Easy to Prepare Keto Recipes for Beginners


Keto diet is the newest diet trend in the market. It has given us some major goals to change the way we eat. Anyone following keto diet would agree to the fact that we are enjoying it unlike other diets for weight loss. There are several easy keto recipes for beginners as well who wish to jump on this wagon.

What is Keto?

It is a low carb diet that helps in burning weight effectively and rapidly. The best thing about this diet is that it enables you to lose weight without starving. Apart from weight loss, many health benefits are also associated with the same. It helps in reversing type 2 diabetes. Doctors these days are recommending keto diet not only for weight loss but also for a healthy lifestyle.

The Keto diet works on the principle of Ketones. These are fuel molecules that provide energy to the body. These fuel molecules are primarily produced when the intake of carbs is minimal.

While on the keto diet, the body takes all its energy from ketones. This ensures that a person doesn’t fall sick because of low energy levels during a weight loss program.


Keto Recipes for Beginners

For all those who are looking to start keto diet, here are some amazing keto recipes that can help beginners enjoy food while losing weight.

1. Pumpkin Soup

You cannot find any other comforting food than this one. It is simple yet delicious and the best part is that you only need basic home ingredients to prepare it:



  • To make a pumpkin puree, first preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Clean the pumpkin and extract all the seeds and strings. Now brush oil on the cut sides of the pumpkin, and keep it in the oven over a baking sheet for about 45 minutes.
  • Take it out when your fork easily pierces through its skin. Once it cools down, mash it completely, or you can also blend the same for a fine puree.
  • Once the puree is ready, add it to the saucepan along with chicken broth, pepper, salt, thyme, and garlic.
  • Heat the mixture and once it starts boiling, simmer the gas for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the flavors are mixed well, remove the pan from heat and add fresh cream over it.
  • You can have it as it is or you can also garnish it with parsley or sour cream.

Nutritional value

Calories: 120

Fat: 9 grams

Carbs: 7 grams

Sugar: 2 grams

Protein: 2 grams

Fiber: 2 grams

2. Baked fish with lemon butter

For those who love to have fish, this is one of the most amazing keto recipes.


  • Fish fillets: 150 grams (2)
  • Olive oil: 1 tbsp
  • Lemon: 1
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper: ½ tbsp
  • Broccoli: 1 bunch
  • Garlic paste: 1 tbsp
  • Butter: 80-100 grams


  • First of all, preheat your oven to 220 degrees.
  • Grate the lemon rind, cut it into half and chop it into small pieces.
  • Season dry fish with pepper and salt, before drizzling olive oil over it. Also, spread the grated lemon, and place the fish in the oven for about 14 minutes.
  • While the fish is being baked, steam the broccoli till the time it gets tender. Once it is done, drain it properly.
  • Now in a frying pan, heat the butter till it turns golden, and add rest of the lemon pieces along with the garlic. Cook this mixture for about 1 minute. Stir it with segments of lemon and the steamed broccoli.
  • You can now serve the fish with broccoli and lemon sauce on the side.

Nutritional Value

Calories: 461

Fat: 47 grams

Carbs: 7 grams

Sugar: 2 grams

Protein: 3 grams

Fiber: 1 gram

3. Keto Coconut Pancakes

Any diet is incomplete without pancakes and that is why we are here with delicious keto pancakes for you.


  • Almond flour: 1 cup
  • Coconut flour: ¼ cup
  • Sweetener of choice: 2 tbsp
  • Gluten-free baking powder: 1 tbsp
  • Eggs-5 to 6
  • Almond milk: ¼ cup
  • Oil-1/4 cup (Preferably avocado)
  • 1 ½ tbsp-Vanilla essence
  • ¼ tsp- Salt (preferably Sea salt)


  • Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl. Keep whisking it until the batter becomes consistent; it should neither be too thick or too watery. Make sure that almond flour and coconut flour are finely grounded, otherwise, the pancakes will taste gritty and will not have the required softness.
  • Now keep the pan on a stove and preheat it over medium heat.
  • Using a ladle, pour the batter on the preheated pan.
  • Cover the mixture and cook the same for about 2 minutes, or till the time bubbles start to appear.
  • Now flip the mixture and cook the other side by covering it for another 2 minutes.
  • Cook the mixture, until it gets brown.
  • You can also use ghee to cook these pancakes it will taste better. Refrain using butter as it burns too quickly.

Nutritional Value

Calories: 261

Fat: 23 grams

Carbs: 6 grams

Sugar: 1 gram

Protein: 9 grams

Fiber: 2 grams

4. Roll served in a bowl

This amazing roll is going to taste better than any other roll that you have ever had.


  • Pork: 1 lb
  • Sesame oil: 2bsp
  • Onion: 1
  • Garlic: 2 cloves
  • Ginger: 1 tbsp
  • Apple vinegar: 1 tbsp
  • Coleslaw: 12 oz
  • Coconut aminos: 2 to 3 tbsp
  • Green onion: 2


  • On a medium flame, cook the pork until it gets brown, and season it with salt and pepper.
  • Keep it aside once it is done. In the same pan heat the oil and add onion, garlic, ginger, and sauté it till it becomes translucent.
  • Now mix coleslaw with apple vinegar, coconut aminos, and pour it over the sautéed onion mix.
  • Season it with salt and pepper and stir well.
  • Now add the cooked pork in this mixture and stir well till it gets combined.
  • Once mixed, remove it from the heat and garnish the same with chopped green onions.

Nutritional values

Calories: 489

Fat: 25 grams

Carbs: 18 grams

Sugar: 8 grams

Protein: 47 grams


Benefits of Keto diet

1. Weight loss

If followed stringently it turns your body into a fat burning machine. It helps to lower down the impact of fat storing hormones.

2. Controlled appetite

After a few days you will see a difference in your appetite and will have much control over it. The constant energy provided by ketones helps you to control your hunger.

3. Helps in reversing type 2 diabetes

By controlling fate storing hormones, it also helps in reversing type 2 diabetes. It has been scientifically proven that keto helps to lower down the blood sugar level, and after a few months of following this diet you can potentially lower down the medication.

4. Improved health

Apart from controlling sugar and losing weight, the diet also has a positive impact on the overall health of a person following it. It also helps to prevent heart problems by controlling cholesterol.

5. Keeps you physically and mentally energized

There are people who follow this diet only because of better mental strength. Ketones fuel the brain 24/7, and that is why it doesn’t require any other dietary fuel.

Who should avoid a Keto diet

  • People taking insulin
  • Those taking medicines for high blood pressure
  • Women who are breastfeeding

With these amazing keto recipes for beginners, you can start your keto diet today and make it tastier than ever before!


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