Low Cholesterol Breakfast

16 Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipes for Healthy You


When we are starting our day, after a heavy workout or maybe a perfect sleep, we try to grab foods that would be healthy and hearty, preferably low on cholesterol. Amidst all the chores, thinking about something healthy just in the morning can be really tedious, thus, we at ExtraChai curated a list, just for … Continued

healthy cake recipes

5 Delicious and Healthy Birthday Cake Recipes


Who doesn’t like to eat cakes? They are a comfort food for many of us. Biting into a scrumptious piece of chocolate cake can mark the perfect end to an otherwise crappy day. And birthday cakes are just an excuse to gorge on some more cakes! But in today’s day and age when watching your … Continued

8 Delicious Dessert Recipes for Vegans


Vegan desserts are hard to find in some countries and if found, you can’t be sure of the taste. Most of the vegans miss their desserts for their sweet tooth. So let’s give a benefit of doubt and check out these recipes below.   8 Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes 1. Vegan Apple Crisp “An apple … Continued

vegan ice cream recipe

11 Home Made Vegan Ice Cream and Sorbet Recipes


  Is it too difficult to be a vegan? Lot of you might be very much confused about whether to have an ice-cream being a vegan. Looking at an ice-cream scoop on the next table may look like the world has gone down crashing. If you have so much love for ice-cream, then why not … Continued

millet recipes

6 Healthy and Easy to Make Millet Recipes


Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely known around the world as cereal crops/grains. In appearance they are round-shaped, tiny seeds and come in color like yellow, white, grey or white. Millets are high in nutrition content. In relation to rice and wheat, millets are three to five times more nutritionally superior … Continued

coffee scrub

10 DIY Coffee Scrub Recipes for Glowing Skin


Body scrubs are a good and wonderful way for achieving smooth, glowing skin. Don’t buy all the expensive off-the-shelf scrubs when you can easily whip up some yummy scrubs at home. Any girl should know the multiple body scrub benefits for her skin. But you don’t need to run to your nearest parlor every time … Continued

cranberry recipes

8 Delicious Easy to Make Cranberry Recipes- Juice, Sauce


Cranberry is an unusual crop native to American and Canadian territories in the early winters. They are also called large cranberry, American cranberry and bearberry.  It’s not only used as a food but also has medicinal usage. These are grown commercially as cash crops, many a times in artificial ponds called cranberry bogs. The article provides many Cranberry … Continued

15 Easy to Make Delicious Egg Recipes


In this age where people look for healthier food options, many opt out eggs. But, the opposite is the truth. There are a lot of health benefits of eggs for our body. They contain lots of important nutrients which our body needs for daily wear and tear, growth and development. Even in a diet control … Continued

Recipes of quinoa

6 Delicious Recipes of Quinoa


Quinoa is a nutritious and healthy food. It is loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants. Also, it contains a small amount of omega-3 fatty acid which is an essential fat you get from your diet. Hence, quinoa is organic gluten-free cereal which is gaining potential all over the world as a superfood. The … Continued

6 Delicious Collard Green Recipes


Collard greens are a special type of vegetables of the cruciferous family having dark green leaves and sturdy stems. They form a staple of the southern US cooking and hold a special place in the heart and table of true Southerners. Characteristic plants of this group include kale, cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, brussels sprouts, rutabaga, … Continued

5 Easy to Make Sweet Potato Recipes- Includes Pie


How many people do really care about knowing to cook, when we have the facility of having a cook. But what’s cooking in the Kitchen? Carbs? Cholesterol? Diabetes? Well, it depends on how aware an individual is about what’s on his plate. Given the fitness culture as of now people tend to look for foods … Continued

Top 7 Deliciously Healthy Spinach Recipes


Popeye was indeed strong enough as he repeatedly savored on the superfood called spinach. This leafy green vegetable is a low-calorie package with tons of nutrients, vitamins, iron, proteins, and minerals. It is not only beneficial for bone health and immune system but also nourishes our hair and skin. Understanding the importance of consuming spinach, … Continued