12 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Eating healthy food has always been a major preference for many people and others follow great diet plans, but there are many nutritious food items which most are unaware of. Well in that list, Chia seeds are an integral part as a food item which is beneficial to our health but is not widely popular in some countries. In this post we will study in detail about Nutritious and Health benefits of Chia Seeds.





It is native from mostly Mexico and some areas of Guatemala. Now it is also produced and marketed in South America. The Scientific name of Chia Seeds is Salvia Hispanica L. and it belongs to Lamiaceae family. It can be used in various ways in the form of flour, whole seed, oil seed, grain, etc. It is also consumed widely in Southern parts of America and exported to many other countries nowadays. Fibers of these seeds are usually extracted and sold as a vast resource of natural minerals. The oil of this seed is also extracted and exported in many different countries for medicinal and health benefits.


Nutritional Values

Chia Seed is a very good source of protein, vitamins, fiber, oil and minerals. A serving of 100 grams of Chia seed contains around 450 to 480 Calories. 16 grams of protein, 5% content of water, 40 to 45 grams of carbohydrates, 30 grams of fat, 35 grams of fiber, 1 gram of trans fat and around 20 grams of Omega-3. It also contains a lot of polyunsaturated compounds and antioxidants. Presence of Omega-3 (which is widely known as a kind of fatty acids) increases the chances of prevention of heart diseases and even diabetes. Hence, 70% of total fat content in these seeds is Omega-3 fatty acid and 20% of total fat content is Omega-6.


Health Benefits of Chia Seeds


Chia Seeds in Water

 1. A Healthy Heart

  • These Seeds reverse the oxidative stress, regulates cholesterol and lowers the blood pressure in order to develop atherosclerosis.
  • Chia seeds are also high on linoleic acid which absorbs fat soluble vitamins in order to control sugar levels of a body.
  • Hence, in easy words it prevents clotting of blood in blood vessels.
  • This leads to an overall reduction of cardiovascular diseases and improves the blood circulation of our body keeping our heart Healthy.

 2. Controls Diabetes

  • According to many researchers, chia seeds may help in controlling of blood sugar levels for those who suffer from diabetes.
  • From recent studies, intake of chia seeds and chia oil helps body to restore antioxidant system, maintain glucose levels and insulin tolerance.
  • Omega-3 comes from alpha linoleic acid which has many anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • It also has low GI (glycemic index) which is good for eating for people having high blood sugar levels.

3. Weight Loss

  • Regular intake of chia seeds depending on one’s age and gender can result to weight loss.
  • It contains dietary fiber and lipoproteins which helps in consuming all the juices in our body.
  • The reason behind this is, these juices when consumed by dietary fiber feels like our stomach is full enough and helps us to control hunger.
  • Also it contains enough calories so that it can be taken as a meal of breakfast or supper. This will also boost your diet plan.

4. Prevents Memory Loss

  • Chia seeds have a unique distinction of increasing its volume when added to any liquid. It will expand and develop a gelatinous type exterior.
  • Some researchers say that Omega-3 fatty acids helps brain cells to frequently communicate to each other.
  • This is because fatty acids helps cell membranes to become more flexible and efficient.
  • Nerve impulses when travel through the brain, their efficiency is increased and truly beneficial for memory. This helps to prevent Dementia (memory loss).

5. Prevents Cancer

  • There is a good amount of content of alpha linoleic acids and essential minerals in chia seeds.
  • Some researchers proved in recent times that ALA was found to induce apoptosis in breast cancer as well as cervical cancer cells.
  • Apoptosis usually eliminates useless cells from our body in order to generate new ones.
  • Hence, this ALA acts like a cancer fighting or cancer preventing content in chia seeds.

6. Anti-aging Activity

  • Powerful antioxidants present in chia seeds help in age longevity and reduces wrinkles naturally.
  • These seeds repair sagging of our skin and acts as an anti-aging material. Like cancer cells, it also eliminates dead skin cells.
  • The phyto chemicals and other antioxidants removes free radicals which damage other skin cells. Hence, it also improves fairness of skin.

7. Improves Digestion

  • High fiber content of chia seeds binds food in our digestive system controlling the rate at which food is absorbed and digested.
  • This helps in preventing fat storage and also prevents spikes in insulin levels.
  • Also it promotes healthy bowel regularity and is a remedy to make yourself poop immediately. It helps to promote satiety about absorbing water and it makes us feel that our stomach is full.

8. Boosts Metabolism

  • Chia seeds are gluten free so people having celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, these can be used as an alternative food.
  • As we know that it has enough amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to boost our metabolism up to a greater level.
  • These seeds improves blood purity, oxygen rich blood and complete immunity of our body.
  • Hence, it plays a major role in overall increasing our metabolism and immune to disease activity.

9. Skin Protective

  • Antioxidants are beneficial in many activities and in many ways.
  • It also prevents skin cell damage and promotes overall repairmen of dead skin cells and even wound healing at some points.
  • These seeds have a property of prevention of UV damage from sun rays which is also known to damage collagen.

10. Improves Oral Health

  • Chia seeds have enough calcium content to increase bone density and strengthen bones much like bananas.
  • It contains such gelatins which reacts with bacteriaes residing in our teeth and prevents from cavities, plaque and even sensitiveness.
  • Also calcium content strengthen teethes and makes them more susceptible to cracking and decay.
  • This leads to prevention of tooth loss and decaying of our teeth.

11. Stress Prevention

  • They increase calmness and reduces mental stress which leads to prevention of anxiety issues.
  • These seeds contain a high amount of magnesium and helps our body to prevent issues like restlessness, irritability, nervousness and fear.
  • Mineral plays a vital role in regulating the nervous system and chia seeds have enough of them.

12. Eye Protective

  • Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids both have enough complex constituents.
  • These helps maintain healthy ocular surface and improves dry eye conditions.
  • ALA (alpha linoleic acid) also helps macular health and its effects includes prevention of nearsightedness (myopia) and even cataract.
  • Overall essential fatty acids and antioxidants is also very beneficial for tear production in tear ducts.
  • It also oxidizes certain amount of retinal fluids and improves the lens system of the eye.


So, instead of grabbing some junk foods try preferring chia seeds for once and it will surely help you in many healthy ways and boost your metabolism. A bowl of these seeds adding to your diet plan for breakfast will help you to improve your health on long term.

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