Food for Brain and to Boost your Memory

In the era of extreme competition that we live in today, it is extremely essential that we keep up with the constantly rising standards of memory and intelligence. How can you easily do it by consuming nutritional foods which will boost your memory? Here’s a list of food for brain that has proven benefits for boosting your memory.

Food that Boost Memory

1. Fatty Fish

People who eat Fatty fish often have a very sharp memory. Consumption of fishes like sardines has been directly linked to boosting memory. The fatty fish contains Omega-3. Around 30 per cent of our brain is made of Omega-3 fatty acids which is found in fish. They thus help activate the cells of the brain. Consuming these kind of fishes also activate nerve cells making the process of sending messages faster and you become more responsive and quick. Deficiency of omega-3 has hampers effects on learning capabilities and retention of information.

2. Coffee

The good news is starting your day with a cup of coffee has its benefits for your brain. Apart from driving off the laziness and sleep from your body, coffee helps in brain stimulation too. This happens due to caffeine and antioxidants that are present in your coffee.

Caffeine makes your brain active. It makes you more alert to your surroundings. It blocks adnosine which is a chemical messenger that can put you to sleep. Caffeine also has positive effects on your mood. Drinking coffee also enhances your attention and concentration.

3. Apricots

Ever thought what the brain like structure of apricots indicate? They indicate that consuming apricots makes your brain memory sharper. It contains essential oils to make your thinking capabilities stronger and quicker.

4. Almonds

You may have often heard your granny asking you to start your day with a handful of almonds. Eating almonds provides your body with lots of Vitamin E which protects the brain from becoming weak due to oxidative stress and attack of free radicals. This may help prevent major diseases like Alzheimer’s in your old age. Have a fistful of soaked almonds for best results.


Benefits of turmeric are endless. The curcumin present in turmeric helps the blood to reach the brain directly thus making the process more beneficial for your brain and memory. Turmeric also contains antioxidant properties and can cut down on inflammation. These qualities help in avoiding a variety of diseases that can lead to damage of brain cells.

6. Blueberries for boosting memory

Blueberries are one of the super foods we all need in our life. They stimulate the communication of messages to the brain cells. Along with memory, this also aids in making your responses and reflexes more quick and appropriate-a quality most dear to sportsmen. Blueberries are so versatile, they go with everything, from yogurt to breakfast cereals and also your pie.

7. Broccoli

After reading this, you will surely stop taking this green gem off your plate. Broccoli is rich in vitamin K and fat soluble vitamin which are both necessary for your brain health. Broccoli has a host of antioxidants as well to enhance your health and keep you smart all your way.

8. Pumpkin Seeds for Brain

Pumpkin Seeds have a lot of health benefits for brain, heart, digestive system and also your overall health. It contains essential nutrients like Vitamin K, Fiber, antioxidants, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. all of these components contribute to making your brain healthy and helps you retain more information. There are various ways in which you may use pumpkin seeds to incorporate them in your diet. It also provides more iron to body thus increasing blood flow to all parts of your body including your brain. More blood to your brain means more oxygen and that helps the brain to function better.

9. Dark chocolate

The next time they quote health reasons to stop you munching from a dark chocolate, you could pass them this link and show them how dark chocolate is important for brain development. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, flavanoids and caffeine to keep your brain active and working for a longer duration. It makes you feel more alert and stimulated. As per the studies conducted at various research centres, these compounds help in fightim age related brain degeneration. They help you retain more information and sharpen your memory. Chocolate also keeps your mood boosted and energy levels high. It promotes positive thoughts and feelings in your mind and body keeping you happy all the time.

10. Fruits rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the key nutrient for your brain development. Grab lots of vitamin c from fruits and vegetables like oranges, strawberries and also bell peppers. Vitamin C contains ascorbic acide which promotes brain development. It prevents your brain cells from becoming weak due to old age. https://www.printpeppermint.com/ It can help prevent alzheimer’s during old age. The list of food rich in vitamin c is long but its just right here on the link.

11. Eggs

Eggs are all rounder in their nutritional content. They contain the necessary fats, proteins and vitamins B6 and B12, folate and choline that are necessary for brain development. Choline is a nutrient that stimulates the neurotransmitters that control memory and mood.

Eating eggs are a good way to provide your brain with sufficient amounts of choline. Vitamin B also decelerate the process of mental decline due to increasing age, health and genetic conditions. People with dementia have been recorded for deficiency of folate. Depression has also been linked with low levels of folate in those who suffer with depression.

Vitamin B12 regulates the sugar level in brain and also fixes the chemicals of the brain.

Taking these food items in their right quantity is important for your brain development. Start early at a young age for better benefits later on. Feed your kids with the right food for their overall development including brain and body.


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