17 Best Gyms In New York

An excellent gym can be a big apple to the inquisitive eyes of fitness enthusiasts who are all warmed up to explore new workout regimes, fulfill their resolutions or maybe just maintain their already covetable frames. Talking about gyms, we can’t really move on without drawing to your attention, the hub of the most amazing high-end gyms (other than Gyms in Boston), i.e. New York. So, we bring to you the list of the 17 best gyms in and around New York, which are worth all your sweat.


Best Gyms in New York-


  1. STEEL GYM- Make way through your weight


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Steel Gym is the right place for you if you are interested in weightlifting and bodybuilding. This gym has plentiful of cardio machines, weights and some of the best equipment that you would demand from a gym. It has been functioning since 2006 and still has the competitive powers to win in the row. Well, it has its own independent trainers who set and charge their own rates for you directly.


2. DOGPOUND- The Celebrity Gym


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You name a celebrity, and he will be listed in the customers of this gym. Be it chefs, actors, influencers, models or even the Victoria Secret Angels. All swear by this fitness center, where you are provided with personal training as per your body type and individual needs. Workouts basically include boxing, training, strength training, etc.


  1. 24 HOUR FITNESS- Catering to fitness needs


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This clean, convenient and friendly gym, along with a finely maintained section of machines and free weights, also has two spots; one being for group fitness classes ranging from hip-hop and Zumba to cycling and martial arts, and another being for child care center. Well, in NYC it’s the Bronx branch of this national chain.


  1. CITYROW- An entire head-to-toe workout


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Through its high-intensity machine incited yet low-impact workouts, CITYROW focuses on the working of muscles rather than joints. On their machines, every stroke and each movement work on your quads, calves, hamstrings, core, triceps, shoulder and biceps; perfect for crew-style pulling.


  1. TRIBECA HEALTH AND FITNESS- The one with a juice bar


Stretching over 12000 sq. feet, this gym provides its customers with massive facilities and services. Well, the sweet gains from this fitness center are that they have a huge space spread over 3 floors, and thus you wouldn’t have to wait for your turn and you definitely get a ton of chances to socialize if you’re a person who likes to talk while they are exercising. Not only they have a plethora of studios, free weights but a gigantic juice bar serving you with freshly made healthy juices as per your demand.


  1. EQUINOX- Pamper yourself with a spa


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Spread all over the city, in the form of several branches, Equinox is a huge and stands upright in the list of the best of the gyms. The workout sessions not only include bodybuilding, cycling, boxing, cardio and other personal training sessions but also provides with amazing spa services to pamper you after the tiring sessions.


  1. CRUNCH- The one with membership benefits



Source- Racked NY


Also located in several spots of New York, they provide you with body sculpting classes, cardio, cycling classes, yoga, online classes and action sports. The best thing about this gym is their membership benefits.

City Crunch membership is for $120 a month. It gives you access to workout essentials, 17 clubs, group fitness classes, full-service locker rooms, online class reservations, free wifi, Bliss spa products, Sauna and Crunch live video workout.

Well, One Crunch membership for $100 a month provides you with access to workout essentials again, 1 club, group fitness classes, bliss spa products, online class reservations, free wifi, full-service locker rooms, sauna, and Crunch live video workouts.


  1. SLT-Strengthen Lengthen Tone


source: fit for free


Their classes are a combination of strength training, Pilates, and Cardio. Sessions which are conducted on Lagree and Megaformer machines consist of steady movements continuing for 50 minutes, fast transitions and constant engagement in the cores. Well, most workouts are either toning-focused or cardio-focused, while the SLT classes as an acronym are both effective and efficient.

Preferably, for maximum results, the clients are suggested to take SLT 3 times a week at least. Those who take the class every day, burns can be really intensive for them.


  1. LIMITLESS FITNESS STUDIOS- Achieve limitlessly


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The spots here, are fully equipped with kettlebells, TRX, agility ladders, and battle ropes combined in several methods for classes of that of boot-camp style; plenty of space for amazing exercises like dance, Masala Banghra, no-equipment cardio, power yoga, etc. and even indoor bikes for cycling.Well, the best thing of all is that it’s a community grounded place, with rules like “Bring family and friends, why suffer alone?” and “Leave your ego at the door.”


  1. PHYSIQUE 57- An innovative touch to traditional barre


source: new york times


Physique 57 has given a new and innovative touch to traditional barre.It profusely mixes and utilizes a blend of a continuous stream of updated choreography paired with cardio-based strength training. Actually, these sessions target your thighs, the muscle in your arms and sometimes abs to the highest point of fatigue. This workout is very challenging and intensive as each class has been structured in a way to produce maximum results in the most minimal time, and also pushes the customers’ limits without causing any kind of harm to their body.


  1. CLAY- The Health Spa



Clay is quite similar to Equinox in terms of the space, kind and workouts. Yet, its all about brand preferences. Even they have got a huge gym area, all kinds of weights one can think of, a plethora of space to be used up, amazing crowd, and most importantly a great collection of equipment.


  1. RICHIE’S GYM- The one for Bodybuilders


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Welcome to the true hardcore bodybuilding gym with a rough environment where seriousness plays its way through. If you’re the one who focuses more on your body than chitchatting or gossiping and wants to achieve your results sooner with your hardcore practice, then this gym is just for you. Not only does its amazing weightlifting and bodybuilding machines satisfy your workouts, but its collection and personalized training culture motivate you to reach your weight loss goals faster. There is no space for jokes here.


  1. LYONS DEN POWER YOGA- Come for a spiritual experience


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Not only does Yoga promises you a spiritual growth, a beautiful experience and ensures the mental and physical health, but even the ambiance plays a big role.  Lyons Den Power Yoga promises its customers and ensures that they receive an enhanced and unique spiritual experience. They take hot power vinyasa classes in a heated room, providing an atmosphere for rapid weight loss.  Well, this is the only certified Baptiste studio in New York.The yoga they practice and perform is designed to provide you with some effective tools that help empower you from within through meditation, physical yoga practice and active self-introspection.


  1. BANANA SKIRT PRODUCTIONS-The high energy pop culture


source: gilt


Assured results within 3 weeks. This gym basically comprises of dance workouts which not only teaches you new dance steps but also ensures that you lose weight through your dancing skills. Not only this style of exercise works on every part of your body, but you would definitely leave the classes, confident and empowered with the exact moves from the latest music videos.


  1. PURE BARRE- Achieve through small steps


Source- eyesin


Well, this form of exercise meticulously focuses on small movements that usually result in quite big changes–not just physically, but also mentally. A plethora of techniques in their studio come in an awesome range of classes that offer results which often target cardio, strength, and flexibility for the people of different levels, providing the clients with some alone time to transform their body and mind.


  1. P. VOLVE – Making way through the glutes


source: youtube


This institute was founded by a celebrity as well as Victoria’s Secret trainer, Stephen Pasterino. Here, you would never perform the same workout again. It variably consists of thousands of moves with the primary focus on ‘glutes’. ‘Glutes’ being the body’s biggest and one of the most crucial muscle group, the methods adopted by P.Volve would help you to learn how to trigger them, for you to achieve a lifted, sprightly booty but would also aid you to get a  better posture, form and a stronger core.Performed and tested by the owner, he guarantees that results can be seen within 1-2 months.


  1. BEV FRANCIS’POWERHOUSE GYM-The east-coast mecca of Bodybuilding



Located in Syosset, New York, Powerhouse is universally considered as the east coast mecca of bodybuilding. Countless pros and legends have been trained here, this being a must visit place for the stomping and ambitious bodybuilders, though it’s a bit outside of NYC. Actually, the owner, Bev Francis, is just a legend of bodybuilding and would forever be the first woman to bench press over 300lbs. If you are a person looking for some real deal, like an old-school bodybuilding gym.Then Powerhouse in Syosset is definitely not only one of the best gyms in new york but actually one of the best options in the entire world.

So, we hope that we could list out one type for each kind of gym enthusiast out of the hundreds of amazing gyms out there in NYC. You can also check out the gyms in Chicago or Las Vegas

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