20 Best TRX Workouts to be Tried at Home

“Train like a T-Rex with TRX”

TRX workouts

Total Resistance Exercise – TRX is a specialized form of suspension training that requires a particular equipment and it is evidently user-friendly. There are four categories of the TRX workout equipments designed for different workout purposes and body types.

  • TRX HOME2: Ideal for home workouts, indoors and outdoors by yourself. To build and tone without the hassle of driving to the gym.
  • TRX PRO4: Ideal for regular workouts for professional athletes. Mostly used by Olympians and professional trainers to enhance stamina.
  • TRX TRIP Trainer: Another model used by the athletes- especially for rotational sports athletes. Ideal for improving core strength.
  • TRX Tactical GYM: This one is for the tough heads to be ready for anything that rolls their way. Ideal for the elite professionals- the toughest and rugged trainer.

Given below is a list of home-friendly TRX training techniques arranged in the order of difficulty level- beginner to advanced. 

20 Best TRX Workouts to be Tried at Home

Upper Body Workout

Covers Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Biceps, Triceps, Lats, Upper Back, Abs and Obliques.

1. The TRX Push-Up

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Targets: Shoulders, Chest and Arms

How to do it: It is a typical push-up but the toes don’t touch the ground. Facing the floor, hook your toes through the TRX strap and now lift your body up so the weight of the body is on the palms of your hands. Keep the core tight, bend the elbows- to between both the hands and push back up. Start with a set of 20.

2. Chest Press

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Targets: Arms and Chest

How to do it: The chest press is typically done lying down but not here. Grab the handles with a TRX and an overhand grip and extend the arms in front of you at shoulder height. Face away from the anchor with the feet- shoulder-width apart. To start, lean your body forward, so it is at a slight diagonal now bend the elbows to lower the chest between your hands and push yourself back up. Start with a set of 10.

3. The Low Row

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Targets: Back, Abs, Shoulder and Biceps

How to do it: If you want a strong back, try this one. Grab the handles with your palms facing one another, extend arms out in front of you and lean all the way back to form a diagonal, your weight should be on your heels. Now, squeeze shoulder blades together and keep your core tight as you bend the elbows and pull the torso up to meet your hands. Start with a set of 15. (back must be straight)

4. Triceps Extensions

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Targets: Triceps

How to do it: This one is a little challenging- although beginner level. Set up like the TRX push-up and grab the handles with an overhand grip. Extend your arms in front of you at eye level and the weight shifts on the balls of your feet now bend the elbows until the hands are behind your head, elbows framing either side of your face. This small but effective movement fires up the triceps. Start with a set of 20.

5. The Side Straddle Golf Swing

Targets: Back, Chest and Shoulders

How to do it: Face the anchor point and a wide-leg stance, grab the TRX handle with an overhand grip. Now, keep the weight on your heels and bend forward at hips and reach arms forward at chest level/height. Rotate your torso, extending right arm behind while you extend the left arm in front of you. Look forward throughout the move. Try a set of 20.

6. Chest Fly

Source: Guides.co

Targets: Arms and Chest

How to do it: Fly like you have wings! Face away from the anchor and feet shoulder-width apart, handles with the overhand grip. Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height now lean forward with arms opening to the side – forming a ‘T’, body at a diagonal “but keep elbows bent” as you lower your chest closer to the floor and push back up to arms in front of you. Start with a set of 10.

7. Biceps Curl

Targets: Abs and Arms

How to do it: Face the anchor point and grab one handle in each palm facing each other. Lean back until the strap is straight and your arms extended in front of you. Now bend the elbows without losing the height/level until hands frame your temples, slowly pulling body up as you do so. Repeat 20 times every day and feel the guns!

8. Clock Press

Targets:  Abs, Shoulders, Back and Biceps

How to do it: Tick Tok on the clock! Grab the handles with an overhand grip and lean forward until you are at a diagonal and your weight is on the toes. Hold your core and bend the elbows – keeping them close to the body, You will have to hold this position for the rest of the routine. Keeping your left arm bent, extend right arm to the side until right elbow and wrist are almost in line with your shoulder, bring the hand back and repeat with the left one. Repeat with alternate hands – a set of 20.

9. The Y Fly

Source: Guides.co

Targets: Abs, Biceps and Back

How to do it: Grab the TRX and extend your arms over the head like a ‘Y’, palms facing each other. lean back on your heels to form a diagonal line, pull your arms in and out in front of you until your palms almost touch. Leading with hips, pull your body back up to stand, spreading arms back into a Y. Do a set of 20 the first time.

10. Power Pull

Source: Pinterest

Targets: Upper Back, Abs, Shoulders and Obliques

How to do it: This is an advanced level set. Face the anchor, have a wide stance. Hold the TRX with left hand only at chest level (left elbow high and pointing behind the body), extend the right arm so it is now in line with the TRX. As you lean back, extend your left arm and rotate torso to the right to reach your right arm out and slightly behind you. Reverse and restart. Try a set of 10 to start.

Lower Body Workout

This covers Legs, Abs, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs, Hips and Calves.

11. Lunge

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Targets: Legs and Abs

How to do it: Pimp up them Lunge! Facing away from the anchor, hold both straps together and put your left foot in both the straps. Right foot placed on the ground, now lower down into a lunge, extending the left leg behind you without the losing the bend in your knee. Return back up and repeat on with left leg. Do a set of 20 to start.

12. Squat

Targets: Abs, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings

How to do it: Squats without any surprise is an essential workout for the lower body or legs to be specific but adding a TRX will help improve your form. Hold both handles in front of your waist and bend elbows by the sides. Now lower down into a squat so the arms are extended in front at eye level, push back up and repeat. Start with a set of 20.

 13. Glute Bridge

Source: Guides.co

Targets: Glutes, Hamstrings and Back

How to do it: Lie straight on your back and hook your ankles in the cradles. Now bring your heels close to the hips until your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms out beside you and lift your hips so that the upper body is at a diagonal. Repeat 20 times.

14. Suspended Plank

Source: Guides.co

Targets: Core, Abs and Obliques

How to do it: This is not a difficult one but the TRX increases the instability of the basic plank. Set into a basic plank form and set the toes in the strap, so you’re facing down and feet in the air. Now lift the upper body and hold the basic forearm plank without compromising your form. Try for 1 minute first then try to add up 15 seconds the next time.

15. Torso Rotation

Targets: Abs

How to do it: You spin that torso right round right round, when you go down when you go down, down! Face the anchor point and use both hands to grab the TRX straps. Position your legs in a wide stance and lean back so the straps are straight in front of you. Now pull your body up, twist to the right with arms straight and core tight. Return back, repeat on the left side. Set of 20 for each side.

16. Squat and Row

Source: Myfitnesspal.com

Targets: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and Back

How to do it: This one a super move as it benefits both the lower and upper body. Hold both the handles in front of your waist, elbows bent by sides. Now lean back- extending your arms in front of you at eye level. Lower your body down into a squat, using the TRX handles/straps to keep the balance and push back up towards the anchors as you bend your elbows and bring chest closer to palms. Do a set of 10 to start.

17. Mountain Climber

Targets: Abs, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and Back

How to do it: This one will actually fire up the core muscles. Slip your feet into the strap and settle into a full arm plank position. Now alternately bring your knees to your chest- speed up without losing control over the movement. More like a horizontal climbing movement. This becomes more challenging because of the feet not touching the ground. Do a set of 20 for both legs.

18. Single-leg Plie

Targets:  Quads, Glutes and Calves

How to do it: Face the anchor. Hold the TRX in front of you so it faces your palms, bend elbows to position them by your sides. Bring the right knee in front of you now until the upper leg is at 90-degree angle and lower down into a squat bringing right leg behind the left one without the right one touching the ground. Reverse the movement and return to the knee-up position. Strat with a set of 10 on each leg.

19. Crossing Balance Lunge

Source: Pinterest

Targets: Quads, Glutes and Calves

How to do it: Also called the Curtsy Lunge – however, you might not feel as sophisticated as the name after a round of these. This a strong advanced leg workout. Face the anchor, grab the TRX handles and keep your elbows bent by your sides. Raise your right knee so the thigh is parallel to the ground/floor. Now squat low, simultaneously swinging your right leg behind and across your body until you can place your right toes on the floor to the left of the left foot and return to start. Try doing a set of 10 first – 5 on each side.

20. Hamstring Pull-in

Source: Katsized.com

Targets: Thighs, Glutes and Hips

How to do it: This again is easier but is an advanced level exercise. Lie down facing up and extend the arms by your sides, place your heels in the cradles and press to down to secure them. Now, lift hips off the floor – keeping the core tight, pull your heels in towards your hip in a controlled motion (no swinging), straighten legs and repeat to do a set of 20.


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