Low Cholesterol Breakfast

16 Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipes for Healthy You


When we are starting our day, after a heavy workout or maybe a perfect sleep, we try to grab foods that would be healthy and hearty, preferably low on cholesterol. Amidst all the chores, thinking about something healthy just in the morning can be really tedious, thus, we at ExtraChai curated a list, just for … Continued

health benefits of coconut

24 Refreshing Health Benefits of Coconut


Coconut is the most versatile fruit I have come across till date. Not only is it packed with rich vitamins, nutrients, and calories, but also contains the rare and unique lauric acid that lowers bad cholesterol in our body and ensures that our arteries stay healthy and clean. This miracle food has made a comeback … Continued

anal cancer

Anal Cancer-Symptoms, Types, Causes, and Treatment


What is Anal Cancer? Anal cancer is quite a rare kind of cancer that happens to occur in the anal canal. The anal canal is basically a short tube located at the end of the gastrointestinal tract through which the stool leaves our body. Most people suffering from anal cancer are treated with an apt … Continued

remove blackheads

11 Top Ways To Remove Blackheads


Blackheads are basically small bumps that tend to appear on our skin due to several clogged hair follicles. These tiny little bumps are called blackheads because their surface turns dark or black due to contact with the oxygen outside. They can be perceived as a mild type of acne that is usually formed on the … Continued

health benefits of blueberries

12 Nutritional And Health Benefits of Blueberries


Blueberries, though, do not have any long history in being known as cultivated ones, but these tiny fruits originated in New Jersey and are grown commercially in 38 states and in several other parts of the world. Popularly known as summer berry, they are extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants and carry an immense amount … Continued


Gonorrhea- Symptoms, Complications, and Treatment


What is Gonorrhea? Gonorrhea is a quite prevalent sexually transmitted infection and is specifically found in people less than 25 years of age. It basically affects your genitals (vagina, testicles or penis), the anus or even your throat- probably the warm and moist areas of your body. As a matter of fact, Gonorrhea catches you … Continued

vitamin c rich foods

20 Easy To Find Vitamin C Rich Foods


Vitamin C is necessary for your skin and gums. Likewise, it helps in the production of collagen which is a component in connective tissues. Moreover, a deficiency of vitamin C can serve you with weak immunity, frequent cold, cough, inflammatory diseases, damaged skin and even cancer. Now, as we have gained some knowledge about certain aspects … Continued

symptoms of ovulation

Top 15 Signs and Symptoms Of Ovulation


  Oxford defines it as ‘the release of eggs from ovaries.’ But that we can always get from some science, right? Basically, during the ovulation period, the egg travels all way down the fallopian tube, where it might meet up with a sperm and become fertilized. For all healthy women, not suffering from hormonal issues, … Continued

health benefits of lemons

15 Nutritional And Health Benefits of Lemon


Lemons have always been my personal favorite saviors when it comes to healthy living. These tiny little yellow fruits filled with all natural goodness have solutions and remedies to not only chronic diseases but can also cure almost any health issue you can think of. You might not even know, what wonders can be created by … Continued


Top 15 Ways To Improve Digestion


Digestion is one of the most vital processes, our system performs, leading to healthy well being of a person. Our digestive tract and our gut are the two things that control the productivity of a person. Not only does our brain work towards our concentration levels, but our digestive health plays a big role in … Continued

8 Healthy Ways to Cook Eggs


Eggs are not only an amazing source of inexpensive and high-quality protein but also a package of various nutrients, vitamins, minerals and most essentially choline. Apparently, boiled and poached eggs are the healthiest forms of its consumption, but there are various cooking methods, which can prove to be not only immensely good for you but … Continued

health benefits of eggs

Top 13 Health Benefits Of Eggs- Nutrition, Calories, Protein


Over the years, eggs have proven to be a delicious superfood, which benefits its consumers exceptionally in every aspect. Be it providing you with the ultimate protein, nourishing your skin with its goodness, or pampering your hair with some extra dose of vitamins, eggs do it all. Thus, acknowledging their significance, we at Extrachai, bring … Continued

high carb foods

15 Super Healthy High-Carb Foods


What are Carbs? Carbohydrates, commonly known as ‘carbs’ in the dietary world, are one of the basic food groups which constitute of the sugars, fibers, and starches found in fruits, vegetables, grains and more prominently in milk products. What are Good Carbs? Now, the health-conscious population often wonders, ‘What actually good carbs are?’ when the … Continued


12 Significant Signs and Symptoms Of Depression


People often have the tendency to confuse sadness or just a mere melancholic mood with depression. We find ourselves using phrases such as “I feel too depressed” when we are saddened by some reason or feel low after a breakup. But, that’s not what clinical depression is. There are certain symptoms of depression.   What … Continued

Top 7 Deliciously Healthy Spinach Recipes


Popeye was indeed strong enough as he repeatedly savored on the superfood called spinach. This leafy green vegetable is a low-calorie package with tons of nutrients, vitamins, iron, proteins, and minerals. It is not only beneficial for bone health and immune system but also nourishes our hair and skin. Understanding the importance of consuming spinach, … Continued

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Omega 3


We at ExtraChai care for your optimal health. thus we bring forth you, a curated list of 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Omega 3. What is an Omega? Omega is basically a form of unsaturated fat. Generally, all fatty acids have an even number of some carbon atoms which are attached to each other in … Continued

10 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar (or ACV) is the most healthy form of vinegar which is made from apple cider; that goes through a constructed fermentation process to form enzymes and probiotics, that foster health; giving it prominently little sugar and much fewer calories than actual apple juice. As a matter of fact, apple cider vinegar has … Continued

Top 10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat


To find our bellies sworn by fat is just frustrating. Moreover, witnessing it growing big day by day feels like a big nuisance. Not only this, increasing belly fat can also be an indication of existing heart diseases and Type II Diabetes. No doubt all of us keep struggling to lose belly fat. But no … Continued

whey protein supplement

Your Ultimate Guide to Whey Protein


Proteins have always been the most recommended foods and supplements for our health and bodybuilding.  Protein is basically a nutrient needed by the human body for its growth and structured maintenance. We should consume high-quality protein in every meal of ours; because it plays a very crucial role in weight and belly fat loss and definitely increases our … Continued