8 Best Vitamin C Supplements for Body

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin found in many foods. Also known as ascorbic acid, it is a great antioxidant for our body which helps to protect cells from a number of damages usually caused by free radicals. Our body also needs Vitamin C to synthesis collagen which is a protein essential to heal wounds. Moreover, Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from plant based foods and improves the immune system, hence, protecting from many diseases. Here we look at best Vitamin C supplements for our body.

While many multivitamins have Vitamin C, it is also available in capsules which alone provide it as a dietary supplement. This article lists some of the best Vitamin C supplements for body.

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Doctor's Best Vitamin C with Quali-C 1000 mg
Viva Naturals Premium Non-GMO Vitamin C 
Amazing Formulas Vitamin C
NATURELO Bone Strength
Advanced Collagen Supplement
Vitron-C High Potency Iron Supplement with Vitamin C
Garden of Life Vitamin C
NOW Vitamin C-1000 Sustained Release


Best Vitamin C Supplements 

1. Doctor’s Best Vitamin C with Quali-C 1000 mg

Known to be the best Vitamin C supplements, these are manufactured in Scotland and are renowned for its quality and results. It makes the metabolism faster and enhances the body’s total antioxidant potential. 

These are gluten-free, vegan, Non-Gmo and soy free. One capsule should be taken each day, with or without food, to see best results.

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2. Viva Naturals Premium Non-GMO Vitamin C 

These are high quality Vitamin C capsules, with premium quality of Quali-C and best for boosting immunity in human body. Adding to its benefits, it is a rich source of citrus bioflavonoids which extend an additional antioxidant support.

Viva Naturals Vitamin C are also known to fight free radicals and cell damaging molecules, hence fighting any signs of aging. Supplying high Vitamin C to our body also keeps our hair, skin, nails and joints healthy, making us look ever young and glowing. 

These Non-Gmo capsules are easy to swallow and veggie friendly. This is a pesticide and impurities free formula, providing a whole 1000mg of Vitamin C

1 capsule should be taken with meal each day for best results.

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3. Amazing Formulas Vitamin C

This is one of the easiest way to get Vitamin C,in the best form possible. This is a unique formula combining 1000mg of Vitamin C, 20 mg of Rosehip extract and 25 mg of Citrus Bioflavonoids complex. Hence, it perfectly extends all the benefits of Vitamin C to its consumers. 

It is a natural antioxidant which delivers anti-aging benefits and boosts the immune functioning in our body. It is also a great form of detoxification for all the cells of our body ensuring an over all well being.

Amazing Formula products are manufactured with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), one of the highest standards in the world. 

All the products are manufactured in USA.

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4. NATURELO Bone Strength

Contains 100% natural ingredients like Raw Calcium from Algae, Vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherries, Plant-Sourced Vitamin D3 from Lichen.

Naturelo has better calcium absorption since it is made up of 9 essential components like Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Boron, Silicon, as well as, Vitamins C, D, & K.

This holistic formula provides 600mg of Elemental Calcium, which have a series of powerful benefits. Moreover it claims to be 100% pure, gluten free and does not contain  GMOs, Soy, Yeast, Dairy, Eggs, Corn, Nuts, Caffeine, Coloring, Preservatives, or Flavoring. Free of Animal By-Products. 

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Hence it is highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

5. Advanced Collagen Supplement

Collagen being the primary content which provides protein, is super healthy for skin, nails and hair. An extra amount of collagen can aide in hair and nails growth, also contributing to a glowing skin. Moreover, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles from the face, resulting in youthful skin.

Apart from external benefits, it also provides strength to bones and joints of our body which highly reduces the risk of fractures and ligament ruptures.

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These are vegetarian and vegan friendly capsules. A 120 casule bottle, suffices 1 month supply.



6. Vitron-C High Potency Iron Supplement with Vitamin C

This unique formula combines the benefits of iron and Vitamin C, which helps in more effective absorption of iron.

1 tablet recommended each day, it is easy on stomach and works well for the ones with constipation problems. For patients with low levels of iron in their body, this works wonders as each capsule provides 65mg of elemental iron and Vitamin C put together.

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7. Garden of Life Vitamin C

One of the best Vitamin C supplements for vegetarians and vegans, this one stands essential for tissue repair, better vision and for bone and cartilage formation. This is a raw form of Vitamin C which provides support to heart, boosts immunity, gives healthy skin and increases memory and concentration. 

Enriched with probiotics and enzymes, it it great for digestive system, thus extending an additional nutritional support.

These capsules are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and non-GMO with No Binders or Fillers. 

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8. NOW Vitamin C-1000 Sustained Release

NOW has been a company which has been meeting health needs by providing affordable and high quality products from a time when healthy food and natural supplements weren’t a common knowledge. This is a 50 year old, family owned company which has stuck to its half a century old mission.

Known to have a sustained release, it contains rose hips and plays an important role in boosting the immune system. Rich in antioxidants, it protects our body from free radicals and harms caused by them.

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This is a Non-GMO, Vegan and Vegetarian product. It is free of eggs, gluten, dairy and any added sugar.



Hence, Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for our body since it is water soluble. It is much needed to fight the free radicals and for better digestion and immunity. It’s extremely great for face and skin. You can check the Best Vitamin C Serums for face. While Vitamin C should be your ultimate go to, there are more natural sources and supplements available which can fulfill the antioxidant needs of our body. You can refer to best antioxidants supplements available on amazon. Your can also know some natural sources of antioxidants

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