Pimple on Lip- Causes and 13 Remedies Including Castor Oil, Honey

Pimple on lip

Pimple on Lip

Women have had to face many horror stories all thanks to pimples erupting at all the wrong places in the most appropriate moment. However, the horror magnifies when the pimples erupt right on the lips visible for others to see. Not only that eating, drinking and even talking becomes an ordeal for the lady in question.

Most women tend to take this as the time to stay in their rooms and avoid facing the world outside, but that is truly not required. If you understand why pimples happen and how they can be removed this ordeal of yours may be over even before it starts.


Causes of Pimples on Lip

A pimple is generally formed when the hair follicles get clogged with impurities. Even a sensitive place like your lip line can be a common place for something like that to happen. Apart from that the below mentioned are quite a few reasons why pimples appear in the first place.


  • Oily skin which is quite prone to suffering from acne breakouts.
  • Any reaction to a chemicals which was present in the first-time usage of a cosmetic
  • If you have used any expired lip care or makeup products recently.
  • Certain hormonal changes in the body.
  • Pollution which causes your pores to get clogged.
  • Bad quality makeup which has chemicals that can initiate a breakout.
  • Any skin irritation induced by threading or waxing or any other treatment on the area nearby.
  • Having too much fried and fatty food as part of your diet.
  • Not maintaining basic hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Sometimes the fluoride used in toothpaste may act as a trigger.
  • Habits like excessive smoking.
  • Taking unnecessary stress.


Though some of these factors you can control most of them are out of your hands. In any case, if you have a pimple on your lips the quick you get rid of it the better it is for you. Here are some simple home remedies that you can use to remove them comfortably.


Remedies For Pimples On Lip

1. Castor oil

Mix one tablespoon Castor oil to any other oil like eucalyptus, Neem or basil. Apply it on the pimple and even in the area surrounding the pimple. Leave it for a night, and the effects of the same would start showing. You can also repeat the same treatment during the day especially if the condition is severe. Castor oil works by cleansing and unclogging your pores, and its antibacterial properties are sufficient to keep the acne-causing bacteria away.


2. Lemon juice

Take juice of a freshly cut lemon and use a cotton swab to apply the same on your pimple. Do not wash it off and allow it to dry it on its own. However, if you are amongst those who suffer from sensitive skin, then you might have to dilute the lemon juice before applying it directly. It is suggested to be applied two to three times a day. The lemon has citric acid which has antibacterial properties. Moreover, its astringent properties also act as a quick healer. Make sure not to use bottled lemon juice as that might harm your skin in other ways as well.


3. Honey

You would need raw organic honey to receive proper benefits from its usage. Just apply that honey on the pimple and let it stay like that. Do not remove it or wash it off with soap or even water. Honey has very low pH, and that is why it is capable of treating any bacterial infections comfortably. Also, the low pH helps in the drying of a pimple hence fastening the curing process. For best results use the same twice or thrice until you get relief.


4. Toothpaste

First clean your face and then apply any non-gel toothpaste on the pimple. Leave the same for around 10-15 minutes and later wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth. You can use the treatment twice a day for quick results. Most toothpastes comprise of antibacterial agents and they, in turn, prove useful to you. On the other hand, the presence of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda dry out a pimple and prove beneficial in its treatment. In case you are using the treatment for acne then do not use whitening toothpaste.


5. Hot and cold compress

For the hot compress take some in a bowl. Dip a towel in it and remove all the excess water. Finally, place the towel on the pimple and repeat this treatment as many times in a day as you can. For a cold compress take an ice cube and place it in the towel and apply on the affected area. Leave there for a few minutes and then remove it. Both hot and cold compress reduce the swelling in your skin and increase the blood flow to remove the excess oil present there.


6. Benzoyl peroxide

First wash the area that has been affected and then applies benzoyl peroxide gel to the same. On the tube most likely it would be mentioned for how long the gel needs to be applied. Please adhere to the same. Benzoyl peroxide usually unclogs the pores and also kills any kinds of bacteria which can cause the same. However, in the initial periods of its use the treatment may cause skin irritation and you should consult a doctor if it becomes more severe.


7. Turmeric paste

Add some water to turmeric powder and make a paste. You can apply it on the pimple and leave it for a considerable amount of time. Later you can rinse it off using plain water. It is best if you use this paste at least twice a day. Turmeric has healing properties, and its antimicrobial nature will relieve of a lip pimple and that too without any scar left. However, do not overdo it as it may cause skin inflammation or burning sensation.


8. Tomato

Cut an average sized tomato into small pieces and mash it till it changes into puree form. Now apply the same on your pimple and leave it on for around 10 minutes. Later you can wash the same using plain water. Keep the pulp stored in a refrigerator so that you can use the same again at least three times in the day. The organic acids and vitamin C present in tomato are anti-microbial, and it helps in repairing the damaged cells present in that area.


9. Tea tree oil

Take one or two drops of tea tree oil and mix it with any other oil like olive or coconut oil. Apply it on the pimple and leave it there. You can reapply it to get quick relief. Tea tree oil has a high potency which has been known to kill any a pimple growing organisms. It is for this reason that tea tree oil is found in most such products which aim at removing your acne. However, be careful and never use undiluted tea tree oil as it can harm your skin.


10. Aloe Vera

With its calming properties Aloe Vera proves to be useful in treating you of a miserable pimple on the lips. You need to pick a piece of Aloe Vera and directly apply it to a pimple. If need be massaged it till it is quickly absorbed inside. If you want that the infection should not come back again, then you should dip the plant into turmeric paste and apply.


11. Almonds

One of the quickest method to get rid of lip pimples powdered almonds are mixed with milk to make a thick paste. You can then apply it on the lips and remove it after some time. Apart from being quick, this method is one of the most effective treatments available for lip pimples.


12. Coffee powder

A pinch of coffee powder mixed with water is what is needed as a simple treatment for lip pimples. You can later massage the paste on the pimple, and within no time the pimple will show signs of recovery. What’s more this treatment does not leave any scar which acts as a bonus for you.


13. Papaya

Along with its antioxidants, Papaya is quite suitable for your lip pimples. Mash the same and prepare a face mask and apply on the face or on that area in particular. Not only will a pimple go away you will be rewarded with a glowing skin which would be quite impressive.


Getting a lip pimple is a nightmare which most women would want to avoid. Apart from the pain, the location is quite uncomfortable and adds to the discomfort created. However, if the miserable situation does arise the above treatments would prove highly effective in making it vanish even before the others realise it. Never make the mistake of using more than one treatment at a time as it might prove to be harmful to your skin. To avoid the same from happening again maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your stress levels under control. Also, make sure to use the treatment as soon as you notice a pimple as that increases its efficacy.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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