10 Unbelievable Benefits and Uses of Calendula oil for Skin

Calendula oil is mainly extracted from the Marigold flower tops. The oil smells like woody and musky but it has a great contribution to human health, hair, and skin. This oil is being used as a remedy since past many decades and it is also proven as fruitful one in reducing many skin and hair problems. It has antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents that can keep you strong and away from many diseases. Following benefits and uses of calendula oil can give you a detailed idea in this aspect.

Uses of Calendula Oil

The uses of the calendula oil are growing high day by day because of its beneficial agents. These agents can keep your skin well in numerous ways and this is the reason for which it is used since the ancient age.

  • Cosmetic Uses

This oil is basically used in the skin care products for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This oil can be used as a good massage oil and face cream. It takes a vital role in curing skin problems like ulcers and acne. So, most of the cosmetic creams and other products have calendula as one of the main ingredients.

  • Cooking

Apart from skin care, this oil plays an important role in coloring the cheese and other dishes. It can keep your health fit and fine with its anti-inflammatory agents. Apart from the oil the petals and the leaves of the marigold are taken as the parts of salad. Adding this ingredient to your diet can give you a good result in keeping your skin well.

Health and Skin Benefits of Calendula Oil 

Before going to use the calendula oil on your skin, you need to know its advantages in detail. This oil can be used as a natural remedy to rectify many of your skin disorders. The benefits of this oil are not limited in the beauty requirements only. The following list of its benefits can help you to know why this oil is so popular to keep your skin well.

  1. Treats dry skin

If your skin is dry and you are finding for a natural moisturizer then nothing can give you a better result than the calendula oil. This oil is full of carotenoids that cannot only moisturize your skin but also make it soft and increase the capability of retaining moisture. Because of this effective element, you can get a super quality skin in a natural way by using calendula oil on a regular basis.

  1. Good antiseptic

The antiseptic properties of the calendula oil can protect your skin from many problems. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents of this oil play an effective role in taking care of your skin and keeping it away from the risks of viral attacks due to small cuts or bed sores. This natural oil can keep you safe from skin problems like fungal infections at the same time. So you can use this oil on the cuts and the wounds at your home to reduce the risk of infection at the initial stage.

  1. Works on scars

You can also use this oil on the scars to reduce their appearances on the skin. You can add a few drops of calendula oil to your bath water regularly to eliminate the scars. This oil can give you a new look. It can make your skin even and lively at the same time.

  1. Eliminates thread veins

Thread veins are those tiny veins that are broken and appear on the skin. If you want to eliminate these veins from your face and make it free from the errors then you can use the calendula oil as a good solution. You can take a spoon of calendula oil and mix it with the water and wash your face on a regular basis to get a good result in this particular case.

  1. Reduce anti-aging properties

The proper massage on the face with the calendula oil can give you a good result in reducing the anti-aging properties like wrinkles from your face. This oil can increase the blood flow in the cells of your face and this can make your skin lively and younger. You can also get the advantage of the anti-oxidant properties of the calendula oil in this case.

  1. Heals Wounds

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents of the calendula oil can give you a remarkable result in healing the wounds at the initial stage. This natural oil can regenerate the new skin and heal your wound in a short period. You can apply this oil both on the old and new wounds. This oil can reduce the discomfort and give you quick relief as well. The researchers have proved that this oil gives a good result in dressing deep wounds.

  1. Heals burns

The anti-inflammatory agents of the calendula oil can also give a good comfort on the burnt skin. The anti-inflammatory agents of the calendula oil are mainly responsible for this. These agents play an active role to reduce the inflammation. It can also give a soothing effect on the skin.

  1. Treats animal bites

Small animal bites can be treated by applying a few drops of calendula oil. Again, the anti-inflammatory agents and the antiseptic properties of the oil take an important part in this healing process.

  1. Reduce diaper rashes

This oil is perfect for the babies who use a diaper. The diaper rashes are very common problems and you can give a good comfort to the babies by applying this oil on their skin. It can reduce the discomfort on the baby skin in a shirt period naturally. Its antibacterial properties can keep your baby skin safe as well.

  1. Effective lip balm

You can use the calendula oil on your lips to give it a bright and lively look. The dryness of the lips can be eliminated easily by using this oil repeatedly.

Apart from these skin benefits the calendula oil can keep you healthy in some other ways. You can take this oil to recover with the diseases like breast cancer. Moreover, messaging with calendula oil can give relief to the arthritis patients. The antioxidant properties of the oil can eliminate the harmful effects of the chemicals on your skin as well.

Tips to use calendula oil

  1. Use as facial

You need to clean your first with a good scrubber. Then take a few drops of calendula oil and dab on your face. Then massage with the oil well. This oil not only moisturizes your face but also cleans it and nourishes at the same time.

  1. Use to repair your skin

You can take a few drops of calendula oil and apply on your face regularly before going to the bed to repair the skin and make it live as well. If you use night cream then wait a few minutes after applying the calendula oil and then use the night cream to get an outstanding result.

  1. Use before applying makeup

You can use the calendula oil on your face before putting makeup on it. It can not only protect your skin from the chemical damages but also give you a brighter look at the same time. It can also repair your skin and keep it nourished at the same time.

  1. Treat the Sunburn

You can use few drops of the calendula oil on your face and other parts of the body where you find the sunburnt spots. These burning spots can create some burning sensation or irritation and the calendula oil can give a good relief in this case. The soothing effects of this oil can help you to get comfortable.

  1. Repair skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes may look tired and dull at times. The weather and the age is the main reason behind this. You can take a few drops of calendula oil on your fingertips and apply on the skin around your eyes to make it lively and repaired.


These above-mentioned benefits of natural oil like calendula can enhance your beauty if you can follow the tips regularly. Using chemicals on your skin may harm it and damage soon. So, using natural products on your face skin is always a better idea. This oil has a good amount of antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that accelerate your beauty and delay your aging. So, don’t think twice, just take an authenticate calendula oil and apply on your skin to keep it well naturally. It can give you a good feeling after a hectic day.

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