Best 11 Cafes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is filled with a variety of Coffee Houses. Cafes in here, source their own beans and roast them, providing to the exact urge of Angelenos. From morning coffee fill to a shot of espresso to stay awake while working, Angelenos need a lot of coffee, and so as to fill their needs a lot of coffee shops are available in every part of Los Angeles City. A variety of Cafes are now a brand of their own and have their own chains. Here is a list of cafes in Los Angeles that serve the best Coffee:-


Best Cafes in Los Angeles


1. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen


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The Cafe has an iconic sign which says, “But first, coffee,” which speaks about the core focus of the coffee house: coffee. The Cafe uses Stumptown Beans and pumps out plenty of espressos and cold-brew coffees. Los Angeles has 9 Alfred Cafes out of which 3 are Tea-rooms, all instagrammable with invigorating coffee.


2. Intelligentsia, Los Angeles


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Intelligentsia is a brand of coffee roasters, and what started as a coffee bar back then is today a chain of some of the best cafes in the world. Los Angeles has 3 Intelligentsia coffee houses, with the Silver Lake one the most popular. The signature Angeleno beverage features a quadruple shot of espresso shaken with milk, agave, and ice.


3. Blacktop Coffee


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This is one of the best grab-and-go coffee shops. Situated in an old building, this coffee house is a casual place featuring espressos at their best. All the top-of-the-line equipment are used to make sure that the brew remains true and fresh.


4. Go Get Em Tiger


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The menu includes espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, and the phenomenal G&B Shake for the regular customers and they take it a step ahead with breakfast and brunches. There are two outlets while the interior is all blond wood with pops of blue, with custom designed cups.


5. Philz Coffee


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Philz Coffee specializes in custom-blended coffees and originated in San Fransisco. With 2 outlets here in Los Angeles this is a very laid back Coffee House offering Teas, Pastries and of course the delicious Coffee. The whole of Philz Coffee focuses on making drip coffee.


6. Verve Coffee Roasters


Image Source- Daily Coffee News


The name in itself is enough to grab people’s attention. Santa Cruz based coffee specialist serves the java here with aesthetics that are to die for. Spacious, comfortable, and inviting are the right words in the context of Verve Roasters. With 3 outlets, Verve serves a lineup of espressos and pour over while also offering cold-brew. They also serve juices, tea and probiotic drinks.


7. Urth Caffe, Downtown, Los Angeles


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The Urth store started with the focus of providing the masses with organic, healthy coffee. Then came the cafe part that was started at the Manhattan Beach, CA. This coffee house chain in Downtown LA has its own loyal clientele that loves the place and the health-conscious coffee. Even with all the hustle-bustle, this place serves an extensive American menu.


8. Blue Bottle Coffee


Image Source- Los Angeles Downtown News


There can not be a list of Cafes in Los Angeles without this name in it. No Coffee lover remains oblivious to the name Blue Bottle. With over 12 Coffee shops in the same region of L.A. Blue Bottle is recognised as the serious coffee specialist with a minimalist airy setting for ambience. Blue Bottle is renown for bringing revolution in how roasted coffee was used and served and still remains one of the best cafes to visit in all the cities that it has its chain.


9. G & B Coffee


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The co-owners quit a reputed roaster company to start their own business which later turned into this sophisticated coffee house. Wraparound relaxed counter dispenses the coffee while they also serve teas & pastries. The Baristas have their own quirky way of approach towards the making of the coffee.


10. Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Image Source- Brews’N Bros


Stumptown roasted beans are used by many cafes because of their high quality. Apart from roasting, Stumptown is known for their signature cold-brew. In L.A. there are two coffee houses of Stumptown and both target on the brand’s focus: coffee, its roasting and the flavour. One of the cafes located in Arts district is quintessentially Hipster spot.


11. Endorffeine


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Endorffeine word comes from a combination of Endorphin and Caffeine. The focus of this cafe is to give you the rush from both in the minimalist setting of the coffee bar. The scientist, now Barista owner, brews all the coffees and the signature serve involves strong iced lattes flavoured with unique combinations like palm-sugar whiskey and vanilla-pandan.


As long as we get our fill of Coffee, things in our life cannot be all bad; problems can be fixed by coffee and ice-cream. So what are you guys waiting for? Hop in one of these cafes to get your fair share of Java, while embracing the hustle of Los Angeles.

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