10 Best Gyms In Boston

Boston – ranked as the 3rd most livable city of the U.S, is filled with sports enthusiasts, artists and entrepreneurs. This gives us the glimpse of what the city is like – a historic but ever- evolving city complete with an array of new ventures, spirit and enthusiasm – a city having something to offer to the people from all walks of life. The metro area’s colleges and universities attract some of the brightest minds of the world who come here to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. – to build a futuristic city and on the other hand the performing artists, musicians, artists make the streets and the culture of Boston vibrant. But where does one flush out one’s enthusiasm/ excitement and gather the zeal to reiterate oneself? – The gym. A place which comes 3rd on our lists of our places to be – first being home and the second being work place. And in Boston the space as an experience is taken to a whole new level. So, whether you have a heavy pocket of a light one, Gyms in Boston have something in store for you.


Best Gyms in Boston


  1. Action Athletics



Ever thought of an unconventional way of exercising and still gaining that perfect body and fitness you desire? With a new task to do every day, a new goal to accomplish? Well, Action Athletics is the place. It offers obstacle and personal training that challenges the beginners as well as the experts likewise due to its unlimited configurations in obstacle training designed by the real American ninja warriors themselves. The gym organizes numerous classes that aid to age groups ranging from kids – teens and adults in variations of batches and sessions. The gym, apart from personal training in obstacles, offers Ninja training courses.

  1. Everybody fights


Source: www.everybodyfights.com

Luxury + Boxing + gym makes for a lethal combination for the people who want the rush. The gym helms their work on the idea of conditioning – technique and recovery. The facility is equipped with large bag area, cardio area, boxing rings and recovery area. Along with group training, the gym also offers personal training sessions and a freedom for all its members to use the facility even during the time when the classes are not running.

  1. Equinox

Source: www.equinox.com

If your life is everything around and about luxury – this place is THE PLACE to be!!! The place, its environment, the ambience, the people, the services and the products they offer are all soaked head deep in luxury. With group and personal training classes by the industry’s celebrities, Equinox offers training in Athletics, Barre, Boxing, Martial Arts, cycling, Pilates, Pool and yoga. The facility is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology crafted by the best minds of the industry in the finely designed spaces of the property. Equinox moves a notch higher with the personal training program – the whole package, which not only comes with exercise, but also covers grooming one’s entire personality – walk, talk, posture, etc. For the people who want to imbibe fitness into their life, Equinox has an online fitness magazine which covers all aspects of life where health plays a part. The gym – more than just a place to work out is an experience – a way of life.

  1. Commonwealth sports club


What carves this gym a place amongst the others is its outdoors. It has a salt water pool in the outdoors and one in the indoors as well. Most of its activities/ classes take place on the outdoors either in the pool or around, not only that the gym has a spacious indoor work out area that compliments its outdoors. Apart from the normal workout, the gym has a special focus on Pilates and challenges people for a period of 30 days where they can transform themselves with the help of their trainers.

  1. Life time athletic


An all in one package that offers about anything and everything you can think or dream of this place has it. Be it for the kids of for the people of any age group, this place engages all. With over hundreds of classes related to fitness, the club has all kinds of sports facilities. Not only this, the club has a swimming pool with water slides, spa, cafes and many activities and events one can be a part of.

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp


An all red lit studio and vibrant music, gives you an experience of nothing less than a night out at a club. The gym aims at creating an environment that gives one a zeal to workout combining it with their carefully crafted exercise routine. Not only that the experience to this gym is exactly that of a club surrounded by beautiful people, amazing spaces and bumping music – making one forget of the world they come from.

  1. Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts


This gym offers the best of line instruction in Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts in a facility spanning over 3300 sq.ft. equipped with a 24 ft octagonal cage, 20 ft boxing ring, plenty of open mats, heavy bags, free weights, cardio machines, showers and much more. The gym members get an unlimited access to all their classes.

  1. Soul cycle


A facility solely dedicated for indoor cycling, creates an ambiance that attracts you to the place and takes you to a world where you forget the hard work you have put in. The place is embellished with candle lit studios, great playlists and instructors that craft an experience for you on the latest technology bikes tuned to meet the specifications of your body. It is an experience to be in this place with their motto of sweat, reach, recover – together.

  1. Boston Athletic club


Evolving through over 45 years in the market, this gym offers over 65 group training classes per week in Aquatics, Racket sports, basketball, BARRE workout, Hip Hop cardio, Pilates, Yoga (various forms) and everything your mind can wonder about!!! The Club also has personal and semi-personal training classes to accomplish your goals.

  1. Mike’s Fitness


A space offering a unique community atmosphere, clean, friendly, relaxed and soothing, where you get to be on your own, in your own mind-space, away from the exhaustion of life but at the same time have a relaxed workout combined with a healthy living.  The place has experts with in-depth knowledge of exercise science, behavior theory and nutrition – offering individual nutrition and exercise for each trainee.


So, enroll and start working out already. You can also check out the list of Gyms in Las Vegas, Gyms in Chicago or gyms in New York

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