15 Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair, Skin, and Health


What is Castor Oil?

For all the age-old generation, castor oil is a solution they recommend to all the hair, skin and health problems. Castor oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. This oil has achieved a special status of recommendation for all skin related problems due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil finds its origin in India and Africa. There are a lot of benefits of castor oil.

Castor Oil has the following benefits for skin. hair and health:

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Skin Benefits of Castor Oil:


1. Heals Inflamed Skin:

 An inflamed skin is one that is typically characterized by skin tans, acne, sunburns and other such skin problems. Applying Castor Oil is a very effective solution to heal the pain that your skin may be suffering. All you have to do is apply the oil to affected areas and let it stay for about an hour. Then wash it off with cold water and check the results for yourself. You could check the list of DIY Face masks to refer to other such home remedies for your skin problems.


2. Reverses the effects of Skin Aging:

Aging has its first effect on the skin of a person. Castor oil contains oleic acid which reverses these effects to give a person a youthful glow. Just massage it through your face gently for 15 minutes and wash the oil off. You will notice the changes over a period of time.


3. Reduces Skin impurities Like Acne:

Castor Oil has healing properties for your damaged skin. Not only repairing the damage, the oil also cleanses the skin off all impurities that would cause acne and pimple. Castor Oil is a boon for pimple on lip.

The process to use castor oil is also very simple. Wash your face with some warm water to enable the pores of your skin to open. This will cause the impurities to get exposed to the castor oil which you shall rub on your skin. Keep the oil to act on your skin overnight. Now wash the same off with cold water early next day. See the anti-bacterial properties of Castor Oil vanish the skin impurities magically.


4. Castor Oil is a Natural Moisturizer:

Why spend a humongous amount of money on your cosmetically engineered skin moisturizers when you have a cheap and effective option on Castor Oil? try not to find an answer to this question because that is exactly what you’re going to do, Replace the Oil with those moisturizing creams! Just rub it to apply over your skin and let it stay to hydrate the depths of your skin for a night. Watch the results for yourself.


5. Castor Oil Fades Skin Blemishes:

The marks and scars of your old pimple, blemishes, and acne may be visible to your eyes. For a natural remedy, use castor oil to clear these marks off. The fatty acids present in castor oil cleanses the deep rooted marks on your skin over a period of time.


6. Reduces Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are the signs left behind by pregnancy on the skin of a woman. No matter how much you love this phase, you may not want these marks and would probably be hunting for a solution. Search no more because your search has ended the right juncture. Castor Oil has hydrating properties. Stretch marks appear due to stretching of the stomach and thigh skin during pregnancy. This happens because the skin begins to lose its moisture. The hydrating properties of Castor Oil is what you need for your stretch marks.


7. Reduces Pigmentation:

Yet another problem with your skin could be pigmentation, uneven skin tone and spots all over. Castor Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which fight with all of these skin issues by stimulating the growth of healthy skin tissues.


Hair Benefits of Castor Oil:


8. Castor Oil Promotes Hair Growth:

The growth of a healthy mane is in vogue these days. Nearly everyone wants long hair. Castor Oil helps you to fulfill this wish. Just apply this oil to your scalp and wash it off after resting it through the night. The Omega-9 fatty acids help the hair to grow longer.


9. Treats Scalp Problems:

Your scalp faces many problems like dandruff, patching due to balding, itching, etc. All of these could cause a person to become bald. Read up the Causes of Hair Loss for more information.

Castor Oil treats all of these scalp problems for you. It has anti-bacterial properties and keeps fungal infections from inhibiting growth of your hair.


10. Castor Oil conditions Hair:

It is a naturally available conditioner for your hair. If you have frizzy, dry hair, it is time you start applying castor oil on them for a smoother texture.


11. Prevents Premature graying of Hair:

Use Castor Oil on your hair after noticing first sign of graying. This oil prevents the hair from losing the pigment and thus causing graying.

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Health Benefits of Castor Oil:


12.  Castor Oil Serves as Natural Laxative:

This oil proves winders for joint and muscle pain that may be caused due to friction among the bones of your joints. This oil acts as a lubricant which prevents the friction in your joints and muscles. You just have to dip a cloth in castor oil and fix it to your affected area of pain with a tape. You shall see that this oil goes deep through your skin and show effects.


13. Used for curing Constipation:

Castor Oil is of two types- edible and inedible. The edible Castor oil is a treatment for constipation. It clears the bowels and keeps the stomach healthy. The oil could be mixed with warm water or milk for treating constipation and stomach problems.

Mind you with the quantity while trying this for your constipation problems. It has caused diarrhea and vomiting among people who have had excess of this oil. This oil is also not recommendable for kids as their system may not be able to tolerate the effects of the oil.


14. Castor Oil disinfects wounds:

The antibacterial properties of this oil disinfects wounds and scratches. It prevents the infection to develop in the wounds and cuts.


15. Castor Oil treats Back Pain:

Massaging castor oil over your back while it aches is a simple treatment for your back pain. For a spa-like treatment for this problem, you must apply castor oil to affected area and rub it for some time. Then put a cotton cloth over this area and then use hot-water bag on your back to soothe your pain.

Castor Oil is both easily available and pocket friendly. It has shown assured effects for skin, hair and health for all those who have tried this oil. It is also a proven home remedy for breast pain relief. If you want to check if the oil suits your skin or not, test it by applying a bit of the oil behind the ear lobe. You can then use it without worrying about any adverse effects of the oil. Meanwhile, you should also look at the side effects of castor oil.

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Related Questions:

1.  Is it okay to use castor oil on face?

Yes, it okay to use castor oil on face, the fatty acids in it helps in balancing the natural moisture of the skin.

2. How long does it take castor oil to start working?

It takes about 2 to 6 hours to start working, but at times it can take upto 24 hours for some applications.

3. What are the side effects of using castor oil?

Read this article: Side Effects of Castor oil

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