Top 19 Health Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is one of the most common spices that we use in various dishes on a regular basis. But very few of us know how it is helping us to lead a healthy life and what are the exact health benefits of cumin seeds? This helpful ingredient has a vast use worldwide. You can intake this spice in various ways as well. But it should not be fried well. According to the nutritionists, it loses its nutrients when it is fried in oil. The important contents of the spice can help you to stay away from different health problems and these health benefits of cumin seeds are listed below to give you a clear idea in this aspect.

Top 19 Health Benefits of Cumin

There are more than 100 chemical compounds present in the cumin seeds. You will get a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins in these seeds. The cumin seeds can be used as a natural remedy to kill many germs off your body.

  1. Lowers blood sugar level

It can keep your blood sugar level under control in a natural way. People who are suffering from the diabetes problem can increase the intake amount of this spice to keep their blood sugar level low.

  1. Treats anemia

If you are suffering from the lower iron level in your blood then cumin seeds can be a good remedy for you. These seeds are good sources of iron and it can help you to increase it in your blood as well. So, this natural remedy can treat anemia and make the hemoglobin level higher in your blood. It also helps the blood cells to carry oxygen which keeps your other organs well.

  1. Gives relief to the asthma

The breathing problem due to asthma can be treated by taking a good amount of cumin seeds on a regular basis. It is a good source of Thymoquinone which plays an active role in reducing the inflammation in the human body and keep the asthmatic attacks away from you.

  1. Strengthen immune power

The anti-oxidant agents of the blood can keep your immune system well by eliminating the free radical effects and harmful chemical effects away from your body. A good immune system is necessary to fight against many chronic diseases and viral attacks.

  1. Good for women

The menstrual cycle of women can be proper and timely by taking the right amount of cumin seeds. A healthy menstrual cycle is good for the health of the women.

  1. Fights against cancer

It also takes a good role in keeping you away from a life-threatening disease like cancer. The antioxidant compounds of the cumin seeds can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. Thymol and thymoquinone are good anti-carcinogenic agents that are present in the cumin seeds and help you to fight against cancer.

  1. Heals cold and flu

The good source of vitamin C can help you to get a quick relief from the cold and flu. It can also give you a good relief from respiratory problems due to cold. The anti-fungal properties of the cumin seeds are mainly responsible for keeping you away from the cold.

  1. Keep your metabolism rate good

Healthy metabolism rate can keep your inner organs well. Cumin seeds are rich in iron and it can keep your metabolism rate proper. It can help you to stay fit and fine naturally.

  1. Good for indigestion

The anti-oxidant properties of the cumin seeds can keep your bowel system well and you should take it on a regular basis to fight against a digestive problem. It can also break down the foods in your body and help in digestion easily.

  1. Good in losing weight

If you want to reduce the excess weight then taking cumin seeds as a remedy is a good idea. It can eliminate the fats and the unnecessary chemicals from your body. This good source of anti-oxidants plays a vital role in reducing belly fat.

Skin and hair benefits of cumin

Apart from these health benefits of cumin seeds, you can also get its advantages in caring for your skin and hair. This is a perfect seed that can keep your skin away from many problems. The following list can help you to understand in a better way.

11. Reduces burning sensation on palms

If you feel burning sensation on your palms then drinking a glass of cumin water can help you to get a quick relief. You need to take a spoon of cumin seeds and boil it in 4 liters of water and when it is boiled take it away from the heat and keep covered. You can drink this water whenever you want in a day. But it gives the best result if you take it warm after having your meal.

12. Cures itchy skin

The itchiness on the skin can happen for various reasons. If you want to get relief from it in a natural way then you should take the cumin water as a remedy while bathing. You need to add a spoon of cumin seeds to boiled water and take a bath in this when it is cold. This can give you a quick result.

13. Keep your skin glowing

The grounded cumin seeds can be mixed with turmeric powder and honey to prepare a homemade face-pack. It should be applied on your face and wait till it becomes dry. Wash your face with clean normal water to get an instant glow on your face.

14. Keep your skin youthful

The anti-oxidant agents of the cumin seeds can keep your skin away from the risk of premature age marks. It can eliminate the toxin elements from your skin and keep it clean and smooth. You can also reduce the wrinkles and the sagging skin by using cumin ground and taking cumin seeds on a regular basis. This natural remedy can keep your skin well internally.

15. Treats boils

You can treat the boils on the skin by using the cumin on the skin. The anti-fungal agents and the anti-oxidant compounds of the cumin seeds can eliminate the toxin elements from your skin and reduce the boils as well. These agents can also reduce the harmful chemicals of your body and keep your skin secure as well. Thymol Cuminaldehyde and phosphorus are present in the cumin seeds that can detoxify your skin effectively.

16. Treats skin disorders

You can remove various fungal infections and the effects of the free radicals by taking and applying the grounded cumin seeds. The presence of vitamin E in these seeds is remarkable. Now, treat the boils, pimples, and rashes of your skin naturally with this spice. The dietary fiber of the cumin can also clean your face from the roots and keep it healthy from the inner side as well. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, etc can also be treated well with this spice.

Hair Benefits of Cumin

If you want to care your hair properly then using the cumin seeds as a natural remedy can be fruitful for you. This spice can eliminate some stubborn hair problems like dandruff, hair fall and more. The list of hair benefits of this spice is listed below.

17. Hair loss treatment

You can use the cumin oil extract to fix the hair loss problem at your home. You need to add the olive oil to the cumin oil extract and apply on your hair. You can use it on the hair after taking bath to get a good result in a short period. This remedy takes an active role in promoting hair growth. You need to follow this remedy once every week to get a difference.

18. Make your hair shiny

The remedy of black cumin can be very useful in making your hair shiny and long. In this case, you need to boil a spoon of black cumin seed in a ¾ cup of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes then cool down the mixture. Then strain the seeds of the black cumin and add an egg yolk to the strained water and prepare a creamy mixture. Then use it on your scalp and massage with your fingertips well. Then wait for 30 minutes and wash the mixture with plain water. This can give you a remarkable result in growing hair and making it long at the same time.

19. Eliminates dandruff

The dandruff elimination is another benefit that you can get from the cumin seeds. The antioxidant properties of the cumin seeds can do a miracle in this case.

Cumin seeds are easy to get and use in your cooking preparation. But you need to be careful about the amount of the spice and its effects on your health.

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