Best 15 Science Backed Health Benefits of Coffee

That rich aroma coming from the warm mug handed over to you when you wake up gives a comforting feeling and charge you up to start your hustling day- that’s what a cup of coffee does. We always wonder about health benefits of coffee.

Caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive drug in the world- in a good way. It wakes you up, helps you stay focused and boosts your energy- if consumed moderately. But excess intake of caffeine may cause insomnia and uneasiness. Most researchers say that consumption of coffee is not bad at all. It’s got science backed, pretty impressive health benefits. Coffee doesn’t possess any direct health benefits but research does suggest that people who drink coffee avoids certain disorder. Here are 15 science backed health benefits of coffee that makes it legit to drink!


Best 15 Science Backed Health Benefits of coffee


1. Coffee contains essential nutrients.

Coffee beans are rich source of nutrients. A single cup of coffee contains Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Manganese and Potassium, Magnesium and Niacin. These nutrients prove to be healthy and makes coffee worth drinking.


2. Coffee boosts energy level and refreshes your mind.

A cup of coffee can make you feel refreshed and improves your energy. After a busy tiring day, coffee is what you need to feel less tired because it contains a stimulant called caffeine. After you intake caffeine, it gets absorbed in your blood stream and then it reaches to the brain. Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. Many research shows that this improves memory, mood, alertness, energy levels, reaction times and general perceptive function.


3. Coffee improves physical performance.

Caffeine prompts the physiological system, which results in break down of fat cell. Caffeine increases Epinephrine levels in the blood that makes our body ready for extreme physical exercise. Research suggest that coffee may improve physical performance by 10-15% (approx.). It is advisable to have a cup of coffee before half an hour of you exercise schedule.


4. Coffee helps burn fat.

It’s unusual how coffee can help you reduce your weight by burning fats of your body. Metabolism increases- if calories are burnt and that is an essential part of being healthy and not gaining unwanted weight. Studies Suggest that caffeine may increase metabolic rate and helps burn the unwanted fat on regularly basis.


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5. Coffee saves you from Alzheimer and Dementia.

Consumption of coffee has a direct connection with the reduced risk of getting Alzheimer. This disease affects people late in their lives but there is no apparent cure for this disease. However, prevention works better then cure and in this case coffee does that. Drinking coffee prevents you from getting Alzheimer as it contains trigonelline which has neuro-protective properties. That significantly lower the risk of getting Alzheimer and Dementia.


6. Coffee reduces the risk of type II Diabetes.

When your body resists to produce or doesn’t produce enough insulin, that is when you suffer from type II diabetes. It is a huge health problem, currently afflicting about almost 300 million people worldwide. Number of studies suggest that consumption of coffee may reduce the risk of getting this disease.


7. Coffee tends to protect liver.

Liver is an essential organ that performers several important functions to keep us alive. Hepatitis, fatty liver disease and other’s can affect the liver. This leads to a condition called cirrhosis, where scar tissues replaces the liver. Researchers suggest that coffee may protect liver from getting converted into scar tissue. Daily consumption of 3-4 cups of coffee can protect a person from getting liver problems.


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8. Coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

Apart from other qualities, coffee can help you reduce the risk of certain disease which includes Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is also a neuro-degenerative disease as Alzheimer’s. Studies suggest that coffee drinkers are prevented from developing the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease by 30-60%. Caffeine is the reason that prevents you from getting Parkinson’s disease.


9. Coffee lowers the risk of some types of cancer.

Cancer is a disease anyone can get by unwanted growth of certain cells in the body. Coffee drinkers are protected from liver and colorectal cancers. Studies suggest that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee daily can lower the risk of getting colorectal cancer by 10-15%. Antioxidant content present in coffee, prevents us from these cancers.


10. Coffee prevents from Heart disease and lowers the risk of stroke.

The effect of increase in blood pressure, due to caffeine present in coffee goes away if you consume coffee regularly. Coffee doesn’t raise the risk of heart disease- unlike people believes it. Some studies shows that there is a reduced risk of heart disease in women who drinks coffee. Other studies also states that the risk of stroke is reduced by 15-20% for people who drinks coffee.


11. Coffee fights depression.

Depression is a serious problem growing like a windy desert. Every other person is suffering from depression because of some or the other mental reasons. It reduces the quality of life and leads you to death. But it is observed that people who drinks coffee regularly doesn’t easily get depressed as compared to who doesn’t drink coffee at all. Coffee does help fight depression and mental sickness.


12. Coffee prevents Retinal damage.

According to a research, it is believed that coffee contains an antioxidant which prevents Retinal damage from aging. Chlorogenic acid is that antioxidant present in coffee. More oxidative stress on retina may cause vision loss or poor eyesight. But this antioxidant present in coffee reduces oxidative stress on the retinas.


13. Coffee is a rich source of Antioxidants.

Studies suggest that antioxidant are present more in coffee then in fruits and vegetables. Coffee contains a massive amount of Antioxidants. Two major antioxidants found in coffee are polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids. It prevents from cellular damage by combating free radicals. Coffee is the healthiest beverage anyone can have.


14. Coffee prevents tooth cavities.

Dental cavities are caused because of Streptococcus Mutans bacteria. Coffee helps protect your teeth from getting destroyed by this bacteria. A study showed that consumption of coffee regularly can reduce the risk of getting cavities for at least 40%. However, black coffee contains more preventive ingredients for prevention of cavities. Black coffee does prevents from tooth cavities.


15. Coffee helps you stay Alert and focused.

Significantly, caffeine improves mental alertness by stimulating the central nervous system. It affects the areas of brain which are responsible for concentration and memory. Probably this is the reason we drink coffee to wake up in the morning. It helps focus on what’s important and makes you fresh.

There are such misconceptions about coffee that it brings insomnia and it is not very healthy. But science thinks differently. All the studies and research leads to only one conclusion that coffee is the healthiest beverage anyone can have (if consumed without or with less sugar). Daily consumption of 3-4 cups of coffee may lead you to a healthier life- as approved by science. Different types of coffees have different benefits.

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