Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a phenomenally wonderful Ayurvedic herb. It has been using for more than 5000 years and also known for Withania somnifera or Indian ginseng. These are the specialized herbs which help to uphold the body both physically and mentally. There are a lot of health benefits of ashwagandha

The Ramayana is the form in which it is used in the Ayurvedic medicines. These herbs are easily available in the Middle Eastern part of India as well some part of Africa.

The plant of Ashwagandha is short and grows up to 35-75 cm or 14-30 inches. Branches of the plant are small and extended from the central part of it. The name of Ashwagandha was originated from the ashwa which mean horse. It is termed as the root of the plant smells like a horse. The flowers are of green bell-shaped and the fruit color is reddish orange.


Health Benefits of Ashwagandha:

1. Helpful to heart problems:

Most of the adult people who are above 40 are having so many heart problems. The continuous use of Ashwagandha can be helpful to overcome the cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. Several studies have confirmed the effects of the use of Ashwagandha and can reduce the cholesterol more than 17 percent. It can also overcome the level of triglycerides by 11 percent. This is very helpful for adults to reduce the stress in their daily life. You can also have olives to cut down bad cholesterol.

2. Helpful to boost Immunity power:

There are several causes which affect the immune system of our body. It can be reduced by an increase in age or day by day. The most common factors that affect the immune system is lack of sleep, stress, inflammation, etc. With the help of Ashwagandha, we can improve our immune system rapidly as it helps to reduce the natural killing cells in the body and helps the immune cells that are fighting with the infections in our body.

3. Helpful for maintaining blood sugar:

The Ashwagandha is also used to overcome the sugar level in the blood. It directly increases the insulin secretion in our body and also the sensitivity. The regular use of Ashwagandha can affect the body by reducing the blood sugar level in the body without causing diabetes.

4. Helpful to reduce the growth of new cancer:

Some research and experiments have clearly shown that the Ashwagandha is very powerful medicine to fight against cancer. Consumption of this medicine can overcome the new originated cancer cells and reduces the death chances in existing cancer cells. The studies of NCBI and US National Library of Medicine prove that it can be helpful to reduce almost 70-80 percent of tumor growth.

5. Helpful to reducing Stress and cortisol:

Most of the studies reveal that the Ashwagandha makes an extremely good effect on cortisol level in the human body. Basically, cortisol is a type of stressful hormone which is responsible for the tear and wear causes in the body. If the body is chronically stressed, the Ashwagandha is the best remedies for this type of stress.

Once the cortisol is reduced in the body, it can be beneficial to the person to move on the depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. It has been found that regular consumption of Ashwagandha can be helpful to reduce the depression up to 80% in the human beings.

6. Helpful to Increase Fertility in Men:

From the thousands of years, most of the people several people are using Ashwagandha to improve their stamina as well libido. It is also used to increase the quality of the semen in the body.

After taking research, it is proved that the Ashwagandha is the best medicine to improve the sperm count and sperm mobility in the men. Most of the males use it to increase the pleasure in their personal life with the partner.

7. Helpful to protect Nerve cells against Damages:

The metabolites of Ashwagandha are helpful to repair the damages of the nerve cells in a week. When it extracted in the liquid from the dendrites is formed and it helps in protect neuroblastoma cells in the body against glutamate.

• It is also useful for the coordination of neuro-muscles.

• The roots of Ashwagandha are also used for the treatment of dyskinesia which is a drug treatment.

• Ashwagandha additionally indicated neuritis expansion in ordinary and harmed cortical neurons.

• It was viable against scopolamine-actuated amnesia in mouse and mind cell culture models.

• It was discovered helpful in neurodegenerative infections like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s.

• There are a few investigations which demonstrate that Ashwagandha moderates, stops, turns around or evacuates neurotic decay and synaptic misfortune.

8. Helpful for the Bones:

Ashwagandha empowers the bone development and is works like bone building operator in the body. The supplementation of Ashwagandha enhanced maintenance of calcium and bone calcification. It also affects the tibia bone Calcium and Phosphorus content on the gainful execution of hens without any unfavorable impacts. The Leaves of Ashwagandha were compelling in saving bone misfortune in mice by both hindrances of resumption and incitement of new bone development before the beginning of osteoporosis.

• The root powder of Ashwagandha protectively affected adjuvant-instigated joint pain in rats.

• Ashwagandha enhanced bone calcification in calcium insufficient rats without ovaries.

• Water concentrate of Ashwagandha root powder has a chondroprotective impact in osteoarthritis.

9. Helpful for the Skin:

The glue of bubbled leaves in Ashwagandha is every now and again used to cure wounds, scabies, ringworms, leucoderma, Leprosy, and Acne. Ashwagandha forestalls white spots on the skin and maintains a strategic distance from the danger of hypopigmentation of skin. The root extricates instigated skin obscuring in divider reptile melanophores.

10. Helpful in the cure of Infection:

One of the main health benefits of Ashwagandha is this. In our body different types of fungal, bacteria takes place and damages the body inside. The Ashwagandha is considered as one of the best medicine for the most of the infections that take place day to day in the body.

It is helpful to protect the body from several infections as:

• It stops the growth of the fungal by obstructing germination of spore and growth of hyphal.

• It also cures several bacteria and fights against the Citrobacter michiganensis.

• It is also used for the treatment of Tuberculosis.

• It is also consumed as an appetite suppressant for HIV patients.

• It is also used for the treatment of parasitic problems like Leishmaniasis.

• Ashwagandha mix with Allopathic medicines also helps to cure the Malaria.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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