9 Essential Oils for Acne and How to use them ?

An acne breakout is not just a teenage problem these days. Thanks to external factors like stress, hormonal levels, genetic make-up, diet, beauty routines like over scrubbing and harsh chemical usage can prompt acne breakout at any point in your life. The usage of essential oils for acne has been vastly promoted by health experts, and there are solid reasons for doing so. Thanks to their ability to kill the bacteria causing acne, more and more beauty experts are vouching to use them.

Let us read further to know what essential oils are, how they help in acne and which ones are the most effective in this case.

What are Essential oils?

In simple terms, Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants.  In reality, these oils capture the scent and flavour the oil, something which we call as its “essence”. These essential oils are extracted through distillation or methods like cold pressing.

Once the extraction has been done the essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil and a product is created which is ready for use. Here we would like to mention that how the extraction is done is important as those created through chemical processes are not believed to be essential oils.

Essential oils for Acne Treatment

Now that we have heard a lot about essential oils suitable for acne treatment let us move ahead. Below are mentioned the best essential oils that you should consider for acne treatment.

1. Oregano Oil

Normally you would find it as an important ingredient in your kitchen, but not many people are aware of its qualities in eliminating acne. The oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities and thus is perfect for removing pimples and acne. However, the oil should never be used directly on the skin and dilution is compulsory for desired results.

You should mix equal quantities of oregano oil and any other carrier oil like Jojoba, grapeseed or olive oil. Later,apply this mixture directly onto your skin. This treatment needs to be repeated until the effect of usage starts showing.

2. Tea tree Oil

With its exotic fragrance, it is quite hard to believe that Tea tree oil could have so many properties too. Having antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is the only essential oil which may be applied directly onto the skin. This fact works in favour and makes this oil quite easy to use.  Apart from this, the tea tree oil has a cooling and calming effect, and you may use it even if you are not suffering from any skin ailments.

For usage dab a cotton swab and apply a little bit of the oil on the affected area. However, the oil can make your skin dry; hence if you dilute it with jojoba oil that would be beneficial.

3. Thyme Oil

If you consider its properties, then thyme oil is believed to be extremely impactful when it comes to killing microbes present in your skin. As per a study, a tincture of thyme was able to penetrate the bacteria causing acne better than most prescription medicines which had benzoyl peroxide in it. Thyme oil also has healing and anti-inflammatory benefits both of which are important to get rid of acne. However, as recommended by dermatologists thyme oil should be used diluted with water or any water-based emulsion before application.

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has soothing properties which are generally not found in others. Moreover, the usage of the same reduces blemishes and keeps your skin calm too. You can also incorporate the use of lavender oil in your daily beauty regime as it does not harm your skin in any manner. For best results choose a face wash with lavender oil. Or you can make a moisturizer using Lavender, almond, grape seed and jojoba oil and use it to reveal glowing skin.

5. Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, and thus it receives a recommendation from all skin doctors. Helpful in controlling sebum secretion, it promotes wound healing and regeneration of the skin. You can easily mix it with other oils and use it as per your convenience. To create your own anti-acne, mix bergamot oil drops to grapeseed, olive or jojoba oil. You can also mix any of the above oils to create a powerful antidote. The fragrance of Bergamot oil helps in lifting your spirits, and after its use, a person feels naturally in a better mood and state of mind.

6. Rosemary Oil

You may hear of using Rosemary for flavouring food but never for skin; however, this benefit of this oil has been ignored so far. The Rosemary oil reduces the presence of oil in the skin and therefore the chances of acne are also dimmed. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the oil removes redness and puffiness and can treat acne quickly. For glowy skin you can purchase a face wash, moisturizer or cleanser having this is an ingredient. Apart from clearing your skin the use of Rosemary oil improves blood circulation and makes your skin firm and toned.

7. Rose Oil

Slightly on the expensive side, Rose oil has very strong anti-microbial properties. However, its strong scent is a major reason why it is suggested for treating acne. One reason why your body gets affected by acne is hormonal imbalances which in turn is caused by stress. However, the strong smell of rose oil stimulates hormones of happiness (Seratonin), reduces stress and thus indirectly is responsible for your acne going away. The pleasant, calming and relaxing smell has been proven to induce a sense of happiness and heal the skin.

8. Clary sage Oil

Scientific research has proved that Clary sage has strains which are extremely effective against the bacteria which cause acne. Related to the garden herb sage, the oil can be used twice or thrice a day without any worries. For best results, mix 2-3 drops of the oil to 10 drops of any other carrier oil. Massage the oil on the affected area and leave for some time. If need be, you can add the oil to your face cream and mask and achieve the desired results.

9. Eucalyptus Oil

By reducing the sebum on your skin, Eucalyptus oil is effective in reducing the acne. Its antibacterial properties ensure that the oil generated by your glands is diminished. Every night before hitting the bed add two to three drops of Eucalyptus oil to your moisturizer and mix it up properly. You can then apply the mixture on the entire face or only on the affected area. Since Eucalyptus has medicinal properties, it can also work on boils, cysts and skin irritation. However, if you have any respiratory infection, its use may cause trouble so be a little careful.

How do the Essential Oils help in acne?

If a person is afflicted with acne, the situation can range from average to worse. If it is really bad, any dermatologist would advise the use of antibiotics to get rid of the same. However, the problem is that if you use antibiotics for a long time the same stops affecting you after a certain point. Now the bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotic, and no benefit of the same can be seen.

However, the essential oils have antimicrobial quality in them, and they keep fighting the bacteria that cause acne. Moreover, these oils are also anti-inflammatory which means that the redness and swelling around the pores is visibly reduced. Another benefit that you derive after using them is that they cause the fluid present inside to move which reduces the probability of clogging.

These anti-inflammatory properties thus reduce skin scarring a common woe for those who are facing this problem. Lastly, the use of such oils reduces the secretion of more oil from the skin. One of the main causes of acne is oil secretion. Essential oils usage reduces the oil secretion hence impacting the incidence of acne.


Acne, if not taken care of can be extremely painful to deal with. An acne breakout can happen at any point of time and then handling the situation become extremely difficult. However, if you have been facing the problem quite frequently, you can adopt a beauty regime of any of these oils and ensure that the problem stays away. By doing so,you not remove acne outbursts but also enhance the overall quality and glow of your skin. Despite a regular usage if the problem does not go away, then medical intervention is advised. It is possible that the acne is erupting because of some other causes which only a doctor can detect.


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