11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fish Oil You Need To Know

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish Oil is the oil extracted from the tissues of fish. One of the most prominent sources of the same is cold water fatty fish. While opting for the consumption of fish oil, you can either grab it directly from the fish or even take supplements of the fish oil. Fish oil is extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and the best options include herring, white fish, salmon, anchovies and the sardines.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Having said all about the fish oil, it is time to see what are the various benefits of consuming fish oil.

1. Fish Oil is Excellent For The Health Of Your Heart

One of the most common causes of death nationwide is heart disease. It is seen that people who consume fish oil have a lesser probability of having heart diseases as compared to others. Multiple risk factors promote the onset of heart diseases, and it is proven that the consumption of fish oil can reduce these considerably. Additional benefits of the use of fish oil include that though fish oil does not reduce the bad cholesterol levels, it significantly promotes the levels of good cholesterol. Another impact being the reduction of levels in triglycerides and also the level of blood pressure. Though the fish oil consumption leads to the decrease in the level of risk factors, there is no fact that proves the reduction of heart stroke or attack.

2. Fish Oil Can Prevent Mental Disorders

As we all know that our brain mostly comprises of fat and not in moderate but high amount. Nearly 60% of the total concentration in the brain is made up of fat. And the major part of this fat includes the Omega 3 fatty acids. Hence, it is evident that Omega 3 fatty acids are exceptionally good for the healthy functioning of the brain. Several studies suggest that people that experience mental disorders have a lesser level of Omega 3 fatty acids. Medical experts believe that the consumption of fish oil restricts the onset of any significant mental disorders. Also, the same has the ability to better the symptoms of mental imbalance. People who are at the risk of suffering from psychotic disorders are found to benefit through the intake of fish oil. Additionally, taking fish oil supplements is the best way to deter psychiatric disorders.

3. Fish Oil Can Help Reduce Weight

People having body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 are found to be obese. According to a survey, it is seen that around 39% of people across the globe are overweight whereas 13% are found to be obese. These numbers are largely greater in significant countries such as the US. Obesity is found to be responsible for heart disease and diabetes. Experts believe that the consumption of fish oil can help create a balance of body composition and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, it has been proved that the regular intake of fish oil along with a proper diet and exercise helps reduction of weight. However, there exists discrepancy in several studies. One of the studies suggests that though fish oil did not reduce the weight, it lead to a considerable reduction in a hip to waist ratio.

4. Fish Oil Promotes Better Eyesight

Not just brain, but also the eye structure has significant benefits owing to the content of Omega 3 fatty acids. Several studies suggest that the deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids leads to the leveraged risk of eye diseases. Also, it is obvious that as people tend to age, the eyesight tends to reduce and leads to age-related muscular degeneration (AMD). It is found that people who consume fish have less probability of AMD, but no such facts exist for the consumption of fish oil supplements

Few studies suggest that if fish oil is consumed for more than four months then the vision of patients with AMD increases.

5. Fish Oil Reduces The Indications of Inflammatory Disease

One of the most prominent ways to treat infection and combat diseases is owing to a healthy immune system. But if the same suffers from inflammation, then your body opens the door for a number of infection and corresponding diseases. Inflammation does not occur in a single day, but it occurs in lower levels and also for a more extended period. This kind of inflammation is deemed as chronic inflammation and aggravate several diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. So, in order to combat all of the above, you need to reduce inflammation or reduce the risk factors associated with the same. It is seen that fish oil has the excellent anti-inflammatory property and also deters the symptoms related to the same. Additionally, consumption of fish oil leads to a reduction in joint pain, medication for arthritis, and stiffness which all can cause inflammation.

Fish oil also helps for relief from foot pain.

6. Fish Oil has Multiple Skin Benefits

The largest organ of the human body is skin, and it’s plethora of Omega 3 fatty acids. Prolonged exposure to dirt and pollution, leads to the decline of the health of the skin. Several studies suggest that consumption of fish oil leads to the improvement of several skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis. It is advisable that to induce a healthy skin, consumption of fish oil is the best.

7. Fish Oil Reduces Liver Fat

Our liver has this extensive ability to process fat and is the most effective when it comes to regulating fat. Currently, there are an array of diseases, majorly the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease that is the result of the accumulation of fat in the liver. Several studies suggest that the consumption of fish oil has a significant impact on the function of the liver and also inflammation in humans. Such effect works in favour of reducing the symptoms of both fat concentrations in the liver and also the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

8. Fish Oil Improves Symptoms Of Depression and Anxiety

It seems that depression is the second major cause of disease nationwide. Studies suggest that people with symptoms of anxiety and depression have a lesser level of Omega 3 fatty acids. And as we all know the fish oil has a pool of Omega 3 fatty acids. Owing to the above fish oil can deter the symptoms of both depression and anxiety and also improve the same.

9. Fish Oil Improve The Hyperactivity In Kids

Children suffer from an array of mental disorders such as ADHD and also hyperactivity. As said that the normal functioning of the brain requires Omega 3 fatty acid and so it is imperative to have them in more significant content. Several studies reveal the fact that taking fish oil supplement or consumption of fish oil betters the inactivity, inattention, and children’s aggression. It is advisable that kids having significant symptoms that address the presence of behavioral disorders, giving them fish oil supplements leads to a better lifestyle.

10. Fish Oil Can Deter Asthma Attacks

One of the most prominent disorder that can stake life is lung disorders. Asthma is one such disease that leads to swelling in the lungs and causes breath shortedness. This is very common among infants. Several studies suggest that consumption of fish oil and the regular intake has the ability to reduce the risk of having asthma in later stages of the life. Studies suggest that the daily consumption or rather the frequent consumption of fish oil reduces the risk of asthma in children by 24-29%.

11. Fish Oil Improves Bone Health

Another significant advantage of regular consumption of fish oil is the ability to improve bone health in adults. As you tend to age, the bones start getting weaker and eventually break. These pave the way for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Two minerals that act miracle for bone health are calcium and vitamin D. However, few studies suggest that the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids also can improve bone health. People that have greater levels of Omega 3 fatty acids have a healthier bone as compared to others. Also, it is believed by several medical experts that fish oil consumption leads to a reduction in the chances of bone breakage.

Seeing so many benefits of fish oil, it is advisable to either consume 1-2 fish every week or opt for a fish oil supplement for a healthy lifestyle. You should check out the side effects of the same and the dosage.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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