Best 9 Architecture Colleges in Boston

Architecture is a multi-faceted discipline, and rather than studying it, what is of primary importance is to understand it by experiencing it. To do this it is essential to make yourself a part of or sometimes even inhabit the diversity and facets that architecture offers. Underlining this, and at the core of architecture are people and diversities – as to how they live and occupy spaces. Thus, apart from the institute which provides you with the study of architecture the wider setting is of equal importance to provide one with the required exposure to the varied built environments and thus, deepen one’s understanding of the subject. We will discuss about the best Architecture Colleges in Boston.

Underlining the above is the city of Boston, one of the oldest continuously occupied cities of the U.S. The city has a mix of architectural styles ranging from the Post medieval architecture to the contemporary styles, embellishing the city’s skyline. The city has grown to become an international center for higher education due to its many colleges and universities that offer the finest of the education and mentors in a culturally rich setting.

So if you are looking to pursue an architecture degree or a masters in architecture, do consider the following institutes – the best in Boston.


Best 9 Architecture Colleges in Boston


  1. Boston Architectural College (BAC)

Program name: B. Arch (general and Bachelor of Science in architecture) and M.Arch

Duration: B. Arch – 5 years, M.Arch – 2 years

Application requirements: High school transcripts or GED scores, Credential evaluation, essay, work sample, Letter of recommendation and current resume.


Image source: https://the-bac.edu/


The university stems its education on a unique approach which integrates ongoing real world design practice of the alumni and the faculty with traditional classroom learning. The college claims for the students to earn a minimum amount of $3500 while they study. The institute partners with around 350 firms that hire students while they study.  The course is 11 semester long, divided broadly into 3 semesters at the end of which there is a portfolio submission. The course not only includes architectural study but also introduces students with the software currently in practice to understand buildings and their impacts. The Master’s program on the other hand focuses on experimental design studios integrating site and sustainable strategies while readying students for their independent thesis research.


  1. Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)

Program name: B.Arch., M.Arch (Master of Science in arch. Studies, master of science in urbanism)

Duration: B.Arch – 4 years, M.Arch – 2.5 to 3.5 years

Application requirements: Interview, portfolio, graduate record examination, three letters of recommendation, essay, CV, IELTS or TOEFL scores, transcripts for all relevant degrees.


Image source: web.mit.edu


With a group of active practitioners at the core of the alumni, the Architecture + urbanism course is based on contemporary practice. The university hinges its study towards research and inquiry in architecture and is intended both for students who have a professional degree in architecture as well as those interested in nonprofessional graduate study.


  1. Harvard University

Program name: M.Arch (landscape design, urban planning and design, post- professional degree, design studies, professional degree), Doctorate degree.

Duration: M.Arch – 2 years

Application requirements: ACT or SAT, 2 SAT subject tests, AP, IB or other examination results, Midyear school report, final year school report.


Image source: https://www.harvard.edu/


The most acclaimed Ivy League university in the country, with a dedication to affordability and all the resources one can ever need for research and exploration. With the campus as an amalgamation of the students, graduate and the faculty living together, the environment is full of work, experimentation and innovating ideas.


  1. Northeastern University

Program name: BS in architecture, BS in architectural studies, BLA in urban landscape studies, M.Arch, Masters of sustainable urban environments.

Duration: B. Arch –5 years, M.Arch – 1, 2 and 3

Application requirements: GED, SAT, teacher and guidance counselor recommendations. M.Arch – three letters of recommendations, college transcripts, GRE scores, portfolio, and statement of objectives.


Image source: www.northeastern.edu/


A private research university leading in experimental learning, urban engagement and interdisciplinary research. The school runs a co – op program wherein the students can work with firms alongside studies to gain a through insight into practice alongside theory. In its 4 year long course, it provides two 6 month professional discourse for employment in architecture.


  1. Wentworth Institute of Technology

Program name: B. Arch (general and Bachelor of Science in architecture) and M.Arch (design and construction management)

Duration: B. Arch – 4 years, M.Arch – 1 years, 2-3 years for professionals with non-architectural degree.

Application requirements: GRE scores, portfolio, transcripts and statement of objectives.

With a minimum pre-requisite of a 3.0 GPA, the institute is a technology focused institute.


Image source: https://wit.edu/


The Bachelor’s program offers three areas of concentration – adaptive interventions, emerging technologies and urbanism that allow one to develop a specific focus in the study of architecture and carry the same forward in practice. At the end of the semester the students are requires to select a specific field. The master’s course on the other hand focuses on core courses in theory and professional practice and provides architectural electives.


  1. Wellesley College of Architecture

Program name: BA in Architecture

Duration: B. Arch – 5 years


Image source: https://www.wellesley.edu


A private women’s liberal arts college, the college offers a bachelor’s degree in architecture with the focus on liberal arts. The program is an inter-disciplinary course, and is flexible allowing students to tailor their classes as per their professional goals. The institute also provides for a privilege for the students to take up classes at MIT. The institute also supports a diverse variety of summer internships and community services all around the world.


  1. Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Program name: M.Arch

Duration: M.Arch – 2- 2.5 years

Application requirements: GED scores, Credential evaluation, essay, work sample, Letter of recommendation and current resume.


Image source: https://massart.edu/


A school of art and design, the institute offers a unique viewpoint and resources for architecture and design. The master’s program offered at the institute has a strong focus on energy conscious design. The studio is a amalgamation of conceptual ideas combined with practical application and construction technology.


  1. Tufts University

Program name: BA in Architecture

Duration: 4-5 years

Application requirements: TOEFEL (Min score 100), IELTS (Min score 7), PTE (Min score 68), apart from this, High school transcripts, Portfolio and essay.


Image Source: https://www.tufts.edu


With a focus on liberal arts, this private research institute, provides Architecture degree under the department of Art and Art History. The program molds the students towards building skills in analysis, interpretation, art, history, technology and design. The program help students analyze and interpret historic and contemporary environment in its broadest sense leading towards an interdisciplinary approach to architectural studies.


  1. Boston University

Program name: BA in Architecture, BA in History of Art and Architecture, Minor in History of Art and Architecture, Graduate studies in History of Art and Architecture.

Duration: 4-5 years

Application requirements: Secondary school records, Final year grades, English proficiency test results, Documentation of financial support, Passport copy.


Image source: www.bu.edu/


A research university, provides students with a detailed knowledge of artworks and architecture worldwide. The BA in Architecture course, helms its basis around Calculus, elementary physics, visual drawing, and then trains students in various fields of architecture such as landscape, urban planning, etc. The college also provides elective courses like philosophy, literature, classics, archaeology, history and religion. The college is very distinct in its orientation of architecture course thereby making it interdisciplinary and experimental with a lot of new career options to choose from – and all of them unusual.


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