15 Best Hangover Remedies You Should Know

Had the perfect Sunday night with your friends at a happening club? You can’t have more fun than drinking down the shots until you drop down dead. This feeling of excessive headache and dizziness due to excessive drinking is called hangover. But what about the next day in the office at work? You will have to get up and gear up for next days work. With a heavy head and and a feeling to throw up the next day, how will you get ready for the next day? All friends will suggest you a zillion hangover remedies.

12 Best Hangover Remedies You Should Know

1. Limit Your Alcohol Intake:

The only way to deal with hangovers is to ensure that you keep your alcohol intakes within the limits of your capacity. Heavy drinking is very harmful to your body as well. Many factors, including body weight, gender, when you last ate, what type of alcohol you drink and how long you spend drinking, can affect your blood alcohol concentration, or the percentage of alcohol in your blood.

2. Drinking Water:

When you drink water the alcohol in your stomach gets diluted. Alcohol also causes dehydration in our body. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. Frequent visits to the washroom after you’ve drunk is the cause of dehydration. Drinking lots of water will help you deal with the dizziness and headache that may be caused due to dehydration in your body.

3. Avoid drinks with Congeners:

Congener is described as a minor chemical constituent, especially one which gives a distinctive character to a wine or spirit or is responsible for some of its physiological effects. It is added to alcohol to enhance the taste and aroma of the drink. The drinks which have a high level of congener are tequila, whiskey and cognac. The problem with congener is that it reduces the speed metabolism of alcohol in our body and thus increases the severity and frequency of hangover. The drinks that contain very low or almost no congener include vodka, gin and rum. Thus make a wise choice of what you drink while you want to enjoy one to minimize the effects of a hangover.

4. Eating a full-filling Breakfast reduces Hangover:

When people get a hangover, they often skip their breakfast due to the nausea-tic feeling that comes with hangover. However this will aggravate your hangover and only add to your problems. Eating a stomach full of breakfast is known to stabilize the glucose levels in your blood. Low level of blood sugar can aggravate a few symptoms of hangover like nausea, headache, and vomiting. Drinking alcohol may also induce acidity. Acid formation becomes worse when you are empty stomach. Hence a stomach-full breakfast will also combat the effects of acidity. Last but not the least, eating well is going to make you feel energetic and you can keep kicking for the rest of your day!

5. Do Not Compromise Sleep:

You may want to drink till you drop but make sure you don’t do that at the cost of your sleep. Sleeping well after heavy drinks can help you minimize headache and fatigue. Hangover with no sleep is a deadly combination that can have you to waste the entire day next morning. So party hard but get home on time to take adequate sleep before you wake up next morning. This will help you beat the dizziness and weariness caused due to excessive drinking.

6. Greasy Food before Alcohol to reduce Hangover:

While in a party, don’t rush to grab that peg. Eat something oily before you have that drink. Eating foods like fries, pizza, burger, will grease your intestine with oil and thus minimize the effects of alcohol and the hangover too.

7. Consume Sugar While You are Drinking:

According to some studies, fructose may speed alcohol metabolism. If your alcohol is digested at a quicker rate, you will not experience very intense symptoms of a hangover. Have a orange juice in between your drinks. You will notice you can keep up yourself better.

8. Pain Medication to reduce Hangover:

Using a pill to kill your headache is a good idea. But do not go too over board with it. Pain Killer will help to reduce your headache and dizziness.

9. Eat Ginger:

Eating ginger has been a century-old remedy for combating nausea and vomiting. Nibble on a ginger after your heavy drink. Your hangover may find a way out of your head with this solution. Research suggests that consuming a combination of ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar before drinking decreases nausea and vomiting.

10. Have a Coffee:

You may have been doing this already to deal with your hangover. It is a great idea. Caffeine helps you solve your hangover problems. But have black coffee instead of milk coffee for better results.

11. Lemon Juice for treating Hangover:

When you consume lemon juice with honey, it stabilizes the pH levels in your body and thus is a great option for your hangover remedy. The sweetener or honey present in the lemon juice provide fructose to your body. We have already seen above how fructose helps to combat a hangover effect. Lemon that has citric acid will neutralize the effect of fructose thus maintaining a proper pH balance in your body. Lemon also helps you ward off the nausea that comes as a natural by-product of excessive alcohol consumption.

12. Hair of the Dog:

This remedy includes having a drink next morning after you wake up. Though it’s largely based on myth and anecdotal evidence, there is some evidence to support that having a drink the next morning can lessen hangover symptoms. However, this is the least recommended remedy. This induces a dependence on alcohol and is extremely bad for health. While you do it, do not trust this remedy to solve your hangover problems. Do not resort to this especially if you have to resume work because this method will only leave you with a prolonged feeling of numbness and disassociation with what is going around you. You will never really deal with your hangover, it just does not make your senses active enough to feel the effects of a hangover.

13. Drink A Fizzy Drink:

As per an ancient Chinese study, Lemon and Lime pop helped the processing of alcohol within your system efficiently. Drinking an aerated drink with lemon in it has a lot of remedying effects over hangovers. It will have neutralizing effects over your pH balance of your body. This will also relieve your nausea.

14. Eating Bananas:

Bananas have potassium. Alcohol reduces the level of potassium in the body. Bananas compensate for the lost potassium in the body and thus eating bananas can relieve hangover symptoms. They also adequately fill up your stomach and give you the required support through the next day’s rough routine.

15. Eat some Honey:

This potassium- and antioxidant-rich pantry staple boasts numerous hangover-helping qualities. You could either add this to your lemon juice or simply apply it to a toast or cracker. You may not feel the urge to eat anything during a hangover but do not follow your instincts in this situation. You better grab a toast and dip it in honey to manage your morning through a tough hangover.

Most of the remedies that can help you with your hangover symptoms are home remedies. Trying any of these is not going to leave you with any side effects whatsoever. Just make sure you have what you need on your guard to relieve you off the symptoms of the great time you have had the previous night.

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