14 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Benefits of Vitamin E are endless. Vitamin E is a phenomenal nutrient and what it can do to your body is even more extraordinary. This nutrient nearly makes up for almost all other deficiency.

It pretty much enriches our health, skin, and hair in best ways possible to keep them in the best of health. The article is about the benefits of vitamin E oil.


Benefits of Vitamin E Oil:


1. Vitamin E Reduces the effect of Bad Cholesterol:


Vitamin E oil has various application based advantages. But when you consume this oil, it can do wonders for your health. It cuts down on the bad cholesterol levels in your body. Which means consuming this oil will help you fight with increasing risk of heart attack.

Heart attack is caused due to blocked arteries. this blockage is due to high levels of cholesterol in your blood. They are deposited in your arteries that obstructs the flow of the blood thus leading to a heart attack.

Vitamin E prevents congestion of the arteries and solves this problem for you. Vitamin E oil negates the effects of bad cholesterol by disallowing it to oxidize and prevents it from lining up the arteries.


2. Vitamin E Controls High Blood Pressure:


Vitamin E regulates the flow of blood into the arteries and veins by preventing them from getting clogged due to cholesterol. They also help to maintain optimum levels of blood pressure in your body.

Oxidative stress caused due to free radicals in your body is responsible for high blood pressure as per studies. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and thus prevents the free radicals from being formed into the body thereby controlling high blood pressure issues.


3. Vitamin E enhances Vision:


Consuming Vitamin E keeps age related eye diseases at bay. They cut down the formation of free radicals in the eyes which leads to problems like cataract. This again is to be attributed to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

Consuming Vitamin E has shown positive effects against Vision related disease like cataract, this is one of the important benefits of Vitamin E.


4. Vitamin E Oil acts as a Moisturizer:


Vitamin E locks up the moisture of your skin and thus rejuvenates it. It acts as a natural moisturizer for dehydrated skin.

Now you know the reason why most of your beauty products for skin claim to be enriched with Vitamin E oil.

If they don’t have vitamin E, just drop a few droplets of this oil in your night cream. Apply this cream and let it rest until you take a good night sleep. Your skin will feel softer after repeated applications.


5. Vitamin E oil reverses Aging Effects:


No, you do not need expensive lotions and pocket burdening skin treatments to get rid off those saggy signs of skin aging.

Your crow’s feet will vanish just as you rub Vitamin E oil over your face and massage it gently. Vitamin E oil contains collagen.

This collagen helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin thus preventing skin aging.


6. Treatment For Sunburns:


Been to the beach for too long? Your skin may have developed far too much of tan which no longer classifies as a skin tan. It has become a sun burn if the area of your skin has become too red and feels painful.

Even here, your Vitamin E oil can come to your rescue to treat sun burn and soothe your skin of the burning sensation.

The antioxidants in Vitamin E oil repairs the damage caused due to the harmful UV rays.


7. Vitamin E Oil lightens Dark Spots:


Your last pimple may have left you with a scar. The acne never leave the skin without leaving dark spots over your skin as a mark.

Well, why worry when Vitamin E oil is there for your rescue? This oil penetrates deep inside your skin to treat these scars and wash off the impurities therein. This helps the scars to become lighter.

However, there is no magic involved in the process. This happens over a period of time only after regular messaging of your facial skin with Vitamin E oil.


8. Acts as a Cleansing Agent:


Your beautician may trick you into offering various therapies to clean your skin off the impurities you have developed while you rush to work or spend your hours in the kitchen cooking delicacies.

For a cheaper solution to the same problem, opt for Vitamin E oil. It will clean your skin from the bottom layers and also maintain the moisture of your skin.


9. Treats Stretch Marks:


The marks you develop when you’re carrying a growing baby into your womb are both beautiful and painful.

Beautiful in a way that they remind you of the little toddler growing tremendously inside your system and painful because you know the scars may prevent you from showing your belly off even post pregnancy.

Vitamin E oil application will solve this problem too. It will keep the stretching skin moisturized and prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.


10. Vitamin E oil stimulates Hair Growth:


Your hair growth is stunted due to damaged follicles. Within the roots of your hair, deep inside your scalp, your follicles may have become weak. Not concentrating on the cause of this problem, let us go ahead to focus on the remedy which is Vitamin E oil.

It repairs the damaged follicles and enables hair growth. You could break open Vitamin E capsule in your regular oil before application and rub this through your scalp gently. Keep it in your head overnight and then wash the hair off the next morning.

This oil enables circulation of blood in the roots of your hair which increases your hair growth. Practice this thrice a week to have long and strong hair.


11. Gives your Hair the Much needed Shine:


Lustrous, strong hair is a dream come true for every girl. When you can use Vitamin E oil for growth, you can also expect it to give you shining hair. It acts as a natural conditioner of your hair thus imparting the shine and strength.


12. Repairs Split End:


Most girls want very long hair but have to get them cut short because of split ends. Split ends mean that your hair develops two mouths over the tip.

This prevents the hair from growing further. Just mix Vitamin E Oil to Olive Oil, coconut oil, jajoba oil and hemp seed oil. Apply this to your hair to treat split ends.

The vitamin E helps strengthen the cuticles of your hair, thereby reducing instances of splitting and breakage.


13. Vitamin E oil prevents Skin Cancer:


Skin Cancer is mainly caused due to damage caused because of the harmful UV Rays of the sun.

Vitamin E oil saves the skin from this damage. You need to apply this oil before you step out in the scorching heat of the sun.

Oxidation of free radicals in the skin leads to formation of cancerous cells. This oil has antioxidants that cuts down the free radicals formed in the skin.


14. Treats Skin Disorders like Eczema:


Eczema is characterized by itching skin makes skin uneven and rough. Vitamin E oil helps to soothe the effects of eczema on your skin. and enables quick recovery.


Sources of Vitamin E:


Vitamin E is present in various food items like:

However, to have the best and direct source of Vitamin E, look out for Vitamin E tablets. They are easily available, without prescription, in the pharmaceutical stores. Prevent consumption of these capsules as it is inadvisable to consume any tablets without prescription from the doctor. You can use these tablets for external application for benefits to your skin and hair.

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