12 Beauty Benefits of Rosewater for Hair, Face, and Skin

Rosewater in itself is an excellent ingredient that can soothe your skin. Its fragrance alone can give a heavenly feeling. The history of the rose water dates back to the time when the most optimal ingredient for skin care routine or a beauty regime was Cleopatra. Rosewater has an exceptional range of benefits that are not only good for your hair but also your skin. An evocative of beauty and timelessness rose water a pool of health benefits.

12 Beauty Benefits of Rosewater for Hair, Face, and Skin

1. Antimicrobial & Antibacterial

Rosewater is one such ingredient that has excellent medicinal properties. Rosewater has all those ingredients that you find in the beauty regimen of Saks. A scientist has explored the entire range of elements present in rosewater. A study suggests that rosewater is among the most significant element that can fight Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2. Maintaining the pH balance

Sometimes it so happens that the pH of the skin drops to 4.5 to 6.2, this in turns makes your skin way too acidic. This is directly due to the excessive use of the cleansers, facials, soaps or any such beauty products that have the ability to the alter the balance of pH present in your skin. This in a way leads to bacterial growth which causes acne in the skin. Using rosewater can be an excellent cure for the same. The pH level of rosewater is 5.5. This helps in maintaining the entire pH of your skin or in a way balance the same bringing the pH of your skin back to the normal value.

3. Excellent Remedy to cure acne

Rose water has this incredible property to eliminate excessive oil from your skin. Owing to the properties of balancing pH of the skin, rose water can deter the occurrence of acne-causing bacteria, and it’s growth thereby keeping your face clean and acne free.

4. Skin Toner

In today’s era, we all are highly careful and tolerant towards healing skin. The beauty regime of CTM. Popularly known as Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing, what we generally skip or tend to omit is toning. People think it does not hold much importance, but we are not aware that toning is as important as cleansing or moisturizing. Toning helps to clean pores and opens them for maximum hydration. It has the propensity to remove excess of oil and dirt from the skin of your face. One of the optimal toners you can opt to buy or choose to use is rosewater. Thanks to the medicinal properties and its ability to balance the pH, rosewater can clean your skin and make it makeup ready.

5. As a skin hydrating agent

We all know how important a toner is for our skin. But many times, people complain that using toners turn their skin dry. This is true but not when you indulge mild or natural ingredients in your beauty regime as a toner. Rosewater is a natural product and acts as the best toner for dry skin. Rosewater can settle in between the pores of your skin and offer significant hydration to the same. This not just opens pores but also freshens your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is largely responsible to improve the skin texture each day with a repetitive usage of rosewater. An excellent advantage of using rosewater as a toner is the ease with which you can apply it on your skin when you feel a bit dry.

6. Works wonders for sensitive skin

People with dry or moist skin easily find a plethora of products available in the market to be used as a toner. But the one with sensitive skin needs to run from store to store to find an optimal toner for their skin. Rosewater has the ability not just to soothe irritation but also reduces the redness of the skin. The fact that rosewater has inflammatory properties and is a natural ingredient makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

7. Reduces Eye Puffiness

Nowadays, working late night is not astonishing. But then keeping up to the late hours, it is also essential to take care of your skin. Eye Puffiness is a common phenomenon most of us suffer from. Multiple products, several skin treatment but no effect. Even if a facial or an under eye treatment cures your puffiness, but it’s not feasible to opt for a treatment every now and then. To ease your problem, you can try using rose water. The anti-inflammatory and also the cooling properties of the rose water not just soothe your skin but also fights the eye puffiness. All you need to do is to dip two cotton balls in rose water and place them under your eyes to experience a cooling effect.

8. Moisturizes hair

Most of you suffer from the dry and itchy scalp. Those frizzy hair tend to get on our nerves. You might have multiple hair treatments, but none sought to work for you. Try using rose water combined with aloe vera gel. The mixture not just moisturizes your scalp but also reduce the fuzziness of dry hair. Rose water has the cooling property and works wonders for dry hair. It not only enhances your hair quality but also cures inflammation, if any, in your scalp and help reduce dandruff. An excellent revitalizer and one of the easily available natural conditioner for your hair.

9. Prevent premature aging

Everyday exposure to sun and it’s harmful UV rays tend to age your skin faster. Multiple factors which aid premature aging of your skin include stress, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, using chemical products or products that have a harsh effect on the skin. All the factors mentioned above can produce free radicals that can very well damage the skin leading to early aging.

Rosewater, owing to its antioxidant properties, is an excellent remedy for prevention of aging. It helps neutralize the free radicals produced in the skin and keep your skin hydrated as well as healthy. Rosewater keeps all those unwanted wrinkles and the fine lines away keeping your skin moisturized.

10. Soothes different skin condition

Pure rosewater works miraculously for a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema. Both the anti-inflammatory property and the cooling effect of rose water combined help to soothe the condition and make you feel better. Just after application of the water, you notice ease in the irritation caused by the aggravating skin condition. Rosewater is one of the best remedies to treat the uneasiness caused by eczema.

11. Rejuvenate Skin and Hair

An excellent benefit of using rose water is to keep both your skin and hair hydrated and moisturized. Exposure to dirt and pollution throughout the day makes your skin dull and your hair dry. Carrying a bottle of rose water and sprinkling the same not only refreshes but also rejuvenates your skin making you feel supple for longer hours. It hydrates your hairs so that your dirt does not make it look frizzy. Another excellent benefit of rosewater is that it acts as a settler of makeup. The so-called 9, to 5 hardly stays so long. So a prick of rosewater could makes it easier to settle and give a shimmery look.

12. Sunburn Soothing

Rose water as we all know has a cooling effect. Besides being an excellent toner, it has the ability to soothe your skin after a sunburn. The itch and the burning impact after continuous exposure to sun cause dark patches to pop on your skin. Keeping rose water and applying the same after being hit by sunburn eases the irritation and also boosts the process of healing the same.


The benefits of rose water do not end here. When used along with several other ingredients the skin benefit of rose water quadruples. Termed as one of the ingredients to heal skin issues and keep it fresh all day long, rosewater is the best natural product available in the market. No matter what kind of skin you have. Be it dry or oily or combined, rose water can easily fit in your beauty regimen. You need not tweak or twirl your beauty products, rosewater is not a substitute but an add-on. Before you opt to buy the product make sure you opt for pure rosewater. Several products available in the market are a combination of a chemical. This would do more harm than benefits. An ingredient whose aroma or the fragrance alone is a delight work miraculously both for your skin and hair.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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