15 Common Cough and Cold Remedies for Babies

The relationship of your child and cough and cold shall be that of very close friends until atleast he or she completes a year. Cough and cold may happen due to changes in weather, place, teething and such other common problems. Though there are a lot of Ayurvedic home remedies to treat cold and cough among adults, we are more cautious with treatment of our kids. Below are a list of cough and cold remedies for babies which you may use in order to relieve their problem.

Common Cough and Cold Remedies for Babies

1. Breast Feeding:

Kids under the age of 6 months necessarily be given mother’s milk and nothing apart from that. The milk that the children get from their mothers have all the necessary components of nutrients that are required for their growth. It also prevents the kid from problems of viral cough and cold as it contains antigens which build the child’s immunity to fight against bacterial actions.

Having said that, it is imperative that the mother must take utmost care of her own self.  She must avoid eating food items that may cause her cough and cold. Whatever she eats, passes on to her toddler that feeds on her milk. As elders say, the mother also passes her infections through her milk. Hence, take utmost care of the food you eat and the changes in the weather that you feel may affect you.

2. Using Saline Spray:

The most important issue with cold in a baby is congestion. The congestion makes it difficult for the child to breath and the child can also not feed properly. In order to relieve the congestion, you can use nasal drops three to four times a day. It is perfectly safe for your child. You will notice your baby can feed better and also sleep well.

3. Sleep on elevation:

Usually, kids do not take pillows under their head. In case of a cough and cold, make them sleep on a small pillow. That shall help them deal with their congestion and can give them a comfortable sleep. It works the same for kids like it does for us. Resting your head slightly higher can open the congested pores and help in easy breathing.

4. Using a Humidifier:

While the adults know how to inhale from a humidifier, you cannot expect the kids to do that. They may suffocate themselves or may even injure themselves with hot water. Hence, use a humidifier and place it in the same room as the child sleeps. Let the child inhale the vapor. Do not leave the child back alone in the room. Stay there and ensure your child does not get suffocated.

5. Lemon Water with Honey:

Vitamin C fights cold. Lemon contains lots of vitamin C. You need to add honey because lemon is extremely sour to taste and your child may not like the strong sour taste of lemon. You need to prepare a glass of slightly warm water and squeeze a slice of lemon in it. Add honey just about enough to neutralize the taste of the lemon. Now make your toddler drink this water. Make just a small cup full of concoction for your child. Too much of lemon juice can cause an aching stomach.

6. Gargling:

This drill can be adopted with slightly older kids who are able to understand how to gargle. Train them with normal water first. After they learn how to gargle, give them warm water. Gargling with warm water clears the throat and combats cough.

7. Massaging with Mustard oil and Rock Salt Combination:

Mustard Oil provides warmth when rubbed on the body. This warmth helps in reducing the congesting caused due to cold and cough. To add to the benefits, you can also add rock salt. Just mix rock salt to mustard oil and rub it gently on chest and back. Cover with cotton cloth. This is a safe and effective remedy for your child’s common cough and cold.

8. Carrot Juice:

This can be used for children more than six months of age. Carrots help in boosting immunity of the child. They contain a lot of vitamins. These vitamins help your toddler in fighting with the cough and cold. You can grind fresh carrots and dilute it with water.

9. Dry Roasted Turmeric Rub:

Turmeric is a popular anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The advantages of turmeric are known to everybody. Take dry turmeric stick charred on a stove. Make a paste of the charred turmeric. Apply the paste to the bridge of the nose. Do not insert it in the nose. It may suffocate your child.

 10. Massaging with Mustard Oil infused with Garlic and Carom Seeds:

Mustard Oil with Garlic and Carom Seeds is what my mother would recommend to treat my child of cough and cold. That is what everyone’s mother would suggest as well. The reason for this is that it is a sure formula to drive off cough and cold from your child’s body. Massage the oil on chest, back and under the feet. It works best when done at night. Let your child inhale the fragrance of carom seeds for best and quick results.

This is how you can do it, Heat one fourth cup of mustard oil. Crush two garlic cloves and add it to the hot oil. Let the garlic turn brown and turn the flame off. Add a little bit of carom seed too with garlic. Now you can use this oil to apply on the chest and feet of your child.

11. Roasted Carom Seeds:

Dry roast Carom (ajwain) seeds on hot pan. Let the seeds crackle well. Make sure you do not over roast and burn the seeds. Take a thin, cotton handkerchief and tie the seeds in the cloth. Now bring this seed bag close to your child’s nose in such a way that he/she can inhale the fragrance. You can also place this seed bag on a hot pan and then on the chest of your child. Ensure that the seed bag is not too hot before placing on the chest.

12. Panikoora:

Panikoora is a plant found in south India. Its leaves are aromatic. These leaves should be shrivelled on a stove top. Once the eaves cool off, place them on the head of your child. The leaves lose all their moisture and become dry. this indicates that the water is absorbed and cures the infant’s cough and cold.

13. Applying Eucalyptus Oil:

Inhaling Eucalyptus oil is the best way of clearing congestion. Apply eucalyptus oil on your child’s chest, back, and feet before sleeping. Let him inhale the same while asleep. It will cure the common cough and cold.

14. Garlic Juice:

Garlic has various health benefits. Use this remedy for kids who are over one year of age. Take some fresh garlic and crush it. Squeeze its juice and mix with very little turmeric powder and honey. The entire concoction should be of just one tea spoon. Give this to your son/ daughter. Garlic juice clears the throat and the cough too.

15. Create a Steam Room:

In your bathroom, fill up hot water. Sit with your child in the bathroom. Let your child inhale the vapor that emanates from the hot running water.

Things to take care about:

When you try home remedies for your child, it is essential to keep a few points in mind.

  • First test every new home remedy on yourself. Once you are assured it wont cause you any problem, proceed to use it on your child.
  • If you are heading to try some remedy that involves consumption of a food item, take it slow. Give your child a little of the food first. Check how his/her body reacts, and then proceed.
  • For all remedies that involve heating up action, check on your skin before placing it on your child’s skin.
  • Consult your pediatrician for your child. Do not ignore medications. They are important for your child.
  • If the remedies do not cure your child, take recourse to the pediatrician immediately. Do not let the fever of your child rise. Too high a fever for a very young child is extremely dangerous and must be treated from a doctor as soon as possible.

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