What are Blemishes? Top 15 Home Remedies to Treat Blemishes

What are Blemishes?

A blemish is any kind of mark, discoloration, flaw or spot on the skin. Thus, Blemish is an umbrella term that covers all kinds of skin problems that you may be facing from time to time. It includes acne, pimples, blackheads, white heads, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and all such kinds skin problems.

These may sound a general problem affecting all people due to stressful mode of life, the pollution, eating junk foods and such related unhealthy life style patterns. But as much common as it gets, it isn’t exactly fine to generalize these skin problems as they are a flaw that strike the tissue of your skin. Just like you need other organs to be healthy, you need a healthy skin too, free of any bacteria and germs acting together causing these flaws.

4 Causes of Blemishes:

1. Oily Skin:

The cause of blemishes remains more or less the same. The excessive oil deposit under the layers of your skin is responsible for a blemish. Micro organisms and external impurities often interplay in such oily skin and form a breeding ground in the face of acne and pimples on your skin. It is thus extremely essential to get rid off these.

Now the question here arises, what exactly causes the extra oil to develop on your skin? Lets blame it upon your food habits. Eating too much oily food could be responsible for this. Also, external exposure causes your skin to be marred by pollution. This marring is going to cause oil sediments to deposit on your skin.

2. Viruses:

Some blemishes, like cold sores, are caused by viruses, such as HSV-1. The varicella-zoster virus (VZV) causes chickenpox.

3. Infections:

Certain kinds of skin infections can be responsible for leaving blemishes over your skin. To name one such infection is fungal acne that affects the hair follicle. This condition is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and causes pustules to form.

4. Sun Exposure:

The harmful UV rays of the sun causes skin tans and burns. These burns lead to discoloration and uneven skin tone. They also cause red rashes on your skin. Exposure to harmful UV rays is also a major cause of Skin Cancer.

Colors of Different Kinds of Blemishes:

Blemishes can be of various kinds and colors. The following are the colors of blemishes that appear on your skin:


Blemishes that are red in color are generally acne, pimples, sun tans, discoloration due to pigmentation, allergic reactions, in grown hair and cold sores.


Your white heads are coloured white. They may thus also not be much noticeable especially if your skin has a fair complexion.


Blackheads are black in color. They are nothing but pimples without a skin covering on the top. They are often caused due to pollution and dirt settlement over the layer of your skin.

Now that we briefly know the problem and the cause of the problem too, it is pertinent to also provide you with a solution for the same. Keeping these remedies very low cost and affordable, here’s an attempt to help you achieve the ideal skin type you’ve been longing for!

Top 20 Home Remedies to Treat Blemishes:

1. Baking Soda Mask for treating Blacheads:

Baking Soda is the most available option to treat blackheads. They exfoliate the skin. All you need to do is just make a thick mask of baking soda and water. Apply this to the affected areas. Blackheads are usually found to target the nose area. Apply this on the blackheads and then scrub it for some time. After about 10-15 minutes of scrubbing, you can wash it off. Try replacing apple cider vinegar in place of water to be mixed with baking soda. Apple Cider Vinegar is the perfect solution to beat the bacterial built up on your skin pores.

2. Manually Squeezing out the Blackheads:

There are steps to follow while you manually clean the black heads.

Firstly, wash your face with water thoroughly.

Secondly, Take steam. Let it reach the areas where you notice black heads formation. Continue taking steam for about 10-15 minutes.

Next, lightly tap your face dry. Do not do it vigorously.

Lastly, with tissue wrapped around your fingers, gently press the blackheads. Continue to squeeze them upwards until they are completely removed. Be gentle on your skin. You may not have all the blackheads popped out in a single go. Try it more than once but on different days of the week. Being too harsh on your skin will make it swell.

After you’re done popping the blackheads, apply a simple toner to close the pores which were occupied by the blackheads otherwise other impurities will occupy this space.

3. Papaya Face Mask for Acne:

Use a squashed papaya and add aloe vera gel and sandalwood powder to this paste. Rub it on your face. Papaya has anti-microbial properties which fights the bacteria responsible for causing acne and pimples on your face. Rub this solution for about 10 minutes and let it rest for another 10 minutes until dry. Then with cool, clean water; wash your face off.

Repeat this twice to thrice a week for quicker results.

4. Cucumber and Aloevera mask for blemishes:

Having a skin burn or an increasingly painful skin tan? The sun’s harmful rays have meddled with your sensitive skin. Do not worry. Try this solution for instant relief:

Blend Cucumber and Aloe Vera gel together in a blender.

Apply this to your affected area of blemish due to skin tan.

Let it rest for say about 15 minutes.

The cooling agents of both cucumber and aloe vera will soothe your skin and you will be relieved of the pain and burning sensation instantly.

4. Tomato Puree for Pimples:

Blend a small tomato.

Rub it on your face for 10 minutes.

Repeat this thrice a week.

Tomatoes consist of mild acids which maintain the skin’s pH balance. They also clean the skin off the impurities.

5. Drink lots of Water to Keep Blemishes away:

This is the best Home Remedy to solve your skin problems. Water is the most natural cleansing agent of your entire body, not only just skin. It cleanses the skin off the excess oil that is responsible for blemishes like acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Just sprinkling some clean water 2-3 times a day will also give you good results by keeping your facial skin clean.

6. Fuller’s Earth for Oily Skin:

An oily skin is the root cause of most blemishes. The skin needs some amount of oil to keep itself moisturized but way too much of oil can be a breeding space for viruses, fungal infections and bacteria.

To control your overly oily skin, just apply Herbal Clay, also known as Multani Mitti on your face. To make a mask, Take the required amount of herbal clay in a bowl and add rose water to it. Adjust the consistency which must be thin just enough for it to be applied on your skin. Do not make it too runny.

The herbal clay extracts the excess oil from your skin and also makes your skin tone look more even.

7. Gram Flour Face Mask:

How to Make the Mask?

Take 1 tea spoon of gram flour. Add a pinch of turmeric to it. Make a paste by adding some water. Apply this on your face and let it rest until it dries.

This mask will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will drain your skin off excessive oil and secondly, the turmeric acts to defeat the microbial actions on your skin.

8. Lemon Juice for your Blemishes:

Rubbing Lemon Juice on  your face will enrich it with Vitamin C. Try this for a month to lighten the effects of blemishes on your face.

9. Egg Whites for Blemishes:

Rubbing Egg whites on your face lightens the marks left behind by blemishes like Acne and Pimples. These may disappear but they leave behind red and brown spots that often become difficult to remove. Rub Egg whites on your face to lighten these spots. Continue this for a month for best results.

10. Potato to lighten Blemishes:

Grate a potato. Squeeze the grated potato and extract the water into a separate bowl. Use this water to rub over your face. The starch in potatoes will clean your skin and lighten the effects of blemishes. Apply the juice and let it stay for 15 minutes for optimal results.

11. Orange Peel Paste:

Grind the orange peel and make a fine powder. Add some honey to the powder. Rub this on your skin. The granules of the orange peel will act as a scrub and clear the skin pores off all impurities. Use this mask for 2-3 times a week for a youthful glow.

12. Banana Peel for Redness:

Banana peel, when rubbed over the skin that has developed blemishes, will make even the skin that has become red. This can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Apply the peel directly on your skin. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Now wash the skin with cold and clean water. You will notice the changes after a few attempts.

13. Honey for Moisturizing Effects:

Often, your skin begins to lose its natural color due to dryness. This usually happens during winter season. This may not exactly be a blemish but it leads to uneven skin tone over your face. Applying honey on your skin will keep it moisturized and soft in such extreme weather conditions.

14. Yogurt Mask to clear Blemishes:

Add half a tea spoon of gram flour to 2 table spoons of yogurt. Apply this paste on your face. The lactic acid in yogurt acts on your skin to fight the bacteria.

15. Oatmeal for Blemishes:

Grind the oatmeal into a fine powder. Add some milk and apply on your face. Let this rest for some time until it dries. Oatmeal with a combination of milk will heal the skin off any effects of blemishes.

Your Blemishes are more or less treatable with all of these home remedies and that also nearly at no cost. However, if they continue to persist even after trying these home remedies then you must ensure medical assistance without any further delay at all. For more such skin solutions, also check out 11 DIY masks.

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