Best 15 Architectural Firms In New York City

Architecture – a discipline that has multitude of dimensions to it with as many tangents, making it a domain with vast variations – be in academics i.e. the way design as a subject is approached or in practice. Architecture as a practice in itself is so multifarious, and is becoming more and more so, with each passing day, with a variety of collaborations with different domains, professions, walks of life and ideologies, innovating and bringing something new to the world to experience.

Thus, speaking of the best Architecture firms in New York City, in itself becomes a topic which cannot have similar parameters and hence, cannot be picked as the best or otherwise, except if we compare them for the revenues they generate!!!! To identify the best firms, one must have a clear idea of the field of interest they have in the realm of architecture and the kind of experience one wants to gain while being associated with a particular firm.

Below, are listed some of the best Architectural firms in New York City, with a vast variation in practice, not only shaping the City’s skyline with uniqueness, but also making architecture an experience for the world. Some of the fields focused on are urban design, preservation, commercial architecture, interior architecture, experimental architecture, sustainability, Architectural engineering, etc., with respect to which the firms below are listed.

So, let’s find out what suits you the best!!!!!!!


Best 15 Architectural Firms In New York City


  1. Gensler



(Image Source: www.officesnapshots.com)


The world’s leading and the largest collaborative design firm – Gensler has more than 3500 clients, with remarkably diverse profiles. The firm operated offices in 46 cities across 16 countries worldwide with a staff of over 5000 people. With such a wide base, the firm approaches architecture by the understanding of how people use and experience spaces. They work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings and spaces that work. The firm works very diversely with all the aspects of architecture, one can even imagine ranging from community (arts and culture, aviation and transport, convention centers, education, health, not for profit, planning and urban design, etc) to lifestyle (branding, entertainment, hospitality, mix use, residential, retail, sports, high rises, etc) to workspace (consulting, consumer goods, corporate campuses, defense and aerospace, energy, etc) to also working with the government in various fields. The firm encompasses all one can imagine under one head. Some of the firm’s most noteworthy projects include the JFK airport and the Facebook Inc.


  1. OMA


(Image Source: www.oma.eu)

OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism, with it is AMO, a research and design studio, applies architectural thinking to domains beyond. Besides New York, the firm maintains offices in Rotterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Doha, Dubai and Perth. With a plethora of work in architecture ranging from several high rises, institution projects, urban design projects, museums, pavilions, etc… the firm has many publications in its name many of which are introduced during the academic discourse in architectural studies – S,M,L,XL , Delirious New York, Four walls and a roof, etc. Some of its famous projects include Case da musica in Proto, Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, Waterfront city in Dubai and the European flag proposal for the European Commission.

  1. Perkins Eastman

(Image Source: www.perkinseastman.com)

A global architecture firm, grown to include 1000 employees with around 15 interdisciplinary offices around the world. The firm is involved in many facets of architecture ranging from project management, education and healthcare to mixed use and transit oriented development – hinging their approach around sustainability and a resilient future. The firm’s founders Bradford Perkins and Mary Jean Eastman were first associated with Perkins + Wills, a global firm (mentioned ahead), and then left the firm to form their own. The firm is composed of people from a wide range of professional background – architects, interior designers, landscape designers, graphic designers, construction specification writers, construction administrators, economists, environmental analysts, resiliency experts, traffic and transportation engineers and several other professional disciplines. Their work has made a mark in many places across the world, including some notable work in India as well!!!


4. Robert A.M Stern Architects, LLP


(Image Source: www.rmsa.com)

A 300 person firm of architects, and a 48-year-old history into the architecture practice Robert A.M Stern Architects is a firm which has a broad arena of work ranging from residential/ commercial high-rises, interiors and urban design/planning the firm has contributed immensely towards institutional (academic) projects. Within its span of practice, the firm has expanded its geographical borders to Asia, Europe, South America and throughout the U.S. The firm head Robert A.M., is not only a practicing architect, but is also a dean at the Yale school of architecture and was named JM Hoppin professor of architecture in 2000.


  1. Perkins + Will


(Image Source: www.perkinswill.com)


An inter disciplinary research and design firm, it has around 20 offices all over the world with around 2200 professionals working on various subjects like architecture, interior design, branded environments, urban design, and landscape architecture. With expertise in areas of sustainability, resilience, health and wellness, and mobility, the firm has research labs that catalyze innovation design, technology and solutions for a more competitive built environment.


  1. HOK

(Image Source: www.hok.com)


Largest U.S based architecture – engineering firm and also the third largest interior design firm, maintains around 1700 professionals across 23 offices globally, being active in all major architecture specialties. The firm has one of the most LEED accredited projects around the world and believes in designing around the idea of sustainability. Apart from addressing the span from architecture to urban planning and design the firm also looks at conservation, restoration and preservation projects with an idea of renovating, reusing and repositioning existing environments. The firm is presently involved with some of the most iconic and landmark projects of the time and works with the top brands exceeding beyond imagination in the field of interiors.


  1. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)


(Image Source: www.som.com)

An architecture, urban planning and engineering firm, it is considered as one of the largest globally. With thousands of projects spanning across 50 countries globally, their primary expertise lies in designing high-end commercial buildings and high rises. The Glass box idea (buildings clad in glass) was the brainchild of SOM. Their designs hinge around the modern – contemporary design style, having won nearly 2000 awards and the only firm to have won the Architecture firm award twice from the American institute of architects. Their one of the most iconic buildings include Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world and many more such masterpieces across the world.


  1. 1100 architect


(Image Source: www.1100architect.com)


The studio dwells into architecture, interior design, urban design, and master planning, along with consultation in environmental review, historic landmark assessment, and sustainability planning. The 60-person office works at all scales and across many markets like educational institutions, local and federal governments, cultural organizations, commercial workplaces, and residential clients. The firm hinges on sustainability as an idea for all its projects and focusses intensively on materials and details which is central to creating a sensory experience.


  1. Bjarke Ingles group (BIG)


(Image Source: www.big.dk)


Bjarke Ingels Group, referred to as BIG is a New York and Copenhagen based firm working extensively in the fields of research and design. BIG’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. The firms hinges on a fertile overlap between pragmatism and utopia and  deigns modern architecture by amalgamating traditional concepts of living, leisure, work, park and shop which essentially are the ingredients of a life in the metropolis. The firm’s unique concepts and approaches find its way to inspire a lot of young academicians.


  1. Herzog and De meuron


(Image Source: www.herzogdemeuron.com)


A Swiss partnership firm, associated with a wide range of projects from small-scale of a private home to the large-scale of urban design. While many of their projects are highly recognized public facilities, such as stadiums and museums, they have also completed several distinguished private projects including apartment buildings, offices, and factories. Winning the Pritzker prize, the firm principals Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron are visiting professors at the Harvard University.


  1. Richard Meier


(Image Source: www.richardmeier.com)


A Cornell university graduate and a winner of the Pritzker prize, Richard Meier and partners are associated with the creation of contemporary architecture with special attention to form and are known for the color white being widely associated with most of their projects. The practice has designed and is associated with a broad range of architecture like cultural facilities, industrial research complexes, corporate headquarters, hotels and private residences. The firm is recognized for the The Getty Center in Los Angeles, federal courthouses on Long Island and in Phoenix, the Jubilee Church in Rome, and the iconic Charles Street and Perry Street Towers in New York City.


  1. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC (KPF)


(Image Source: www.kpf.com)


An American architecture firm, working in the field of architecture, interior design, programming and master planning is one of the largest firms in NYC. The firm besides being associated with several architecture projects of various nature, also associates itself with many renovation and restoration projects including repositioning and transformation of existing environments some such projects include the World Bank Headquarters, Unilever house and the Landmark, Hong Kong. Its notable contributions go towards building super tall projects like the Shanghai world financial center, China and many more and some iconic projects like the Hudson Yards.


  1. Tadao Ando


(Image Source: www.tadao-ando.com)


An inspiration to the young academicians and even professionals, Tadao Ando – a self-thought architect, hinges his designs on the idea of nothingness emphasizing the beauty of simplicity. Influenced by Japanese culture, Ando’s spaces emphasize on the concept of sensation and physical experience and this he expresses through concrete as his major material of building which he balances with strength on one hand and weightlessness on the other by introducing light. Winner of the Pritzker price, his most famous project is the Church of light – an epitome of simplicity, is a concrete box with a slit but strikes a chord when one experiences it – such is his idea of architecture and space making.


  1. MODU


(Image Source: www.moduarchitecture.com)


MODU, an interdisciplinary design studio creating architecture, urban spaces, installations and interiors by collaborating with people from various disciplines like climate scientists, technologists sociologists and interactive artists resulting into the design of several mix use facilities, outdoor pavillions, co-working spaces, urban homes and other projects in between. the firm’s approach to design is to discover the untapped potentials of each project and unlocking opportunities and transforming ideas into extraordinary spaces and experiences.




(Image Source: www.fxfowle.com)


The firm’s work ranges from the scale of individual building – including adaptive reuse and renovation to new construction – to the city as a whole, addressing planning and infrastructure design. The firm emphasizes and designs according to the contextual setting of a particular architecture project and responds to the time and place it is set in. Being constantly involved in the reinvention and revitalization of the urban condition, the studio has many notable projects to its credit like the Hudson master planning, and the Four, Eleven Times Square, The New York Times building, etc. The studio currently engages in the designing of the Statue of liberty museum.


Well, these are the ones I always look forward to when I need inspiration for my work as well. Get your projects rolling now.

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