An Introduction to Herb Grinders

Before we look into the details and technicalities of a herb grinder, let us understand what simply is a grinder.

A grinder is simply a device which is created to grind herbs and spices into very small bits, similar to the consistency of powders. It is more widely used for the purpose of grinding marijuana buds into very smaller sized particles.

A normal grinder is made up of two halves which can be separated and it contains extremely sharp teeth or pegs which are aligned in a way that when both halves are turned, the material placed inside the grinder is effectively shredded.

Features of a Herb Grinder

Herb grinders come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. However, the ones having a round cylindrical shape are considered to be the most common. The Grinders are easily available in a variety of materials, such as metal, acrylic, wood, or aluminum. There are even titanium grinders available in some places.

While considering the durability and strength of a herb grinder, it is important to look into the construction and material of the teeth. One must also examine the way in which they are attached to the base of the grinder.

Plastic herb grinders are generally not considered to be very durable and their teeth also break very easily, especially when a herb placed inside the grinder contains stems or other particles. Aluminium or metal grinders are generally the preferred ones when looking for a durable grinder and which also last for a long time.

Some of the grinders contain a magnet which connects the different parts of the grinder and keeps them in place. This allows for better grinding movement, as both halves would remain in the exact same place. A popular kind of herb grinder is the pollinator grinder.

Let’s have a look at the same.

Pollinator Grinder

An herb grinder which consists of two or more compartments separated by a fine screen is said to be a pollinator grinder. When used to grind marijuana buds, such a grinder allows you to collect trichomes,. Trichomes are said to be the most potent particles that can be found in marijuana. They are found right in the compartment that is placed underneath a fine screen.

When a sufficient amount of trichomes have been collected, the material can be easily taken out and then used in a pollen press to make hash. Alternatively, one can also opt to ingest the pollen without grinding it in a pollen press. Some pollinators come in different sized meshes and allow you to collect hash powders of different grades.

In regular types of herb grinders, small particles could easily get stuck to the bottom as well as the teeth of the grinder. Therefore, it is always recommended to clean up the filter screen on a regular basis, using a brush with soft bristles. This will help in getting rid of the particles that get stuck on the screen. This process also helps in increasing the rate of pollen accumulation in the grinder.

Maintenance and Usage

For the purpose of grinding, the material which is to be ground must be dry enough. Damp or humid marijuana, for example, is actually more difficult to be ground into small pieces than dried ones. The stems and seeds must be removed before putting the herb in the grinder as they would cause a joint of the herb to be burnt unevenly. The stems can even cause the teeth of acrylic grinders to break away.

Measures to ensure longer life span of herb grinders

In order to ensure a longer life span of the herb grinders, the following measures can be taken:

1) The top, as well as the bottom, are separated, and the marijuana (or any other herb) is placed between the teeth of the grinder.

2) Next, the top and the bottom are kept together and these two parts are then twisted in the opposite direction to close the grinder. The more the time spent in grinding the herb, the finer the particles would be churned.

3) Lift up a part of the grinder: your herb is now grounded and it is ready for usage.

How to clean Herb grinders ?

After some considerable time, there would likely be some kind of build-up of resin and trichomes which are stuck to the teeth as well as the bottom of the grinder. A simple way of cleaning up the grinder is to brush off all the crystals by simply applying any small bristle or a hard tipped paint brush. This would not only increase the effectiveness of the grinder but also ensure a longer product life

If the grinder still contains the sticky resin, then it may be a wise decision to clean the grinder more thoroughly.

One way is to soak it in rubbing/ISO alcohol. This method works well for cleaning an aluminum grinder.

One can also use warm water as well as organic cleaning products at the time of cleaning acrylic or wooden grinders. It is advisable to let all the parts dry up (as well as ensure the alcohol needs to evaporate) totally before closing off and using the grinder again.

How to Choose a Weed Grinder?

One must consider the following factors before looking for herb grinders:

  • Reviews
  • Versatility
  • Locks
  • Warranty
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Pick the Right Grinder 

Thus it can be seen that there are a number of brands that are available in the market for the purpose of grinding herbs. But not all of them are able to stand the test of time. Some are durable but expensive, while some are cheap but not sturdy.  With growing demands, the supply of herb grinders is also increasing. But one needs to be judgmental while buying a new herb grinder.



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