Top 7 Cancer Hospitals in New York 2018

New York City, considered as the “city that never sleeps”, because of it’s diversification and sparkling intellectual quality life makes New York City the cultural capital of the United States. Where this city is amongst the most populous city in the United States, the people are more work-focused and and often forget to understand their bodies. In the city full of work and opportunities, people miss out on taking care of themselves. So, it’s time for New Yorkers to learn and love their bodies and go for an immediate check-up even if there seems no need for it.

Doctors highly recommend everyone to have their health checked-up once in a while. Now, Cancer being one of the most common chronic diseases in New York and second comes the heart disease being the cause of death. Studies show that, each year, 1,00,000 civilians get diagnosed with Cancer, where it is not only a single disease but a set of over 100 different diseases each with it’s own cause and cure.

Cancer can be found anywhere in the body. Although, cancer appears in both males and females, the kinds varies from males to females, so the chances of developing and the chances of dying, are apparently different, depending upon the type of cancer. Therefore, here we give you an overview of the top cancer hospitals in New York City. Get a healthy checkup and come out happy and stress-free.


Top Cancer Hospitals in New York City:


      1. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:


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Founded in 1884, MSKC center is one of the top ranked cancer treatment centre in the country. The centre has it’s own institution which has ever since became nation’s one of the leading biomedical research institution from the late 1940’s. Today, MSK is composed of 473 inpatient bed; 72,000 sq-ft surgical centre and an advance treatment hub for outpatient ways. The results of patient care is meticulously beyond amazing with nearly 1090 physicians, about 2900 nurses, 24,000 inpatient stays and 6,66,000 outpatient visits. It is strange to know that MSK treats more than 50 types of cancers including breast cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, esophageal cancer, and what not. Here, more than a dozen cancer care teams combine the professional and high skilled specialists to ensure the best possible treatment for cancer. Also, each year they operate across 400 different sub-types of cancer. MSK’s training programs constructs future’s physicians and scientist and other healthcare expertise. Also, it has its education and training centre with candidates doing post doctoral researches, PhD, MD, nursing and medical.

Website: https://www.mskcc.org


    2. Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care:


Source: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire


The renowned cancer specialist and a highly experienced cancer surgeon from Harlem, Harold. P. Freeman, M.D., is the founder of this cancer care centre, it was found in 2000. RLC makes efforts to consultations and screening to understand and decrease the cancer risk which includes HPV Vaccinations, Smoking cessation programs, nutritional counselling and many more to make sure that the patient is very well-known about his disease and its curing procedures including Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, preventive services, etc,. Through their team of medical oncologists, hematologists and surgeons credentialed, they offer a huge range of cancer care services i.e. from screenings and diagnoses to treatment and support. The high skilled doctors are known for their personalised approach to the cancer care patients and guide them through their financial and insurance complexities.

Website: http://www.ralphlaurencenter.org


    3. Perlmutter Cancer Center:


Source: nyulangone


NYU’s Langone’s Perlmutter CancerCentre is nationally known for it’s calibre in Cancer Care in Northeast. PCC is just amongst the few Cancer centres in the Northeast to receive NCI designation (National Cancer Institution). It is specially known for it’s innovative modern technologies to cure cancer and team approach to cancer research. Here, various types of cancer are treated, let’s say, all types of cancers which comes under A-Z alphabets. NYU’s Langone health centre is also known for child’s cancer care or blood disorder whilst providing sentimental support for the child and the whole family. Child’s healthcare team comprises of the primary doctors who pay attention on them everyday and the nurses who have expertise in hematology and oncology, social workers, child life specialists, psychologists, educators, nutritionists and physical therapists are available as well. buy provigil usa https://bloodbornecertification.com PCC also propose guided yoga, pet and horticulture therapy, massages and Reiki for the children and adults.

Website: https://nyulangone.org/locations/perlmutter-cancer-center


    4. New York Presbyterian Hospital:


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New York Presbyterian is merged with the two very eminent medical schools- Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University of Physicians and Surgeon and is uniformly recognised as a leader in medical education, creative research, and innovative, patient-centered clinical care. It is one of the nation’s largest and most embracing hospitals and a leading provider of inpatient, ambulatory, and preventive care in all areas of medicine. With some 2,600 beds and more than 6,500 affiliated physicians and 20,000 employees, NewYork-Presbyterian sees more than 2 million visits yearly, inclusive of nearly 15,000 infant deliveries and more than 3,10,000 emergency department visits. What’s more? Here, apart from Cancer, many diseases are treated i.e. from allergy to surgery to anxiety problems. NYP Hospital gives extra care to all its patients and make them feel as comfortable they can be. There is no wonder that NYP is ranked as the top hospital for it’s medical and surgical services nationwide.


Website : http://www.nyp.org


   5. South Nassau Hospital :


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For every health suffering faced, for every health challenge life puts in and to support you to stay healthy as possible, South Nassau gives the best possible outcome for any type of cancer one faces. South Nassau maintains the tradition of excellence in achieving every patient’s trust and showing them the best results. Also, awards like Top Performer on Key Quality measures, Top Nursing Care have been received by South Nassau and comes under one of the best cancer hospitals in New York. Located in Oceanside, South Nassau is an award winning, 455 bed, acute care teaching hospital which serves the entire South Shore.

Website : https://www.southnassau.org/sn


   6. UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre:


Source: CREXi.com


UPMC gives you a perfect environment to boldly face your cancer giving you confidence in facing it and fighting it. Designated by the National Cancer Institute, the only comprehensive cancer center in the entire region. Also, it has nearly more than 60 locations where UPMC is situated, satisfied with the fact that, hospital is somewhere nearby. It provides the highest level of clinical care to the 74,000 patients treated at its facilities each year while performing cutting-edge cancer research, UPMC takes proper and fullest care of its patients and their family members.

Website : http://hillman.upmc.com


7. Maimonides Cancer Center:


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Maimonides, located in Brooklyn, New York is the only full-service cancer hospital in Brooklyn. By integrating ultra-disciplinary care with leading-edge research and technologies, the center offers personalised cancer treatments and services that address the person as a whole, apart from the disease. Achieving one of only 26 hospitals in the nation an outstanding patient outcomes in all three categories measured by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services i.e. heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia. It comes under the “Top 10” list of hospitals in all three categories. A-Z cancer service is provided in this hospital. It’s Surgery Department has experts in all major surgical sub-specialties viz., cardiac, Neuro, Thoracic, Urologic and Orthopaedic divisions and are recognised as among the best in the United States. Here, specially, Heart & Vascular Center is ranked among the top 1% in the nation. The recent news about Maimonides is that it is number 1 in New York State in Cardiac Angioplasty and Stents.

Website : https://www.maimonidesmed.org



Now that it is known that cancer is one of the persistent disease in New York City, it is recommended to have a regular check-up and keep yourself healthy as possible. Most of the cancer hospitals in New York have been awarded as the best hospitals across the nation and the above mentioned are amongst them. Go in, check-up, come out and live healthily ever after.

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