Perfect 3 Days Itinerary To Goa


Goa is one the India most popular holiday destination because of its amazing beaches, vibrant nightlife , and laid-back lifestyle. Although Goa is really popular for its beaches there is just so much more to do than simply lazing on the beach. From my innumerable weekends in that paradise, this is the best Goa itinerary you can follow for a 3 day trip.

Goa is just the perfect getaway be it for a bachelor’s party, a romantic holiday, a family vacation or be it a reunion or just anything. There is so much to do that you might want to think how to fit all in, in just 3 days!

Ok so, first things first:

It is very easily reachable be it by bus, flights or trains. The best time to holiday in Goa is from November to March. It is the main tourists season, the weather is sunny, dry and not so humid. I would suggest you  stay somewhere in Candolim or Calangute because it is very easily accessible and the roads are busy and lively. Few hotel options that I would suggest in that area- Sinq The party hotel(INR 2,500 approx.), Hyatt Place(INR 6,000 approx.), Hard Rock (INR 7,000 approx.), Novotel (INR 10,000 approx.).

PS: I prefer Sinq to any other hotel cause they have parties every night in their hotel.


Your 3-day itinerary to G…O…A!


Day 1: [Friday]


Charpora Fort:

This is a very popular tourist destination for the early mornings or for the sunset. The sky gives a spectacular view. So visit this place and click some great photographs.

Eva’s Café:

From the fort, you can head to this café for an amazing breakfast with a dip in the beach or just wet your feet in the water. This is the most amazing breakfast place. With the sea just a staircase away, its just so calming and refreshing – the location is on point. This place is a 10 mins drive from the fort. It would cost approx INR 800 for 2 people.



Sunken Bar – Novotel:

The best way to have a relaxing afternoon is a cool refreshment. So we chose to visit this poolside bar at Novotel resorts and spa. It’s just so divine to be there. A chilled beer while sitting poolside is about as good as it gets. This is all you can ask for on a perfect vacation. Cost approx. INR 1200 for two people.

Marbella Beach Resort:

This is the best place to catch a sunset. They have one of the best white sand beaches in Goa. The view is just breathtaking. They have seafront tents for just the exact beautiful evening and their bar is the hippiest one on the morjim beach. This would cost around INR 1200 for 2 people.

La Plage:

La Plage is the beachside French shack. They have finger-licking good food and the ambiance is amazing. So on the way back from Marbella if you still have some space saved in your stomach do visit this place. It would cost approx. INR 1000 for 2 people.





Fort Aguada:

This place is a soothe to your eyes with delightful views of Aguada beach. You can go there for your morning meditation or yoga, also for some great photos. The beach on which fort Aguada is situated has some great water sports to offer but you will have to bargain a lot..!

Café Chocolatti:

With great views of the outdoors this café is a peaceful haven on the busy Candolim street serving amazing breakfast, cakes , and brownies. From mouthwatering shakes to stomach filling sandwiches to delicious desserts they have everything for a perfect breakfast.

Cost: Would be somewhere around INR 1000 for the most satisfying breakfast for two.

Note: This place is closed on Sundays. Also they work from October to mid of April only.



Hard Rock Hotel:

For an afternoon relaxation, you can go to the hard rock brunch party which is apparently a pool party with unlimited drinks and wide range buffet to offer. They have a poolside bar as well. This is the best way to spend your afternoon.

Cost: INR 2000 approx. for two people.


This is a very charming place with delicious food and cocktails and a live band that would get you on your feet. This is just the perfect place for a Saturday night you can party all night long. It is a do-not-miss place.

Cost: INR 1500 approx. for two people

PS: You need to make prior reservations!




Baba Au Rhum:

This is a French café set amidst lush greenery , with a view of rice fields, makes a jungle vibe. This is like the mecca of the freshly baked goodies in Goa. They have most amazing pizza, lip-smacking burgers and what not. This is must try breakfast place. In case you don’t want to wait, make a prior reservation.

Cost: INR 1000 approx. for 2 people

And after finishing your breakfast if you would like to paraglide you could head to Curlies (one of the famous shacks). It happens somewhere above that place.



W Hotel Goa:

As a part of everyday pool relaxation you can head to W hotel’s Rock pool, it has an amazing view something you can’t take your eyes off. Pick up your sexy swimsuits and head to the pool for a perfect rejuvenation. They also have a private beach which is the most beautiful one in Goa.

Cost: Approx. INR 2000 for two people.



Thalassa :

So pick up your pastel clothes get dressed up and hit to this amazing place for the most beautiful sunset and entertaining evening. Thalassa is a greek based restaurant with stunning white interiors. Perched on a hilltop this place has lots to offer the Greek is one of their attractions and excellent choice of music.

Cost: INR 1500 for 2 people approx.

PS: Do make prior reservations!



Burger Factory :

Save some space in your stomach when you are at Thalassa because when you will be on the way back you’ll come across this sweet little café. They have the most amazing burgers you would have ever had.

Cost: INR 1000 approx. for two people.


Image Source: Tripadvisor



Want to recover some money that you had spent in Goa? This is the best way to. Goa is famous for its casinos in India. It’s open all day and all night long. These casinos will make you richer or wiser. If you want to play big visit Deltin and if you’re just there to try your luck I would suggest you play in Casino Pride.

Cost: INR 2000 approx. for two people.


Image Sourcedeltin royale


There is yet so much to add but I guess this would be enough for three days. The list of places to visit in Goa can never be complete there is so much more to it!
Happy vacationing..!

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