Top 10 Custom Car Modifiers In India List

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a car and get it modified just the way you want and trust us, it’s more or less the same. Modified cars in India is a huge market and people are going gaga over custom car modification companies in India.

Car fanatics eagerly wait for the auto expo round the year so that they can drop by to see the unexpected ways a car could be molded and shaped but we’ve made it a little simpler for you, so here we bring you the best car modifiers of India. You can also check out the list of top 10 custom bike modifiers in India.

Top 10 Custom Car Modifiers In India List

    1. DC Designs (Mumbai)

Think about remodeling or custom cars in India or car modification in Mumbai and I bet the first name to hit your mind would be Dilip Chhabria. He has also manufactured Indias first supercar DC Avanti and if this didn’t ring the bell, let me tell you he also designed the infamous Tarzan-the wonder car.

Source – www.dcdesigns.com


2. Ashish Modifications (Ahemdabad)

Founded way back in 1991 in Ahemdabad, Gujarat, as Ashish motors, they have modified more than 1000 vehicles. They also deal in custom cars- remodeling ambulances and food vans.

Source – Official page of Ashish modifications


3. S D Offroaders (Jalandhar)


Pajero and Punjab share the same initials for very obvious reasons and SD offroaders redefine it to a whole new level. The modified looks so dank with Punjabiness written all over it, take a look.

Source – Official facebook page of SD Offroaders


4. O2 Garage (Kollam)

Highlighting a small town named Kollan, Kerela on the map; people at O2 garage are nothing short of custom car wizards. Take a peek at how they’ve changed the look of Hyundai i20 below.

Source – official Facebook Page of O2


5. Road Rage Custom Builds (Mumbai)

Another one from a small district on the outskirts of Mumbai, RRGB was started back in 2009 by Gabriel D Zuzante. Their claim to fame moment in custom car was fitting a Jacuzzi in the back of an RV.

Source – www.roadragecustombuilds.com


6. Executive Modcar Trendz (Mumbai)

Quite a well known name in the Auto Industry, they are a frequently featured in auto magazines as well. EMT has been in business for the longest of time and has bases in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Surat and Coimbatore. They have also customized a batmobile for an industrialist of Pune and made a Ferarri out of a Toyotta Corolla.

Source – www.cartoq.com

Source – www.dnaindia.com

7. SMC Designs (Pune)

Established in the year 2001, SMC designs has been a leader in vehicle customization service of recreational vehicles, caravans and food vans.


8.R & T Autocatalyst (Manganam)

Automobile admirer is just the word for Mr. Sam Kurian, the young at heart owner of R & T, the car fanatic has done some wonders making it a lasting hot wheel.

Source – Official Facebook page of R & T autocatalyst


9. Big Daddy Customs (New Delhi)

One stop shop for car modification in Delhi, this is the best place to give your car a new lease of life. Take a look at how they’ve changed the game with the interiors of Tata Tusker. Other than this, you can check the list of 10 Car Modifiers in Delhi.

Source – Official Facebook page of Bid Daddy Customs


10. Roadster 77 (Surat, Kerala, Mumbai)

The youngest startup of the list, Roadster 77 is turning out to be quite a game changer in the developing city of Gujarat. They also specialise in custom audio fittings of the car.

Source – Official instagram page of Roadster 77

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