Can CBD oil be used for Anxiety ?


Anxiety is an emotion, which can soon turn into a medical disorder if experienced excessively. This condition is treatable but failure in timely diagnosis can worsen the situation and can turn into long-time stress. It can be accompanied by excessive nervousness, worry, apprehension, fear, and stress.

Recently, the WHO has released a list of factors contributing to mental and physical disabilities and anxiety stands sixth amongst these.

Anxiety has the ability to alter emotions and behavior, affecting the day to day activities of a person. From unusual thoughts coming into the mind to increased heart rate, a person can go through a range of physical and mental symptoms.

Primary reasons contributing to Anxiety

  • Excessive workload
  • Problems in relationship
  • Genetics
  • Prolonged recovery from any injury
  • Imbalance in hormones
  • Withdrawal symptoms ( from illicit drugs)
  • Excessive stress
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Disturbed past life events
  • Intake of an excessive amount of sugar or caffeine

Treatment For Anxiety

There are various ways of treating anxiety that consist of a combination of various behavioral therapies and medication. Though certain medications can treat anxiety disorders, they are accompanied by various side effects like sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and headache.

CBD oil for Anxiety

Over the last decade, people have started using CBD oil owing to the health benefits associated with the same. It has shown promising results in treating problems like anxiety and depression without having any side effects. In fact, in 2018 the United States legalized this drug due to its long-lasting health benefits. CBD oil has, in fact, become the best herbal medicine for fighting anxiety disorders.

How CBD oil helps in dealing with anxiety ?

If you are one of those people who are finding it really difficult to tolerate the side effects of psychiatric treatments including medication and therapies, then using any of the cannabis products like CBD oil is the perfect alternative for you.

Various human and animal studies have shown that all the products containing cannabis as the primary product are effective in treating problems like anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer, sclerosis and stress. Further, it also helps in regulating blood pressure and helps in preventing inflammation.

The chemical compounds present in CBD oil, act on cannabinoid receptors that further help to reform the transmitters released in the brain. These transmitters have different effects on different parts of the body.

There is an endocannabinoid system in the human body that helps in regulating various functions like appetite, sleep, pain, brain responses as well as the immune system. CBD impacts the reception activities of this specialized system, thus providing relief from pain, stress and mental tension.

Marijuana was primarily used to treat such mental conditions a few years ago but was banned due to its brain-altering effects. CBD oil has the same chemical components as those found in marijuana, but these compounds have been shown to have no side effects. The best part about using CBD for treating anxiety is that the person doesn’t get addicted to it.

Can the use of CBD oil make you high?

As CBD oil is extracted from marijuana plants, many of us avoid consuming out of the fear of getting “high”. But to everyone’s surprise, CBD lacks any sort of psychoactive effects on the brain, thus the question of getting high after consuming the same doesn’t arise at all.

If you are still not convinced with the fact, keep in mind that most of the developed nations like the US and UK have legalized the usage of hemp oil, CBD oil, and many other cannabidiol products.

However, the permission comes with certain conditions:

  • It can only be sold if recommended by a medical practitioner.
  • Only products approved from authorities can be put for sale.
  • The content of THC in all these products especially CBD oil must be less than 0.3%.

Can a person get addicted to CBD oil?

For this simple question, we will give a straightforward answer and that is no. Because of the absence of psychoactive effects, there is no chance that a person can get addicted to it. In fact, various other medicines used to overcome problems like anxiety can make the person addictive and thus using CBD oil is one the safest options.

Other than treating anxiety, CBD oil has the following benefits:

  • Gives relief from pain
  • CBD Oil can help in preventing the after-effects of cancer treatment
  • It can help to get over drug addiction
  • This Oil can help to prevent cardiovascular problems like heart attack and heart stroke

Side effects of CBD Oil

Every medication has side effects and so does CBD oil, but these side effects are relatively mild and the impact is not long lasting.

The most common side effects of using CBD oil are:

  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea ( only in severe cases)

To avoid these unpleasant side effects, a person should start with a mild dosage of CBD oil and should only increase the amount if it suits his body and immune system. Also, consumption of water after every dose may help to reduce the intensity of these side effects.

Word of caution

Though CBD oil has been legalized, the dosage is still a matter of concern because of the presence of THC. All the certified products have less than .3% of THC as it is considered normal. But if you consume CBD oil excessively, then bear in mind that the percentage of THC consumption will also increase, which is certainly not healthy and not legally correct. Also, smoking CBD instead of using it in oil or pill form can pose some serious health concerns.

Use CBD oil in moderate quantities to ensure that you don’t land up in legal or medical hassles.

A brief about anxiety

Symptoms of anxiety

  • Increased heart and pulse rate
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Social incompatibility
  • Discomfort in the abdomen
  • Loss of Appetite

Types of anxiety

1. Panic disorder

These are sudden attacks because of intense terror or some frightful activity. This anxiety attack can lead to problems like confusions, dizziness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, shaking and insomnia. Panic attacks pick the pace after ten minutes and may last for several hours.

2. GAD (Generalized anxiety disorder)

Generalized anxiety disorder, is one of the most common anxiety disorder which can easily become a chronic mental disorder if not taken care on time. This type of anxiety can arise from any nonspecific event of life.

3. Phobia

If a person has any specific phobia from a certain object or situation, it can also lead to mental irritation and fear. However, unlike other anxiety disorders, this one is situation specific.

4. Selective mutism

This type of anxiety is usually experienced by children where they encounter the feeling of fear and threat. They might have excellent communication skills otherwise, but certain situations make them unable to speak and express their thoughts.

5. Agoraphobia

This is the kind of anxiety disorder, where a person develops the fear of a certain place, events or situations. One must not confuse this fear with a phobia as they may overcome the same after a certain period of time.

6. Social Anxiety

People suffering from this anxiety disorder fear the judgment that people may pass for them. They fear public embarrassment and thus avoid socializing with people.

7. Separation anxiety

People suffering from anxiety after separating from someplace, thing or person. They fear security and sometimes lead to panic attacks as well.

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