20 Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair

For many years Tea tree oil was reserved by the natives of Aborigines, Australia as their little secret to a healthy lifestyle. However, the secret unfolded, and now you can see most of the face creams and healthcare products having the Tea tree oil for skin care as a major ingredient. Though the natives used the oil only for minor cuts, abrasions and small skin problems the truth is that it benefits not only the body but also the skin and hair in different ways possible. Here we bring you some very interesting beauty benefits of Tea tree oil.

20 Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair

1. Moisturiser

People who occasionally face dry skin problem have a new friend to solve that issue. Tea tree oil mixed with any carrier oil can visibly reduce the signs of dry skin and cause a reduction in signs of cracked skin as well. For best results, mix 1-2 drops of Tea tree oil with sweet almond oil and then apply it gently on the affected areas all the while massaging it smoothly.

2. Corns and warts

This is one problem which is quite painful and normally finding an easy treatment for them is not so easy. Applying a very small quantity of undiluted Tea tree oil to the area affected twice a day helps in slowly getting rid of them. However, make sure that you do not spill any of the oil on the sensitive area of your skin as it is quite strong in that state.

3. Hair fall

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that can help reduce hair fall to a considerable extent. Just mix a few drops of the oil to a cup of Argan or Castor oil and massage on your scalp for a few minutes. Leave the oil in your hair for at least one hour before washing it off. This regular pack can help in revitalising your hair and making them thick too.

4. Acne

Owing to its strong antibacterial properties Tea tree oil is the perfect home remedy to get rid of acne and its spots. Most importantly the use of the same does not leave your skin red and peeling. Either add ten drops of the oil to your regular face wash and apply it on the acne spots or you can use a Q tip to apply the oil on the affected area every night before going to sleep. Since acne is mostly caused by bacteria on makeup brushes, washing them with water mixed with Tea tree oil can keep them infection free for long.

5. Dandruff

The existing pollution and stress in life often cause dandruff in hair which refuses to go easily. However, usage of Tea tree oil reduces signs of flakes appearing on your scalp. Add few drops of Tea tree oil to your shampoo and apply it on your hair. Massage it softly and leave for some time before rinsing and washing it off.

6. Burns

If you are suffering from minor burns you can use Tea tree oil to give you immediate relief. Mix some honey with Tea tree oil and apply the same on the area that has been inflamed. Application of the same can reduce pain, hasten the healing process and even remove the scars on the skin.

7. Dry scalp

You can mix Tea tree oil with any other carrier oil like Jojoba Oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Sweet Almond oil. Massage it gently and leave it on the scalp for some time. Wash it after half an hour to nourish your hair and clear any blockages that your scalp pores may be facing.

8. Razor burns and relief

Often we cut ourselves during our daily shave and that cut burns till it is completely healed. Mix some drops of Tea tree oil with around one spoon of coconut oil and apply it on the area that has been cut. Acting as a soothing balm this mixture can also be used for other cuts on the skin.

9. Skin Cancer

The harmful effect of the severe sun has led to an increase in the incidences of skin cancer and other related ailments. As per a study by the Journal of Dermatological sciences, Tea tree oil can reduce the probability of the disease affecting you. Its ability to reduce cancerous tumours makes it miracle oil for everyone.

10. Psoriasis and Eczema

Skin inflammation of any kind can be difficult to treat and is a lengthy process too. It acts as a home remedy for ailments such as Psoriasis and Eczema can be removed by a little application of Tea tree oil almost every day. Add five drops of Tea tree oil to a teaspoon of Coconut oil and apply on the affected area to get quick respite.

11. Hair cleansing

If you are facing the problem of dull and damaged hair and follicles use Tea tree oil to get the lustrous hair you want. Tea Tree oil acts as a natural conditioner and cleanser and even treats your hair for problems such as lice. Before using, however, mix it with Lavender and Coconut oil for best results.

12. Strengthen nails

Brittle nails can often create difficulties for you. In such a scenario Tea tree oil comes to the rescue. Dilute water with a few drops of Tea tree oil and massage it softly on your fingertips diligently at least 1-2 times per week. As a result, your nails will become soft, and the possibility of breakage would also reduce.

13. Mosquito bites

Regularly people have to face the problem of mosquito bites, and their marks show signs of never going away. Buy a gel or repellent having Tea tree oil or if possible make a Tea Tree soap that can help in reducing the impact of the same. You can also use it to make sure that the burning sensation dies away quickly.

14. Body Odour

Sweating heavily is pretty common for some people. But if the sweat leaves you with a terrible body odour, then you probably need to do something about it. To your bath water add some Tea tree oil and Lemon juice. This leaves a refreshing feel to the water and helps you get rid of the smell of excessive sweating.

15. Long hair

Since Tea tree oil provides nourishment to your hair, it is also helpful in ensuring that you get long over a period. Just add some warm carrier oil to some drops of tea tree oil and massage in your hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave for around 30 minutes before washing it off. If practised regularly shiny and strong hair is what you would get in return for this regime.

16. Problems of feet

The antiseptic properties of Tea Tree oil are remarkable, and hence they can easily remove the impact of fungal and viral infections. This makes the oil suitable for use in case your feet become infected with infections like those of ringworms and toenail Just dabbing a cotton swab in the oil and applying it on that area should solve your problem though.

17. Removing makeup

Removal of makeup often becomes a tedious process, and if you use harmful chemical based toners, then it is going to harm your skin as well. Instead, mix ¼ cup of Canola oil with ten drops of Tea Tree oil and store in a glass jar. Take a cotton swab and gently use this mixture to wipe away all the heavy make up on your face.

18. Moles on the face

In case you are facing moles or similar growth on the face you can use Tea tree oil to get rid of them. Dip some cotton in Tea tree oil and apply it regularly twice a day. After applying cover it with more cotton for around one hour or so. In fifteen days your mole would be on the way to vanishing soon.

19. Hair removal

For women who find unwanted hair growth on their chin and breast, a simple treatment of Tea tree oil can help reduce it. Just mix one teaspoon Lavender Oil with few drops of Tea tree oil. Using cotton apply this at least 2-3 times a day for around three months. The extra facial hair would be gone within that time.

20. Chicken Pox marks

If you or someone you know suffers from Chicken Pox, Tea tree oil reduces not only the pain but also the marks later on. The heavy itching that accompanies the disease can be lessened by applying Tea tree oil. You can take a bath with few drops of Tea tree oil in the water or apply using cotton to remove the marks.


Tea tree oil is now gaining popularity as the one stop solution for all the problems that a person can face. Be it skin, hair or overall health the oil serves as a respite for almost any kind of ailment affecting them. However, some people especially those with sensitive skin may be allergic to the use of the same. In such a case using the oil along with a carrier oil can help in reducing any such impact.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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