Best 5 Videos to Learn Phonetics

“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget!”  Rightly said by Alfred Mercier. We all are well aware about the fact that the lessons, which are made interesting and learnt in an unconventional way, can never be forgotten. For the children who are too small to understand what education is and its importance, it becomes vital for the parents or teachers to make them visualize things and make them learn. One such idea is to learn phonetics.


What is phonetics?


Phonetics is a study of speech or sound of letters that we pronounce while communicating in a particular language. Phonics stems form the Greek word ‘Phono’ which means sound that each of the 26 alphabets has, which assist us to read the words in a correct manner.

For example if a child has to read the word ‘cat’. He/she should be well aware of the sound of each alphabet ‘c-a-t’, and thus by blending sound of all the three alphabets will help him/her to read the word correctly. If the child is instead unaware of the proper sound of the letters he/she will fail to pronounce the word properly. That is why it becomes important for a child to get thorough with the phonetics.


Why is it important to study phonetics?


Phonics is a unique way of learning language where the sounds and physical properties of human speech are studied. This pattern of learning and reading is considered one of the most effective and easy methods today.

It is highly essential for children to learn phonics in their initial stage of education. Though many parents do not find it vital for the children to learn this pattern as they feel that the child might eventually master over pronouncing of words as and when they come across it. Their view may look plausible but they are not actually correct.

The National Reading Panel indicates that learning phonics may help a child in many ways. Firstly it is important for a child to spell the word and then pronounce it by joining the sounds of individual alphabet to read out the word correctly. Children have problem in reading the words, as they are not well aware about the exact sounds of the alphabets, which leads to loss in their interest towards reading. Thus phonics helps them to enhance their reading skills and also their efficiency in it.



Another most important part of reading or speaking English is fluency the child holds. If the child is not able to read or speak fluently with correct sounds, which are even called proper pronunciation of words, it becomes difficult to understand what he/she is speaking. On other hand if the child has well reversed his phonics the fluency in reading and speaking automatically increases.


So here are the top 5 videos to help your children learn phonetics in an easy manner-


1. ChuChu TV



This is one of those videos where your child can learn the alphabets, their sound and also some vocabulary related to those letters.


2.  Kids TV 123



One of the best and most preferred videos for the children who love to watch, sing and learn poems as this video helps each child learn through a poetic experience.


3. Dave and Ava



Another one for those restless children who learn by dancing, singing and enjoying animated characters shown in the video. This will definitely make children learn phonetics faster and in a better way.


4. ABCkidTV



The 3D animation along with excellent soundtrack makes this video stand out. Children nowadays love animated characters and the playful way of learning wherein this video fulfills all these interesting way of learning.


5. RC Bernard



This video not only teaches phonics but also enhances child’s vocabulary. It has a small poem for each letter, which can help he child to learn the phonetics, and also some new words along with it.

Phonetics also has a step further where the children learn ‘blends’. Blends are when two or more consonants are joined together to make a particular sound. For example, ‘bl’, ‘ch’, ‘ph’, ‘ck’, ‘th’ etc. There are numerous blends that help child to know how blending of consonants work. This can be done once the child is well versed with the phonetics and is able to read the basic 2 or 3 letter word properly.



The above video shows how 3 letter words can be blended easily to read a particular word by moving consonant and short family word closer. Starting with the 3 letter words your child can slowly step up the ladder and become proficient in reading 4 to 5 letter words by enough practice everyday.


So lets make this summer holidays fun as well as easy way of learning phonetics for the children to build up the base for the English language. As once the child becomes proficient in reading the language and pronouncing words, the understanding of language is no rocket science.

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