12 Most Prominent Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

What is Matcha Tea?

When we discuss about herbal teas and teas that provide multiple health benefits, matcha tea deserves a special mention. Matcha tea is finely ground powder of processed green tea leaves. The green tea plants used for matcha tea powder and shade-grown. This process is adapted for about 3 weeks before harvest. In the processing stage, the stems and veins are removed from the leaves.

The powdered form of matcha contains more theanine and caffeine. You could add this powder to milk and water. This tea is available in natural powdered form as well as in the form of a tea bag. Lets look at how to make this tea.

How To Make Matcha Tea?

You can add readily available matcha tea powder or tea bag to boiling water. You may also dissolve this tea in milk. Do not add artificial sweetners as it will defeat the purpose of having this tea. You may add small quantities of honey if you so wish.

Lets further look at the benefits of Matcha Green Tea for your health

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea:

1. Matcha Green Tea contains more Antioxidants:

This tea can be distinguished from the normal green tea in this aspect. The antioxidants in green tea are less than those in matcha green tea. As we read, matcha green tea is obtained after the processing of veins and leaves of the green tea leaves. They thus contain more concentrated levels of antioxidants than regular green tea. Regular green tea includes stems and leaves as well.

2. Defeats Harmful Cells and Free Radicals:

Being high on antioxidant content and nutrients like catechins, matcha green tea is a strong defence against free radicals. Our body undergoes various processes during its normal physiological functioning. It hence produces many chemical ions and radicals that float freely in the body. If these radicals are oxidized, they tend to sometimes multiply abnormally and invade on harmful cells. It is necessary that these radicals are defeated. Antioxidants can do this job. When you drink matcha green tea, the high levels of antioxidants will kill these radicals and free floating harmful cells in the body.

3.Keeps the Liver Healthy:

When green tea extracts were tested upon people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, it was noticed that the levels of harmful enzymes in the liver had substantially dropped. This lead to a cleansing of the liver inside the body. As per research, it has been noticed that consuming matcha green tea can be linked to decreased liver diseases and disorders. However, more evidence needs to be gathered in this regard.

4. Cleanses the Kidneys:

Having matcha tea powder regularly keeps the toxins accumulation away from the kidneys. The kidney is protected from any diseases and disorder and consuming this tea keeps the kidneys in proper order of functioning.

5. Enhances Brain Function:

This tea contains antioxidants which also defeat any chances of free radicals from attacking the brain. The brain is kept free from oxidation of cells. This enhances the memory of your brain and keeps your brain stimulated.

6. Matcha Tea makes you feel Fresh:

Consuming matcha tea will keep your brain stimulated. This is the tea you would want to consume in the middle of a meeting or a conference that is putting you to sleep.The reason for this is that the tea contains more amount of caffeine. Caffeine keeps your brain stimulated and keeps you active. It contains 35mg of caffeine per 1 gm of matcha tea powder

7. Matcha Tea reduces risk of Cancer:

Matcha Green Tea is packed with compounds that could prevent cancer. As per some studies, consumption of this tea has led to shrinking in the size of tumor. This tea is especially high in the epigallocatechin-3-gellate EGCG which is a compound thathas anti-cancer properties. It has cured serious cancer problems like Prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc. This compound in a type of catechin typically found in matcha green tea extracts.

However, a well researched and a sure connection still needs to be established between matcha tea powder and its cancer curing capacity.

8. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease:

This tea cuts down on the bad cholesterol levels also known as LDL levels in our body. This is the reason people opt for green tea and matcha green tea. With being a major cause of death, one needs to check out well in advance how to prevent the Heart attack.

9. Helps in weight loss:

The contribution of simple green tea towards increased metabolism is not unknown. Similarly, green tea extract also accelerates metabolism and increases the speed of digestion of food. It helps in digestion of fat in your body thus cutting down on your body fat. It increases the fat metabolism by 15 percent. This tea also energizes the body and keeps you active for a long time. All these factors together contribute to reducing fat and keeping you in perfect shape and size thus leading to weight loss.

10. Match Tea is easy to prepare:

The tea is extremely easy to prepare. The powder is readily available in market in the herbal tea section. You have to only check for it in your nearest store or order it online. It can be mixed with a cup of water and also a cup of milk. It is not naturally sweet to taste. However, adding sweeteners will defeat the purpose of having a healthy tea. You must thus not prefer that option and have it in its natural taste. You may add 1-2 spoon of the tea powder depending on how concentrated you wish to have it.

11. Matcha Green Tea calms your mind:

The calming effect of matcha green tea can be attributed to the presence of theanine in the tea. This tea is used by chinese and japanese monks for its calming and soothing effect on brain. This tea keeps your mind cam and can induce sound sleep.

12. Matcha Green Tea Boosts Memory:

This tea has active components that stimulates the brain and keeps the memory sharp. The combination of Theanine, caffeine and other such compounds helps in stimulation of brain activity and enhances the memory function of your brain.

The tea provides value against investment. It is a healthy option to your regular cup of tea and is the best health option you could opt for. It has multiple health benefits at a reasonable cost. You must however be careful that an over intake is not advisable. This tea is also not beneficial for pregnant lades. It induces easy menstruation and contraction and can cause a miscarriage.


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