15 Health Benefits of Amaranth

In scientific term Amaranth is known as “Amaranthus”, it generally lies under the species which are short-lived. Technically it is a seed, not a grain, but still, most of the sources named it as grains. The leaves, as well as seeds of Amaranth, are a dietary product which contains high concentration protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Health Benefits of Amaranth are unique such as it is used for the treatment of loss of hair, used to decrease belly fat, and for skin treatments. The eatables prepared by Amaranth seeds reduces inflammation, prevent the body from certain chronic diseases, helps to boost the bone strength, and it lowers down the blood pressure.

Amaranthus is a perennial plant that is sub-divided into various species; it can either grow in a field or cultivated as a leafy vegetable. Amaranth leaves are available in vibrant colors such as purple, red or orange etc. People generally consume it as a green leaf vegetable, or a cereal grain and even as grain flour. Thus you can prefer to use Amaranth according to your requirement.

15 Health Benefits of Amaranth:

Amaranth is a superfood known for numerous benefits; one of the biggest advantages is it is gluten-free. So if you pay special concern on a healthy diet, then this is a valuable product for you. It is a great source through which you can overcome from several diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

Have a look of given benefits, and you will surely realize that it is a one-stop solution for ample of problems. Without implementing any hard step, one can achieve the results in a few months or even on limited days.

  1. Strengthens the Heart:

No doubt in this busy lifestyle, everyone feels depressed, and this affects our heart. According to a research it is stated as amaranth oil is an effective product for those who want to overcome from coronary heart diseases by natural preventive measures. The oil is rich in protein and fibre which reduces the cholesterol level and as a result chance of blockage decreases.  Moreover, we can say the oil is known for its multitasking activities which on the other hand increases the concentration of long-chain acids or polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 families. This shows a beneficial effect on an individual suffering from hypertension.

  1. It is Gluten-Free:

We are reading continuously that it is gluten-free or gluten-intolerant, but are you aware from the term and its specification. So the sensitivities or intolerances to gluten are used to overcome the symptoms of Celiac’s disease. Thus we can say it is an alternative for those who are suffering from a reaction to a protein in the wheat plant. Celiac’s disease can lead to serious digestive complications.

In Amaranth seeds, you will not find even a little bit quantity of gluten. Thus you can use as a source grain for a healthy diet.

  1. Helps in fighting Inflammation:

The properties of amaranth are quite beneficial for people who have arthritis. It acts as a natural fighter which is used for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. Thus we can say it is a rich source through which you can attain ample of benefits. The presence of photochemical is considered the main part of anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Rich source of protein:

Lack of essential nutrients such as protein can affect the overall part of a body. You must have read that proteins are known as a building block in simple terms. These are quite essential for growth and formation of new cells as well as tissues and other metabolic activities.

Thus Amaranth contains a cluster of rich source protein. So you can easily take in your breakfast as a green leafy vegetable. You can see its overall results in a few weeks; thus it helps in retaining muscle mass or helps to stay away from the digestion problem.

  1. Improves bone health:

For longer and healthy lifespan; it’s important to care for your bones. Amaranth grains contain a high concentration of protein, minerals, iron and calcium. Thus it can heal your broken bones or even strengthen them.

  1. Fight cancer:

While for cancer treatment a patient undergoes various therapies one of them is chemotherapy. Thus we can say it is a stage when a body becomes and a person loses his energy physically as well as mentally. Amaranth is a natural product which can build or recover the healthy cells that are destroyed in chemotherapy. And also stops the cancerous cell for spreading in common areas.

  1. Antioxidant agent:

It is an anti-oxidant agent which can be used as first aid for cancerous cells. The high protein content of Amaranth contains certain peptide which reduces inflammation in the body. On the other hand, it controls the activity of free radicals that can lead to serious disease. The antioxidant property acts as a guide which can prevent healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells.

  1. Improves digestive system:

The harmful chemicals present in canned food can give rise to various problems, and one of them is a gastrointestinal disorder. Thus consuming high fiber content present in Amaranth can soothe the digestion related problems.

  1. Prevents Atherosclerosis:

The potassium content present in amaranth helps to lower down the blood pressure. It dilates the blood vessels and reduces the strain which affects the cardiovascular system. Through this the chances of atherosclerosis decreases. The content of phytosterols available in Amaranth contributes in reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol.

  1. Weight Loss:

Want to reduce your fats, or we can say extra pounds then go ahead for Amaranth. Thus consuming amaranth grains or leaves can help you to pursue effective steps against weight loss goals. The nutritional food can helps to reduce your bulky stomach or appetite.

  1. Improves vision:

We all are aware of the fact that vitamin A can improve your vision. Thus, you can prefer Amaranth for poor light vision or night blindness. So it’s better to prefer amaranth green leafy vegetables in the morning. It can even boost your health and can prevent macular degeneration.

  1. Beneficial for pregnant women:

The rich source of Amaranth plays an important role at the time of pregnancy.  It is helpful in delivering oxygen to the baby and folate in this veggie creates a new cell. And it performs the crucial steps of copying and synthesizing DNA. Moreover, it helps to overcome folate deficiency which can further lead to neural tube defects in the newborn baby.

  1. Improves hair and skin:

Amaranths contain the rich content of lysine, and amino acids; which cannot produce in the body. Amino acids are beneficial for the growth of hair. Moreover, it strengthens the hair follicles and acts as a preventive measure for male pattern baldness. Thus you can apply the juice of amaranth leaves after shampooing.

  • Moisturize Your Skin
  • Make Your Hair Shine
  1. Eliminates Varicose Veins:

The problem of varicose veins arises due to weakness or because of unstable blood flow. The flavonoids, as well as rutin; available in Amaranth helps in eradicating varicose veins by strengthening the capillary walls.

  1. Boost immunity:

Amaranth contains rich content of zinc; thus it helps to boost the immune system for older age people. Thus it is used to increase the numbers of T-cells, and destroy invading pathogens.

Even the root of Amaranth is quite valuable for health; you can consume it as a vegetable or as a high source of minerals and nutrients. The high concentration antioxidant or phytosterols is used to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, improvise your immune system, and maintain healthy hair.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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