Top 11 Cafes to Visit in New York City

New Yorkers love their Java, and on every corner, you’ll find a Starbucks. New York boasts to be one of the busiest city in the world, and to keep people fueled, it boasts of having a wide array of coffee shops. Whether you’re looking for a great pour-over, or if it’s an iced coffee, or maybe a frothy latte, New York has the best to offer. Today, New York’s coffee landscape couldn’t be more robust: serious coffee bars that roast in-house using top-quality beans, and then brew those beans with precision and dedication. Whether your tastes skew toward bright-tasting light roasts, or you prefer a muddy dark coffee, you don’t have to travel across much to find an excellent partner for your morning bagel in New York. Here is a list of 11 of the best coffee houses located in  New York.


Cafes in New York-


  1. Third Rail


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The cafe is tiny but charming, featuring a handsome dark wood counter loaded with thick, chewy bars from Outlaw Granola. The west village coffee-house is more than just java. The provided atmosphere is counterculture for the artsy crowd of NYC. Their espresso and iced-lattes are renown.

  1. Happy Bones



The owners pay homage to the espresso culture of New Zealand, where they grew up, in NYC style. This trendy cafe lies in the heart of the district, and inspires the typical energy of the bustling city. They’ve social art and interesting publications, as décor. They certainly don’t fail anyone with their great selection of teas, and coffees.


  1. Indie Fresh

There are individual-sized tables just big enough for you and your laptop, book, or magazine, and your latte or espresso. The coffee is incredible. Solitude blends with a comfortably social environment, and the atmosphere fits that of a true indie café. Along with a curious name, they also offer a unique experience.

  1. Kobrick Coffee Co.

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This is 98-year-old, 4 generation grown company runs “taste our work” shop in Manhattan, just across the Hudson, making it possible to showcase their variety of coffee to potential wholesale customers and patrons alike. Traditionally roasters, the vision was to brew coffee, that inspires the same energy, as that of the lights of the city. They offer great taste, and even cocktails are available.

5. Devocion



Located in Williamsburg, this cafe serves carefully sourced Colombian coffee. The cafe is a brick lined space, filled with leather sofas, it gives of a vintage feel to its patrons. This particular cafe rules the whole area of Brooklyn.

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  1. Abraço Espresso


Accidental physical contact in this tiny cafe, is a small price to pay, for the reward of excellent espresso drinks and bold, brewed-to-order drip coffee, from Blue Bottle (one of the top cafes in Los Angeles) -trained baristo Jamie McCormick, plus excellent tapas-style plates and baked goods from chef/partner Liz Quijada, formerly of nearby vegan bakery Babycakes. The name, which means hug in Portuguese, really does give you the embrace of warmth of the local people.

  1. Box Kite, East Village



Box Kite’s beans  are sourced from small, hands-on roasters such as Grand Rapids’ Madcap and San Francisco’s Ritual. It’s a coffee bar by day, and serious menu tasting restaurant by night.


  1. Birch Coffee, Flatiron


Birch’s coffee runs the gamut from bright, clean-tasting light roast from Honduras to chocolaty dark beans from Burundi. This particular location features huge glass plate windows, exposed brick beams and particularly extensive lending library. It also has its shops at other locations.


  1. Cafe Grumpy, Chelsea


With seven locations started since they began in 2005, Grumpy’s is a standard in New York coffee. They take away your grumpiness with their class, culture, and a lot of caffeine. This particular cafe is housed inside a beautiful 20th Street brownstone, bright orange walled. It projects a decidedly un-grumpy vibe, and on warm days the shady back garden is the perfect spot to enjoy an icy glass of Grumpy’s turbo-strength cold brew.


  1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Greenwich Village



Stumptown is a micro coffee chain which bred and originated in Portland. This branch located particularly features scream Portland with coffered ceilings, a wood bar made of walnut and hand-screened wallpaper. From French press to Aeropress, they offer a variety.


  1. Intelligentsia, Chelsea


This is one of the country’s oldest and most widely celebrated coffee chains. It serves coffee sourced from some of globe’s most expert coffee growing nations. The cafe, small zinc-topped bar is nestled inside the stylish lobby of the High Line Hotel. They brew the beans with a variety of methods, which includes single-cup V60 pour-overs, and even siphon brews. Once you are done with your caffeine intake, you can visit the East Coast beaches not far from city.

So what are you waiting for? Add these to your list of must visit Cafes, and explore the variety of Caffeine from New York. They are bound to leave you wanting for more.

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