Ayurvedic tips for Summer Heat

It’s summer time!

Summer is a very tiring and lazy season. The rays of the sun get hotter every hour and every day. Too much heat can contribute to damage on and inside your body. Sunburn, acne, tanning, rashes, itching,  dehydration, diarrhea, suffocation and exhaustion are some  common witnessed side effects due to heat in the summer. Ayurveda is one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to help your self suffer less in this hot season.

Let’s explore and understand some good and easy ways of keeping your body cool internally as well as externally.

Ayurvedic Tips For Summer Heat  


1. Avoid acidic foods

Summer is all about keeping your body cool not only from outside but also from within. During summers, your body uses up all the water that is stored in it and demands for more cool items i.e. foods that are not acidic in nature.

If you consume a lot of spicy and oily food, your body may not react to it pleasantly and you may face problems like acidity, loose motions and food poison.

Avoid eating citrus fruits, meat and beetroot as they are acidic in nature and may harm your body.


2. Keep your body hydrated with water

In summers, the very first thing your body demands is water. Water is the sole healer for multiple problems in your body. Many doctors and dieticians suggest to have plenty of water regularly to keep your body hydrated and active.

Just by drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day along with regular walk will help to solve out every minor problem inside your body.


3. Avoid rigorous workout

Exercise is the best decision to keep your body active but avoid excessive workout in summers. This might trouble you as too much exercise can heat up your body faster.


4. Say NO to Chilled cold drinks

It is a natural tendency that we consume more of cold water and cold drinks during summer. This happens because our body craves for cold beverages. Unfortunately, consumption of cold beverages causes more harm to your body.

Cold drinks affect your digestive system and create unwanted toxins. It is advisable to drink normal water.

Drink lemon water or any fruit juice to provide energy to your body.


5. Eat Pitta pacifying food

In order to keep pitta in balance, eat more sweet and bitter types of food and avoid salty, sour and pungent taste. Pitta is one of the three doshas, or the three fundamental energies that, according to Ayurveda, form every human being. Pitta controls the metabolic system, temperature, heat and transformations of the body and mind.

Eat melons, pears and grapes in fruits and cucumber or broccoli in vegetables. Drink milk regularly.


6. Use Rose

Ayurveda has a special place for Rose flower. It is renowned for its powerful cooling effect on the physiology. Many ayurvedic herbal compounds that have heating effect are balanced by the rose herbal.

A spoonful of organic rose petal each day, either by itself or mixing with milk can give you a cooling effect on your body. Rose petals can also be applied on the eyelids to reduce the pain and stress after work.


7. Relax your body

Ayurveda is based on relaxation of the body and soul. It studies the various segments of the body and how to give relaxation to it. It emphasizes on keeping the body calm and sound.

In this season, the body experiences tiredness and laziness which affects the pitta dosha. Try to take out time to go on long trips and holidays, go for a walk in the night to get good sleep. Indulge in activities that relaxes your mind and reduces all the stress Eg:- swimming.


8. Stay away from heavy food

Heavy foods include spicy, oily and fast foods. These foods damage your digestive system. In summers you need to consume light food especially during the night. Eating outside food regularly or during short intervals can invite stomach related diseases like indigestion, acidity and gas.


9. Use sun protected products and herbs

Before stepping out in such excess heat, cover your body with sun protected lotions or sunscreen lotion. The lotion protects the upper layer of your skin and results in less chances of tanning and sunburn.

Coconut oil has soothing properties. Rubbing coconut oil in the scalp or any part of your body can help to bring a cooling effect and throws out all the stress and tension.


10. Use essential oils

Use sweet and relaxing aromas like rose, lavender, chamomile, jasmine and geranium to stay cool this summer. Rub the oils of these flowers on your face, the back of your neck and on your feet to relax your body instantly. Take a aromatherapy bath with the essential oils.


Summer is all about having daytime longer than night, about witnessing black and white shade on your body due to tanning, about realizing the importance of liquids specially water, about covering yourself with hat, cap and gloves, about wanting to sit near the Air Conditioners and amongst all the summer effects is to spend a good holiday beside the sea and cold breeze!

Ayurveda believes that every person is unique and the uniqueness varies due to the three different doshas present in different people. The three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental happenings inside the body. Pitta dosha is composed of fire and water. Pitta governs heat and metabolism throughout the body. It controls digestion, sensory organs and our metabolism. Pitta dosha needs to be kept balanced in summers in order to keep our digestive system healthy.




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