example of tea is chamomile tea. Chamomile tea calms your senses. It has a soothing effect on your nerves. It keeps your brain and nervous system calm and relaxed. Other herbal teas which have a calming effect on your brain are passion flower tea, rose tea and lemon balm tea.

7. Tea can increase memory:

Black tea contains caffeine. caffeine stimulates memory. It also drives off sleep and makes you active instantly.

8. Tea reduces headache:

Tea is a go-to beverage to cure headaches. It stimulates the brain function. It also drives off drowsiness and sleep. Try a nice strong tea with milk in it to beat that headache.

9. Tea reduces chances of stroke:

Tea made of fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds have benefits which include cutting down of cholesterol levels from your body. Thus these teas reduce chances of a heart attack or a stroke.

10. Tea reduces belly fat:

Looking for weight loss options? Incorporate a few herbal teas which aid in cutting down belly fat. They reduce excessive weight from your belly, hips and other such problem areas. Teas like calendula tea, rosemary tea, ginger tea, etc aid in cutting fat from your stomach area.

11. Tea reduces blood pressure:

Studies suggest that drinking only half a cup of green or oolong tea a day could reduce your risk of high blood pressure by up to 50% and those that drink more can even further reduce their risk, even if they have additional risk factors. You have a chance of supplementing your medicines with healthy option of herbal teas to reduce blood pressure.

12. Tea treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Irritable bowel syndrome is a problem that involves problems like constipation or diarrhea. Both are the extremes of a healthy stool passage and hence neither are good for health. Teas help in reducing inflammation in the intestines. This thereby results in elimination of problem of IBS in a person.

13. Tea for oral health:

Peppermint tea in particular could be consumed for this purpose. The menthol in peppermint tea is suggested for healthy gums. Even clove tea is effective in reducing swelling in your gums and roots of your teeth. Teas may contain tannins and fluroids. These may also help in attaining shining white tea against popular notion that tea spoils teeth and makes them brown.

14. Tea is free from calories:

This benefit is attainable provided you swear to not have added sugar in your herbal teas. Drinking tea that contains no milk, no sugar and just a small amount of honey is a sure shot formula for ca calorie free intake.

15. Tea can impart a healthy skin:

Green tea deserves a mention here again. Green tea contains antioxidants that clears the skin off all skin impurities like acne. It helps the consumer achieve a bright and radiating skin free off all marks and blemishes.It is this reason why Green tea is used in face masks and beauty products.

16. Tea prevents arthritis:

It has been found that those who consume teas are less likely to develop joint pains and arthritis problems than those who do not drink tea frequently. This could be due to cutting down of inflammation of your body organs which is a result of consumption of herbal teas. An in depth study needs to be made in order to support this study.

17. Teas could prevent cancer:

Tea which contains antioxidants help in cutting down of free radicals in our body. Free radicals may be formed in your body due to various physiological processes. The chemical reactions that take place in our body during digestion also cause formation of free radicals in our body. If these compounds get oxidized, they may form into cells which may grow abnormally. These abnormal multiplication of cells in your body is the cause of cancer. These cells feed on healthy cells of our body and destroy them completely. Hence, consuming tea rich in antioxidants can result in fighting cancer.

18. Tea helps in sound sleep:

Insomniacs need to turn their health page towards drinking teas which induce sleep. One such tea is chamomile tea. It is a relaxant agent and calms your senses enough to treat insomnia. Other teas that help you sleep well are banana peel tea, lavendar tea and even cinnamon tea.

There are a wide varieties of herbal teas available for your consumption. each with a unique health benefit to impart to your body. Drinking them right is the key to receiving the best of each tea. It is also important to have appropriate tea at the right time of the day. Choose your options wisely.

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