how to stop nosebleeds

How to Stop and Prevent Nosebleeds? All You Need to Know


Nosebleed is a phenomenon that occurs when blood oozes out of the nostrils. Depending upon whether the blood flows out from the nose front or from deep inside the nose, nosebleeds could either be posterior and anterior. Undoubtedly, the nose bleeding causes intense discomfort and also looks scary. However, in most cases, the underlying phenomenon … Continued

home remedies for dandruff

8 Easy Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment


According to a survey almost 50% of the total human population experiences dandruff. True that it is common and needs to be cured. Looking at the various causes: itchy scalp, dry or irritated skin, flakiness, and fungal growth are the prime culprits. Several cases witness sensitivity to several hair products that lead to dandruff. You … Continued

rosewater for face

12 Beauty Benefits of Rosewater for Hair, Face, and Skin


Rosewater in itself is an excellent ingredient that can soothe your skin. Its fragrance alone can give a heavenly feeling. The history of the rose water dates back to the time when the most optimal ingredient for skin care routine or a beauty regime was Cleopatra. Rosewater has an exceptional range of benefits that are … Continued


What Causes Nosebleeds? 11 Reasons You Should Know


A common phenomenon that occurs without notifying or alarming you with signals of it’s incoming is the nosebleed. Though they appear scary, yet they do not pose any serious threat to your health. Nose is made up of blood vessels that are located adjacent to the surface both at the front and also at the … Continued

Nosebleeds in children

6 Main Causes Nosebleeds in Children- When to Worry?


You notice each and every movement of your baby. Extra care, added measures to ensure maximum safety. But what if you suddenly, notice blood oozing out of the nose of your beloved child. Scared? Tensed? Panicking? All are acceptable, after all, it’s your baby. You have proper care, and you wonder how on Earth did … Continued

health benefits of baking soda

9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Baking Soda


Surprisingly, everyone has baking soda kept hidden in one corner of the kitchen which we hardly visit. We all tend to omit this ingredient and does not give much importance to it. However, you might not have any idea as to how this ingredient can pose excellent health benefits. Baking soda is a lot more … Continued

what causes colic in babies

What Causes Colic in Babies? Signs, Symptoms, and Remedies


When it’s your first baby, you are cautious about everything. And if your baby is a bit cranky, things turn more difficult. Some might suggest that your child is colicky. But what’s that and how would you cure it? What causes colic in babies? What is Colic? Babies need to cry. The first thing we … Continued

fish oil for skin

Amazing Beauty Benefits of Fish Oil For Skin and Hair


Several studies suggest that Fish oil have excellent benefits both for skin and hair. It not only helps the skin to glow but also add luster and shine to your hair. One of the best ways to consume fish oil is the intake of supplements in terms of fish oil capsules. As we know, fish … Continued

margarine vs butter

Margarine Vs Butter- Which One is Healthier Option?


  Every time you coat a piece of bread with a spoonful of butter, you carry guilt along with it. Those golden pats not just add taste to your cravings but also extra mass to your belly and then you start considering alternatives for the same. Right? One of the most contradictory topics is the … Continued

side effects of tea tree oil

17 Serious Side Effects Of Tea Tree Oil You Should Check


Also known world over as “Melaleuca Oil” Tea tree oil has a camphor-like smell and can be found in pale yellow or colourless composition. Even though toxic if ingested, the oil is a favourite to be used in Skin creams and lotions all thanks to its ability to treat various dermatological diseases. In spite of … Continued

side effects of tea tree oil

20 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil You Should Know


Everyone these days looks for natural remedies for their ailments. The existing stressful life ensures that people want a treatment which has the least side effects possible. Tea tree oil is slowly making its presence felt the world over as more and more people are awakening to its health benefits. Even before this publicity Tea … Continued

side effects of tea tree oil

20 Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair


For many years Tea tree oil was reserved by the natives of Aborigines, Australia as their little secret to a healthy lifestyle. However, the secret unfolded, and now you can see most of the face creams and healthcare products having the Tea tree oil for skin care as a major ingredient. Though the natives used … Continued

benefits of argan oil

13 Beauty Benefits Of Argan Oil For Face, Hair and Skin


Argan oil is the new talk of the town and is hitting every beauty shelf nowadays. The reason is its immense beauty benefits attracting people worldwide. The oil has also earned a name of ‘liquid gold’ for itself. Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, the oil can be used effectually for many beauty … Continued

cacao or cocoa

Cocoa vs Cacao: Which One Should You Go For?


Chocolate is love for all. No matter what we do, who we are or what our age is, we all have a sweet tooth for chocolates. A health expert or a die-hard dietitian, all would suggest you take chocolate but the right one and in the right amount. The lip-smacking taste leaves us with a … Continued

what is nausea

What is Nausea? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


What is Nausea? Have you ever felt wobbly and had a vomiting sensation? Have you ever experienced a dizzy feeling which made you feel disoriented? If this is your case, then you have suffered from nausea. Nausea causes a sense of discomfort in the deep stomach pit and makes you feel puckish. Nausea can have … Continued

home remedies for wrinkles

8 Secret Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally


For many of us, the quest for bright and younger looking skin can be a constant battle. Several companies have manufactured countless products like lotions, pills, capsules, masks that boost your ability to prevent or demolish these signs of aging, at quite high costs. What we always look for is natural options and the article … Continued

side effects of iron supplements

11 Noteworthy Side Effects Of Iron Supplements


Iron is normally found in foods like red meat. In the body, iron becomes a part of your haemoglobin and myoglobin. Haemoglobin carries oxygen through your blood to tissues and organs. Myoglobin helps your muscle cells store oxygen. If you have Iron deficiency symptoms of anaemia include fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. The symptoms of … Continued

side effects of aspirin

Careful Usage, Precautions, and Side Effects of Aspirin


Aspirin is a common painkiller that we pop when the pain in our body becomes unbearable. Doctors advise the consumption of aspirin with care as it is believed that it can cause some really difficult side effects which are hard to beat. In most situations, excessive and frequent usage of the medicine can cause issues … Continued