10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Caraway Seeds

If you are finding a natural ingredient that is helpful for skin, hair and overall health, then Caraway seeds will hit the top list.  They are known for their aromatic flavour and widely used as one among the gourmet spices around the world.

Caraways seeds are obtained from the caraway plants which are otherwise called as meridian fennel, Persian Cumin, etc. They belong to Apiaceae family and a native plant of North Africa, Europe, and Western Asia. These seeds are highly nutritious rich in proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, flavonoids, etc. They also act as an antioxidant and their presence enhance mineral compounds of any food.

What are the nutritional properties of Caraway seeds?

Caraway seeds are constituents of distinct flavour called ‘Carvones’ or ‘Caveols’ which gives the aromatic flavour. This is a spice variety that has highly antigenic, digestive and carminative. They also act as an anti-oxidant and possess antiseptic properties.

The flavonoids in the seeds help in removing all the harmful radical from a body that can help in protecting us from cancer and other fatal diseases.

The caraway seeds are the resource deposit for all the essential minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, magnesium. Copper and iron are the two important sources for healthy production of blood cells. Zinc helps in regulating enzymes and sperm development. Potassium can control the heart rate and blood pressure.

These seeds have various essential oils present in them such as carotene, lutein, anzea-xanthin, crypto-xanthin.etc. These oils can cure neurological problems such as Parkinson’s.

There are many vitamins available in Caraway seeds like A, E, C, and other numerous B-complex vitamins.

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Caraway Seeds

  1. A remedy for Colic:

Colic is a common condition found in infants and children below three years. They cause severe abdominal pain because of the obstruction in intestines. The common symptom of Colic is that the babes cry for no reason because of the irritable sensation. Hence caraway seeds act as the instant remedy for the colic.

Also, you must add these seeds in the boiling milk and after which add honey. This will get the essence of the caraway seeds in the milk, and thus colic could be treated.

  1. Digestive health for Adults:

Do you know that Caraway seeds have digestive fibers?

Digestive fibers have natural laxative and can improve the bowel movement. This ensures you have proper digestion and eliminates the waste from the body. Caraway seeds are not only a relief to the constipation problems but also for any digestive disorders. These seeds can be consumed regularly to keep the digestive system health. Some people suffer from abdominal pain, and intestinal gas problems hence dietary fibers are the excellent source for the relief.

Simply add caraway essential oil to the warm water and add a pinch of black or white salt. They can set back any digestive health to normal.

  1. An Antioxidant defence:

Caraway seeds have the good amount of manganese content which releases some essential enzymes that act as an antioxidant for the body. Also, their antioxidants help in stabilising cell production in the body, reducing the risk for the various type of cancer like colon cancer, stomach cancer, etc. These antioxidants from the seeds help in supplying free radicals for the body, and they play the significant role in preventing from oxidising the cell production.

  1. Anti-fungal properties:

Some people are constantly affected by fungal infections. This can affect their overall health, and sometimes it reflects on the skin as rashes, white spots, red spots, etc. Caraway seeds are found beneficial in reducing the risk for fungal infections.

This also proves that Caraway seeds can adapt to any climate or environment, such that it can be stored for the longer duration. Some people might be worried about whether the situation can change their properties, but even after exposure to air or water these seeds can be free from fungi or yeast.

  1. Strengthen the immune system:

The immune system is the defence system of our body and plays a major role in preventing any diseases. It keeps us healthy and importantly maintains the overall health. For instance, our body is prone to viral infections, bacterial function and also any infectious disease because of the microbes. These microbes enter into the body and collapse the immune system to make us fall sick risking us to fever, cough, cold and sometimes much more fatal.

To prevent yourself from these diseases you must build a strong immune system while Caraway seeds are the best possible source for them. Their antioxidants are additional key to improving the white blood cells in our body. Thus we are less likely to get infected from these types of diseases.

  1. Enhances Appetite:

It is necessary for anyone to take nutritious food to stay healthy. Food consumption can be skeptical. You must have a balanced diet or at least consume nutritious food for a healthy life. However, it is difficult in the modern world to be away from junkies and fast food.

By nature, this will, in turn, affect our body in preparing nutritious substance that is required for proper health, and thus many people suffer from the loss of appetite. Also, we are not aware that losing appetite is a critical issue for the body. We automatically consume less, and even the minimal nutrients required are also at stake.

Caraway seeds could be the possible remedy to improve the appetite. They act very instantly on your body. They make tea with the caraway seeds that can provoke the hunger immediately.

  1. Menstrual Cramps:

Caraway seeds are highly beneficial for women during the menstrual cycle. These seeds have an extra ability to relief from pain due to the cramps occurred during the period. From ancient days, that is even before we found the allopathy medicines Caraway seeds was a natural way to treat it.

You must add few grains of caraway seeds in the boiling water and let it simmer for two to three minutes. Later you can drain the seeds from the water and consume immediately. This concoction made with caraway seeds are useful in relieving menstrual cramps but also suggested to take at least once a day during the period cycle. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to the water if necessary.

  1. They are antiseptic:

Caraway seeds are perfect antiseptic and a disinfectant. As per the fact mentioned above, they are capable of preventing fungal infections which also leads to the ant-bacterial properties in them. Many people suffer due to the diseases caused by the excretory system. They are painful, irritable and can lead to some major problems later. The disinfectant properties of caraway seeds help in cleaning and purifying the digestive system thus help the excretion smoothly and prevents from urinary infections.

Since they are antiseptic, it will be used for quick healing of any wounds found on stomach or intestine and anything internal. This is the best way to treat ulcers and other internal infections.

  1. Free from Heartburn:

Have you ever felt burning sensation in or near your chest area?

Some people assume this to be a gastric problem while this is due to acidity formation. This acidity is a situation formed when the various level of acid increases in our stomach. When you do not eat on time, the stomach starts producing acid for the digestion. If there is no food or there is no required food for the process, the acid level might increase and flow upwards through the esophagus. Sometimes too much oily foods may cause this burning sensation.

To stop the heartburn immediately, you must add the caraway seeds in the boiling water and drink the remaining concoction after draining the seeds. It is also suggested that you can add this concoction water to the curd and have it immediately to relieve from the burning. You add peppermint to the same for a better result. You can feel the cooling sensation.

  1. Antispasmodic Benefits:

Caraway seeds have high antispasmodic properties. Meaning, they can help in preventing from the occurrence of spasms, cramps, concussion, etc. These seeds naturally have the features of producing enzymes and compounds responsible for strengthening the muscular functions. If you constantly have muscle pulls, cramps, and contractions, then caraway seeds can treat them better. These seeds are not a relief to the muscles in legs and hands. But also the muscle tissues that are present everywhere in the body.

For instance, they provide relief for respiratory spasms, hiccups, breathing trouble and non-stop cough also spasmodic cholera. Caraway seeds are effective and can show the gradual result in improving health.

Wrap Up:

The facts mentioned above are only some of the important benefits of Caraway seeds, but there are much more. Today, caraway seeds are just used as a seasoning spice in our foods. Considering their medicinal properties, they must be revived as conventional and an important ingredient in our daily life. Caraway seeds are helpful in maintaining the overall health and supporting different functions of the body.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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