Good Carbs and Bad Carbs- Make An Informed Choice

A good food habit is always important to stay healthy, and the nutritionists can help you to under what is the best for you. Carbs are known as carbohydrates that are present in the most of the foods that we take on a regular basis. But you need to understand what can supply you good nutrients, calorie, and energy. We should take the good carbs that can supply the half of the calories to our body to keep it fit and fine. But the bad carbs are responsible for obesity and diabetes. So, you need to be very careful when you are going to select the foods to include in your diet chart.

What are carbs?

The carbohydrates are known as the molecules that are consisted of carbon, oxygen atoms and hydrogen. There are three macro-nutrients present in nutrition, and these are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. If you split the carbohydrates into three categories, then you will get sugar, starches, and fiber in it.
• Sugar: In sugar, you will get some short-chain carbohydrates and sweet. These are like glucose, fructose, sucrose, and galactose.
• Starches: The long chain glucose molecules get broken into the digestive system.
• Fiber: The bacteria of the digestive system use the fiber contents of the food. The human digestive system cannot digest these fiber contents.

The carbohydrates are mainly used to keep your body energetic. The carbs are broken down in the glucose and then used to produce energy in the human body. It can also store the energy in the forms of fat to use in the later days.

Types of carbohydrates

There are mainly two types of carbohydrates we get from the foods. One is known as simple carbs, and other is known as complex carbs.

Simple carbs

Simple carbs are found in the foods that are rich in sugar contents like table sugar, fruit juice, dairy products, fruits, and honey.

Complex carbs

Complex carbs contain found in the starches like rice, bread, pasta, crackers and some of the vegetables. The complex carbs can also be divided into two categories like refined and whole grains.

Refined carbs are found in the foods from which the fiber contents are excluded, and the whole grains are found in the foods that are rich in fiber contents and nutrients but lower in fat. The whole grains are good to take according to the nutritionists.

Carbohydrates- good for you

The nutritionists declare that the foods with natural fiber are good to take and the foods that are processed and excluded fibers should be avoided. They have categorized the carbohydrates as the good and bad to make it simple in understanding.

Good Carbs

If you are looking for the good carbs then, you should select the foods that are rich in fiber. These foods have a greater amount of nutrients and not the reason for obesity or raising the blood sugar level as well. The studies have proved that the good carbs are present in the whole grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables. These foods can improve your metabolic rate and lower the risks of diseases as well.
• Vegetables: One should take every kind of vegetables to stay healthy. There are various types of vegetables available, and the most of these are good sources of fibers and nutrients.
• Whole fruits: The nutritionists suggest to take at least one fruit every day, and you can take an apple, dragon fruit, strawberries, bananas, and other fruits to meet the need of the good carbs.
• Legumes: Lentils, Peases and other legumes are naturally rich in nutrients and fibers but lower in fat. So, taking these legumes can be fruitful for you.
• Nuts: Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts and other nuts are also a great source of the good carbs.
• Seeds: Pumpkin seeds and Chia seeds are also known as a source of the good carbs.
• Whole grains: The whole grains like brown rice, pure oats, quinoa can be good choices for you.
• Tunbers: sweet potatoes and potatoes are full of good carbs as well.

Bad Carbs

The refined carbs are bad to take. The sugar contents are added to these foods that are unhealthy according to the nutritionists.
• Sugary contents: The cold drinks and processed soda drinks are full of sugary contents that can be very much unhealthy to you.
• Fruit juice: The fruit juices are also known as sweetening beverages that affect your metabolic rate.
• White bread: This is another food which is low in nutrients and has the bad effect on your metabolic rate.
• Pastries: This is made of refined wheat and high sugary contents that are unhealthy for you.
• Cookies: Cookies also contain the high amount of sugary contents.
• Ice cream: Sweet ice creams are made with a high amount of sugary contents as well.
• Chocolates: Except some high-quality dark chocolates you will get bad carbs in other dairy chocolates that are bad for your health.
• Deeply fried potato cheeps: The potatoes are good sources of carbs, but the deeply fried potato cheeps are not good for your health.
When you are making a diet chart, you should keep in mind to exclude these foods.

Source- FitbodyHQ

Benefits of taking good carbs and disadvantages of the low carbs

Now you know what the carbs are how these help you to stay well. But if you want to know what impacts the good carbs leave on your health, then the following health benefits can be your answer. The good carbs have many health benefits that can help you to lead a well-balanced and steady life. In the other hand, the low and bad carb intake can leave bad impacts on your health.

1. Changes in mood

If your sugar level falls, you may feel irritated and hungry. This situation can happen when you are getting low carb nutrition. According to the nutritionists the carbohydrates have the ability to stimulate the serotonin which is responsible for regulating your mood. This effect of good carbs can help you to deal with depression. So, you should take the good carb diet with high nutrition to get a good mood. People who use to take the low carb diet or include bad carbs in their diet can get its effect on their mood. The lack of serotonin stimulation can affect your mood.

2. Effects on obesity

If you are overweight and want to reduce it in a natural way, then you should immediately start taking good carbs and avoiding the bad carbs at the same time. According to the researchers, people with stable and ideal body weight follow a diet including good carbs that are rich sources of fiber content. If you take the high fiber contents, it can absorb the water in the intestine and stomach. As a result, you may feel like full for a longer time and eat less food as well. The satiety index of the meal can also be increased by including the good carbs to your daily diet that can keep you full for a longer time and help you to stay full even after taking less amount of food. On the other hand, the bad carbs can lead you to the obesity. Low carb diet can make you hungry often and if you start to take food often then obesity can be a bad result of it.

3. Impact on your heart health

The heart health can be kept well by taking a good amount of good carbs on a regular basis. The fiber-rich contents are good for your heart as it can balance the cholesterol level of your body. The foods like steel cut oats can help you to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and improve the level of the bad cholesterol. This balance of the cholesterol in your blood content can help you to get a good impact on your heart. But if you choose the cold drinks and beverages as a source of carbs, then you may harm your heart at the same time. In these carbs, you will get extra sugar contents, and the fiber contents are excluded from these foods as well. So, these can’t control the cholesterol level in your body.

4. Effect on your brain

People who need to keep their brain activity in the most of the time should always include the good carbs in their daily life. The good carbs can help you to maintain the brain function in an effective way. you need to take good carbs in a proper amount the needed energy for functioning the brain properly. It is proved by the researchers that the good carbs can help you to perform well in the workplaces where the workers need to handle mental pressures. If you take the low carb diet, then you may not get the desired result in functioning your brain.

5. Risk of cancer

You can also reduce the risk of cancer by taking the good carbs on a regular basis. The vegetables included in the list of good carbs are loaded with antioxidants that can keep you away from the diseases like cancer. The vegetables that are good sources of fiber-rich carbs can help you to stay away from the dangerous diseases like cancer and other infections. These antioxidants play an important role in protecting you from the abnormal cell growth in your body and keep it secure as well. The vegetables like bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables are rich in these necessary antioxidants that can keep you well. But in the bad carb processed foods you will get different chemicals that can harm your body.

6. Effects on sleep

The good carbohydrates that get digested in a slow process can promote good sleep. The carbohydrates stimulate the serotonin which can also help you to get a good sleep. You can take a glass of milk before going to your bed to get a good sleep. It is the best carbohydrate that you can take to sleep well. But choosing bad carbs can reduce your sleep. The result of taking bad carbs for a long time can result in insomnia.

7. Effects on the digestive system

The good carbohydrates are rich in fibers, and it can keep your digestive system well. The fibers can help you to digest the foods and flush out the waste materials out from your body. The carbohydrates also absorb the water content at a large scale, and as a result, you may deal with the constipation problem as well. This can also reduce the risk of the colon cancer in your body.

8. Effect on your energy level

The good effects of the good carbs can increase your energy level in an effective way. The foods with good carbs are converted into the glucose content that can work as the fuel of the energy level. So, whenever you are feeling low, taking good carbs can be good for you and it can help you to uplift the energy level in you as well. On the other hand, the bad carbs or low carb diet can be the reason of losing energy in your body. It can make you lethargic.

9. Effect on your lifespan

You good carbs can help you to live a longer life. There are two anabolic hormones that are stimulated by the good carbs. These hormones are insulin and insulin-like growth factor. The good effects of the carbs on the hormones can help you to stay younger and energetic for a longer day. This can also help you in improving cellular recovery and growth hormone production.

The bottom line of good carbs and bad carbs
So, it is very important to be selective when you are making a diet chart. The good carbs are present in various natural sources that can keep you strong, lively and energetic. You should avoid the processed foods that contain bad carbs and low nutrients to avoid various health issues.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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