13 Most Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair Loss is a nightmare to all people irrespective of their age and gender. Nobody likes to look bald. Everyone wants to have some decent amount of hair to look good and also feel good. Hair Loss problems have become very common especially for the people settled in Urban Areas. The causes of Hair Loss include reasons like stress, fatigue, chemical actions on hair used for styling, Vitamin E deficiency, Iron Deficiency, Aging, Skin diseases and many more such reasons alike.

The reasons which lead to balding/hair loss may also typically be different for men and women. Unless there is a medical condition that leads you to have hair fall problems, hair loss can be remedied at home itself. Here are a few remedies which will work wonders to save you from losing your precious strands.

13 Home Remedies for Hair Loss:

1. Aloe Vera Gel:


Take fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the plant and blend it into a paste. apply this on your scalp and let this rest for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water followed by shampoo.


Aloe Vera gel acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. Most of your hair loss is due to their fizzy and rough texture which causes them to get entangled. When you comb such entangled hair, you lose a lot of strands in the process of clearing the knots. Natural conditioner like aloe vera gives hair a smooth texture and you prevent hair loss due to excessive breakage while combing.

2. Coconut Milk:


Take a coconut and grind it fine. Now add about 3 table spoons water to it, just sufficient enough for the coconut to get a little moisture and heat the water for 5 minutes. Now squeeze off all the water from the coconut paste. This is coconut milk, freshly extracted from coconut. Apply this on your scalp and leave it to act for 20-30 minutes. Cover your hair with a damp towel in the meantime. Wash your hair with cold water.


Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E and fats that help to moisturize your hair and keep it healthy. The milk is rich in potassium, another vital ingredient for hair growth. It is also rich in proteins and essential fats. Washing your hair with coconut milk will make your hair stronger. It also has antibacterial properties that protect the hair from damage.

3. Indian Gooseberry (Amla):

Method 1:

Mix 1 tea spoon of Amla juice with 1 tea spoon of lemon juice and massage it on your scalp in circular motions. Allow it to dry before you wash it with warm water.

Method 2:

Boil the Indian Gooseberry in coconut oil until it turns black. Apply this oil on yur scalp twice a week. Let it rest for the night and wash it off the next morning.

Method 3:

Mix coconut milk and Amla juice in equal quantities. Apply this on your scalp. After about 10 minutes of light massage, wash it off with water.


Amla is extremely rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for hair growth. Using fresh amla strengthens your hair and also gives it a luster. Consuming it on a regular basis can be quite helpful in strengthening your hair follicles. It can also be applied topically in the form of juice or amla powder available at herbal stores.

Consuming it on a regular basis can be quite helpful in strengthening your hair follicles. It can also be applied topically in the form of juice or amla powder available at herbal stores.

4. Yogurt:


Take around 2 tea spoonful of yogurt, add some honey and a tea spoon of lemon to it. Apply this paste on your scalp using a hair dye brush. Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes and then wash the paste from your head with slightly warm water.


Yogurt contains lots of proteins which will help you to provide the necessary strength to your hair follicles. It also acts as a natural moisturizer for your hair. Yogurt also contains probiotics which is known to have been instrumental in hair growth.

5. Fenugreek Seeds:


Boil a tea spoon of fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. Let it rest for a few days and then apply this oil. The nutrients from fenugreek seeds slowly get absorbed in the coconut water while you let the seeds rest in the oil. You could also make a paste of the seeds after soaking them in water overnight and apply it with yogurt.


Fenugreek Seeds enhance hair growth and rebuild the damaged hair follicles.

6. Onion Juice for Hair Loss Remedy:


Grind an onion into a fine paste. Then transfer the paste in a sieve. Squeeze all the water from the onion paste. Add some coconut oil to 1 tea spoon of onion water and apply it on your scalp. Wash this off after about an hour.

You could add onion juice with honey for good results as well.


Onions have anti-microbial effects. They fight any fungal developments in the root of your hair that prevent it from growth. The high sulphur content in onions help the blood circulation in your scalp to get enhanced thereby increasing the blood flow and enhancing hair growth.


This remedy does not suit everyone’s skin. It may cause irritation and itchiness to a few people. Kindly test this method in the area behind your ear to check the capacity of the skin to bear the sharpness of onion juice.

7. Olive Oil as Hair Loss Remedy:


Take some olive oil. Prefer extra virgin olive oil for best results. You may apply it by mixing coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportions. You may also apply only olive oil over your scalp and massage your head with your hands in circular motions. Sleep with the oil in your head for it to act well through the night. simpliolabs.com Next morning, wash the hair off.


Apart from various other health benefits, Olive oil contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the most important nutrient for your hair growth. Application of olive oil twice a week will provide you with visible changes.

8. Green Tea for Hair Loss Remedy:


Take a few green tea bags. Boil it in 1 cup of water. Ensure that you do not add too much water so that the green tea solution is concentrated. Apply this on your scalp and also coat your hair with this water. Let the green tea water dry and then shampoo your hair.


Green tea is known to stimulate hair follicles and boost hair production. It also increases your metabolism. It has been suggested by some researches that increased metabolism can be linked to an increase in the rate of hair growth.

9. Eggs:


Take a whole egg. Mix it. You could apply this to your scalp directly. You can also mix it with coconut oil and apply it on your scalp. Let it rest for 20- 30 minutes in your head. Ensure that you also apply the paste from the roots to the tip of your hair. Cover your hair with egg like a mask.


Eggs are rich in proteins. If you do not consume them, you may impart the proteins in the egg to your scalp by application in the manner listed above. Proteins are crucial for hair growth.

10. Potato Juice for Hair Loss Remedy:


Take a potato and blend it into a fine puree. Sieve the juice from the pulp. Add just 1 tea spoon of water and 1 tea spoon of honey to this juice. Apply this on your head from your scalp to the roots. Leave it for 30 minutes for action. You can use this method once a week for your hair.


Potatoes contain Vitamin C and Potassium, both essential for hair growth and strength respectively. Lack of sufficient levels of potassium is a potent cause of hair loss.

11. Banana and Avocado paste for Hair Loss Remedy:


Take an avocado and a ripe banana. Make a smooth paste of the combination. Apply the paste on your head. Cover your head with a shower cap for about an hour.


This combination is a natural moisturizer for your hair. It provides your hair with essential nutrients for hair growth and also stimulates the roots of your hair.

12. Curry Leaves for Hair Loss Remedy:


Take a handful of curry leaves. Boil them in coconut oil and let the oil cool down. Do not discard the leaves from the oil. You can let them stay. Apply this oil to your head and wash it off next morning.


Curry leaves revitalize the roots of your hair. The roots which have stopped erupting will begin to grow into shining hair strands again. You may use this oil twice to thrice a week for best results.

13. Henna Leaves:


This is a traditional recipe for long and strong hair. Take fresh henna leaves or henna herbal powder. Grind the leaves into a thick paste. You may add water while grinding. You can apply this paste on your head directly in such a way that your entire head and all your hair is covered with the paste.

Alternatively, you can add other essentials in the paste like egg, olive oil, green tea, drops of lemon juice for additional benefits. Let this mask stay on your head until completely dry. The process may take roughly about an hour. Wash the mask off your hair.


Henna has various benefits for your hair. It makes your hair strands stronger and longer. It is a a natural moisturizer. It also balances the pH of the scalp and imparts a natural color onto your hair.

There are various other home remedies to prevent hair loss. The above list contains only the most effective ones. These have been used by people and such persons have achieved their desire results. The key to finding home remedies for hair growth is simple. Anything and everything that provides you with vitamin E and proteins is going to serve the purpose of prevention of hair loss.


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